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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What happened to us?

Hi Lon. An incident took place on the night of April 15, 2013 and it has bothered my family and I since. We live in Portland, OR.

That night, my mother had a very bad respiratory illness. She woke in what she described was like a drug induced stupor. She saw blurry images of what appeared to be people in full surgical dress. One of the 'doctors' called her by name, told her everything would be fine. She recalls a needle being inserted in her arm, and blood was taken. She was unable to speak, and was very confused before she passed out.

The next morning she woke up. She saw a needle mark in her arm and became very upset. My stepfather, who was also in the bed with her, noticed that he also had one, which scared him. My stepfather has a serious phobia of needles. When he sees the doctor, he must be sedated before they can insert any sort of needle into him. He literally throws up and passes out on seeing needles. He often must leave the room when blood is taken from my mother. He remembered nothing, but was feeling very drowsy and confused. They both came in and asked me if I had let paramedics in the night before. I was wary of their question, and told them no.

That night, I had been surfing the internet. Since I was working a graveyard shift at the time, I had only woken up at about 8pm. Yet after 2 hours of being awake, I suddenly was overcome with such drowsiness and exhaustion I crawled back into my bed and slept on. I fell asleep within minutes, which was very strange. I woke up feeling sore all over, which was weird, but no puncture or needle marks on my arms at all. I had no recollection of anything the night before. When they both showed me these strange needle marks, I was intrigued. They told me that they had fallen asleep suddenly, probably around the same time I did, judging by what was on TV when they fell asleep.

What was even more bizarre is that my cats were very spooked the next day. This was very interesting, as my largest cat never gets spooked. Vacuum cleaners, dogs, loud sounds...nothing phases him. Yet I found him hiding under a bunch of boxes, and he hissed at me each time I tried to reach in and get him. The other cats were terrified and hiding all through the house. My stepfather also told me the door was unlocked. I remember him locking the door every night. We lived in a bad neighborhood and always made sure it was locked.

We have been puzzled over it for these past five years, and I've done a lot of research. I cannot seem to find any possible explanations. Although I have always been interested in the UFO phenomenon, it seemed that the alien abduction theory was not a serious question.

However, as I conduct more research, I have become a bit more confused. I have been reluctant to submit a report to any of the agencies. I found your name on Google and decided to write you. What happened to us? I'm really interested in getting to the bottom of this "high strangeness" and am looking for an answer. RJ

NOTE: I've read and have heard a variety of strange incidents from ordinary people. I talked to this experiencer by telephone, and believe that he and his family may have been subjected to some type of experimentation. None of them have had any known side effects since this incident, so it's difficult to give them a explanation. The description is very similar to suspected MILAB abduction scenarios. I can't say that this is the case here, but it may need to be considered. Lon

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