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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Angel of Mercy

Dave in Minnesota wrote in with his unusual story:

“The following is a story that happened to me in the 1980s. This story takes place in either 86 or 87, on the east side of St. Paul at the intersection of Bradley Street and Maryland Avenue. It was approximately 11 at night and I was lying on the couch when I heard a loud crash. I ran outside to see how bad of an accident it was and when I got to scene, I saw that a motorcycle had hit a car broad side that was turning onto Maryland Ave. The driver and the passenger were thrown over the top of car with the driver landing on the street with his head against the curb while the passenger was ejected onto the grass of the boulevard.

I was the first one there, except for a nurse dressed all in white who was there when I arrived. She was already bending over the motorcycle driver, whose head had hit the curb. She looked at me and told me, "I have this one, you take care of the other." So I went over to the other passenger who had landed on the grass boulevard. The boy's hand was ripped open and he was in shock but conscious. I had to put pressure on his hand because he was bleeding profusely and then watched then nurse still bent over the other boy. Within a few minutes other people began arriving including a policeman. When the policeman arrived, he went over to the boy that had his head smashed against the curb. He spoke with the nurse looking after the boy then came over to me and asked me how he was doing. He looked at the one I was tending to and told me to keep the pressure on the cut and to keep talking to him to keep him awake then he went back over to the nurse that was taking care of the other kid. About this time the ambulance could be heard in the background making it's way to the scene of the accident. The policeman came back over to the me and said that he didn’t think the other one was going to make it and asked again how this one was doing. I told him this one was okay for now but was definitely going into shock. He was shaking because of the shock. Then the policeman met the ambulance and they first looked at the badly injured boy then the policeman came back to ask about the one I was with. He asked me if I saw where the nurse went. I had not.

By this time a paramedic had arrived and taken over for me. The policeman was asking the crowd that gathered if they saw where the nurse had gone. He came over to me and took down my information. He again asked if I saw her. I said yes, I spoke with her. He said no one else seems to know where she went as if she just disappeared. Another motorcyclist was with them and I ended up giving him a ride in order to pick up the badly injured’s mother and drive her to Ramsey Hospital. Having done this, I drove back home. The motorcycle driver was pronounced dead at the hospital. Was the nurse really an angel coming to take someone who was passing?”

Source: Beyond the Darkness – June 26, 2017

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: I have heard of similar phenomena occurring at accidents where a victim was terminally injured. These Good Samaritans were nurses, clergy, an unknown person with a light aura, etc. I personally believe that these are angels...Lon

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