Monday, June 25, 2018

Reptilian Moments

The following accounts were recently submitted as comments:

“When I was 3-4 years old we lived in Houston, Texas and I seen reptilians there as a child. It was the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced. The amount of fear was worse than being stranded in the ocean on a moonless night surrounded by sharks. I woke up in the middle of the night in my room naked which was weird because I always slept with underwear and a T-shirt as a kid. I remember sensing something was in the living room and it felt very malevolent. I ran to my parents room who were both sleeping soundly and was screaming and crying for them to wake up and they would not wake up no matter how hard I tried. I just curled up into a ball between them, waiting for whatever was in the living room to leave.

I almost forgot about this memory until around the year 2000, I was watching a documentary about alien abductions and they were showing pictures that small kids were drawing about their experiences with aliens. Some of the reptilian drawings by the kids looked very much like some of the pictures I used to draw as a kid and I remembered in that instant that memory. I should mention I was very smart for a 3 year old kid, I have almost full memory recall back to 3 maybe some before than. I was very interested in dinosaurs and knew almost all of them by name and even what they behaved like. I remember learning to draw and write and being able to do so with both hands because I wasn't sure if I wanted to be right or left handed. The dinosaur pictures I was drawing then at 3 looked like pictures kids in 3rd-5th grade would have made. I was always very artistic too. So most of the dinosaurs were drawn for the most part the right way, but some of the pictures I drew of dinosaurs had mean looking humanoid heads on them with sharp teeth, spikes on their heads and red eyes. It always used to make me laugh and I always wondered why I drew some of the dinosaurs that way because I knew it was not how they looked but after seeing those other kids pictures I remembered almost all of it. All but the actual picture in my mind of what they look like, but I remembered the fear, the smell and the pictures I drew were of them.

I also went through a 20 year heavy depression that I could not shake no matter what I tried. Many abductees have depression issues, almost like these creatures harvest the "feel good" part of our life force, like we would cut off a piece of lettuce to eat from a plant. This would have been 1983-1984.” - dhgodzilla


“My friend who was in the Marines told me about one night when he and his squad were in a Humvee riding through the desert back to his base. As it was his turn to be gunner to keep lookout as they drove, he said he saw from a distance a figure that looked like Darth Maul from Star Wars. He said it scared the shit out of him and he told his team what he saw and I guess one of his comrades told him that they are energy beings that feed off people's fear and that there's usually tons of them lurking around war zones/battlefields to feed off the energy from the scared soldiers in battle.

Also when I was a kid, like maybe 6, in our old home we had a back room and it had an open closet where I put all my toys in a box. One night after dinner I went to the closet to grab a toy. I recall seeing a pair floating red eyes just looking at me from within the closet and I was able to feel its presence. I ran out of that room scared and told my parents. I don't know if they believed me or not but I remember it really clearly. I don’t believe it was my imagination that it had to be a reptilian or something of that sort. I read that reptilians usually will appear before you when you are a small child to make it easier to contact you again when you are older since you wont be as afraid since you already seen them before. I read a reptile will usually make human contact when they know that person is gonna be a problem for them in the future so they would set up a path for them to sway them away from their destined future if they are a threat to the reptilian existence.” - Lateraluz


“This happened to me in 1999. At the time, I had no idea what happened and how to make sense of my experience. Someone I knew was speaking and all of sudden her head turned into a lizard and her voice became very deep. I had no idea what I was seeing. I had the sudden urge to just get away from her and I remember quickly leaving her apartment. At the same time everything around me didn't seem real, like I was in a video game. This only lasted a couple of minutes and the feeling of nothing looking real stopped. For many years I never thought about it. It's only now, without a shadow of a doubt, that I realize that I saw my friend turn into a lizard. I've only ever told 2 people and each time I regret telling my story because it's so unbelievable. I have thought about getting hypnotized to bring me back to that moment in time. I would love to remember what the lizard was saying and why I felt like the world around me wasn't real. I am not a crazy person but this really happened.” - MR


“In 2000 two women were talking next to me outside a night club. I noticed one of them put her head down and play with her fringe so not to be noticed by her friend as they chatted. I noticed her face changed to this horrible lizard-looking thing then went back to human. I know I can't prove this and my word means nothing to people, but this is real.” - Robert In-The-Moment


“Two of my friends were driving home from Branson, MO with their wives late at night and they saw a reptilian cross the road in front of them. They said it looked like a lizard man, but you could see through it. My friend, who was driving, didn't say anything for a couple of miles. Then he asked my other friend if he saw anything. Turns out they both saw the same thing. They said it was about 5 feet tall.” - Ervin Guinn

Comments provided by Beyond Creepy

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