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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

History of Chicago Strangeness - Part 2

The following reports have been provided by humanoid researcher / author Albert Rosales. It is a 3-part series that concentrates on Chicago strangeness:

Location. Chicago, Illinois
Date: June 1992
Time: 3:00 a.m.

One early morning (five years after hearing and seeing a saucer-shaped craft hovering over the house next door) the witness was awaken from her sleep by what she sense to be a group of small beings. At the time she was a new mom, around 23 years old and her baby was about 3 months old. The baby was in bed with her that night (she did not sleep well in her crib) and she remembers being very aware of what was going on and against her will, taken out of her room and floated down her family’s long apartment hall where she was met by a security gate across the back door. Her dad and mom’s bedroom was just across the hall, and she had several other siblings in the home. Oddly, no one else woke up and she was unable to call out or make anyone aware of what was going on. When she reached the gate, she consciously thought “great” she figured now that she could be taken no further and would obviously be left inside. She knew she did not want to go outside nor go with whatever these things were. At that point, she blacked out. The next thing she remembers she awoke in an all metal room, which was not very large, and she was lying on a metal table. There was a large examination light by the table and shining brightly over her. All of the sudden she realized that she should have been in bed, but was in some strange place, what she believes was some sort of craft. She asked herself a few questions to test her rationale and she was very much of sound mind. She panicked, because she realized what was happening. She did not see anyone else at the time and could only hear faint sounds, maybe some sort of communication in a different room. She told herself that she would get up and sneak away, however she had nowhere to go. When she slowly raised up as to not make any noise, she looked over to see her baby, dressed in the yellow T-shirt she had gone to bed in, lying on a small metal slab in the corner.

That’s when she ‘freaked’ out and without thinking she remembers screaming and running out of a doorway into a dim curved hall with large windows surrounding it. It was not her intent to leave her baby, but the hysteria took over and her brain told her to run. As she was running for a very short time she remembers hearing a group come from behind. Suddenly, she was grabbed by several beings, and it was then that she saw one, a small grey alien by her left side holding on to her arm. She remembers trying to fight and pushing the one down, which seemed fairly easy, while she was taken to the floor by the others. Next she woke up in her bedroom again and she was being held down, while vocally screaming this time and calling her mom by her nickname. There was something placed at the back of her head in a hurry and it buzzed and shocked her as blue flashes of light reflected off the wall. This all happened while the T.V. was on in her room. The T.V. had been on even before the entire experience occurred. After seconds she could hear her parents running towards her room, and in an instant, she was let go. She was fully awake but could not see them. They seemed to become invisible or something. She tried to explain to her parents, but they believed it was a nightmare. The experience left her traumatized and she prays that every time she closed her eyes they won’t show up. She claims that after this experience she has been visited on several occasions. She described the aliens as thin and large-headed that appear to be a bit more transparent from the head down and she could see what appears to be some type of brownish fluid being circulated throughout their bodies.



Location. Chicago, Illinois
Date: December 29 1992
Time: 1900

As the witness arrived home from work she was confronted in the parking lot by 8 human male figures that seemed “faceless” and carried hand-held devices resembling long black flashlights. One of them spoke in a mechanical almost computer-like voice. A blinding headache suddenly rendered the witness unconscious and did not remember this episode until 3 days later. Earlier that same day, a silvery white flash of unknown origin had briefly illuminated her apartment ground floor.

Source: Ann B. Livingston, Mufon UFO Journal # 307


Location. Chicago, Illinois
Date: April 13 1995
Time: 22:45

The witness, (involved in other encounters) was going through the middle of an overpowering depression and on this night was having trouble sleeping. As he lay on her bed, eyes closed, on her side, she thought she felt the cat jump up on the bed in front of her face. She smiled as she felt her fur brush her face. She was going to reach out for her, but when she opened her eyes all she saw was a black void about eighteen inches across, with uneven edges. As soon as she saw this, she realized it wasn’t the cat. It began to rotate slowly, brushing her face and right hand with air, and she heard a rushing noise. The quicker it spun, the louder the noise became, until it sounded like a hundred mph wind. She became frightened at this point, and it seemed to jump off the bed on to the floor. Just as she thought it was gone, it leaped back up in front of her face. It seemed furious, and she felt a pulling sensation on her chest. It felt like it was trying to pull her ‘soul out’. She started to get mad, and it leaped off the bed again, but about fifteen seconds later, it jumped back up and was more intense. This time, it grabbed and pulled on the fourth and fifth fingers of her left hand. This made her angry, and her anger intensified as more pulling continued on her chest. She was now in a rage, concentrating her rage on this thing, directing it like a beam. Suddenly it seemed to detach itself and just disappeared. As soon as it was over, she turned to her husband to see if he’d seen it, but he was snoring softly.

Source: Whitley and Anne Strieber in “The Communion Letters” pp. 20-21


Location. Chicago, Illinois
Date: September 12 1995
Time: night

The witness (involved in previous experiences) awoke in the middle of the night to footfalls running on the kitchen wood floor. She knew what she was hearing, and chose to roll over and go back to sleep. Then she had a waking dream in which she was running into the kitchen chasing a child. She chased it into the dining room, where it turned to show its face; it was a hybrid. It seemed to be young. “He” was wearing a hooded robe. She chased him around the table and into the living room, where she caught him by the shoulder and spun him around. She sank to her knees and held his shoulders, and looked into a sweet ‘elfish’ face. He smiled at her, and she noticed little creases at the corners of his mouth. She asked his name, and then a perfectly ordinary middle-aged woman walked through her front door and, smiling, told her his name. She didn’t quite remember it, but it was something like “O’dan.” Then she noticed several people walking in front of the bay window toward the front door. Then it ended.

Source: Whitley and Ann Strieber in “The Communion Letters” pp. 18-19


Location. Chicago, Illinois
Date: October 18 1995
Time: night

The witness (involved in previous experiences) was getting ready for bed when she said to herself “They are coming tonight,” feeling absolute conviction. She remembers closing the door of the walk-in closet and making a mental note to leave it open a few inches. He woke up later and rolled over on his back, and was immediately hit with the vibrating, heavy paralysis. She knew exactly what was happening and actually formed the words “I know this” with her inner voice. She was looking around the room and beginning to panic, hyperventilate, and her heart was pounding. She was determined to stay conscious, so she closed her eyes to calm herself. She then tried to move with great difficulty, and to lift her arms in front of her face; he had little control over them, though. She decided to try to wake up her husband, and began hitting and punching him, but he didn’t budge. She stopped when she noticed light coming from the crack in the walk-in closet door. She closed her eyes again, because she felt panic starting to creep in, but then felt a presence next to her bed.

When she opened her eyes she was stunned to find three entities standing there next to her bed, two shorter ones in front of a taller one. She threw her arms up to protect herself---or to hit them---but they simply put their hands up while all three gently brushed her hands away. They seemed to be enjoying this “hand dance”. They kept at it for a while, and she tried to touch them, to feel their skin. Then they began to “sing” making a high-pitched, lilting noise, with their voices weaving together. It was beautiful! She closed her eyes in utter elation and joy, she knew she was smiling. She opened her eyes to see the tallest one come forward, and she simply reached over and stroked his left forearm with her right hand. She gently held her left hand in its right. It was very loving and gentle, she managed to say, ‘I love you” out loud. The words came from her innermost being and seemed to be louder, as if it was not her voice. The being then began to glide away from her toward the walk-in closet. She didn’t notice the others leaving, but they were gone. The being stopped at the door and looked back at her, then tilted its head and smiled! The being seemed so human at that moment, as it lifted an arm to wave back and mouthed the word “bye”. Then it turned and went through the closet door. As she watched the light fading, her mind raced, and so did her heart. She was so overjoyed that they had allowed her to see them. She listened as a train droned down the tracks a few miles away. The light and the sound of the train faded, together with the paralysis. The beings were ‘pretty typical’ the two smaller ones were three to four feet tall and had largish eyes, but not huge or ugly. She was focused from the start on the tallest one, who was nearly five feet tall and had noticeably smaller eyes. It seemed familiar, and the most interesting feature was that it glowed. It was really quite beautiful. The head was very much like a human’s, but was bald.

Source: Whitley and Anne Strieber in “The Communion Letters” pp. 18-20 Type: E


Location. Chicago, Illinois
Date: November 10 1995
Time: night

The witness (involved in other encounters and experiences) suddenly either regained consciousness at the beginning or the end of an encounter, because she found herself in that familiar state of paralysis and simply panicked, she was panting so hard that her mouth and tongue were totally dry. The only thing she witnessed was a bright light coming from the crack in the door of the closet. At the height of her panic, she closed her eyes to calm down, and suddenly felt something coming from the bedside along the whole length of her body. It was a gentle jostling sensation. Then she felt motion, as if she was moving forward toward the edge of the bed, but she kept her eyes shut so ‘as not to alarm them; she didn’t want to scare them’ (?). Suddenly the sensation was over, and when she opened her eyes she was still alone and paralyzed, with the light still coming from the closet. Right away the light and the paralysis began to fade, and then it was over.

Source: Whitley and Anne Strieber, “The Communion Letters” pp. 21-22


Location. Chicago, Illinois
Date: December 1 1995
Time: 01:03 a.m.

The witness (involved in many other encounters) suddenly came out of a paralysis. When it began, she was lying on her left side with the covers down by her waist. She said to herself, “Oh no---not again!” she was surprised to find the same hybrid child holding her wrist with both his hands and rubbing the top of his head with her hand. He was looking right at her and grinning, and for some reason this tickled her, “he was so cute”. There was also a ‘normal’ little girl with dark brown, longish hair wearing a dress with petticoats. She was about four, and was trying to pry open the fingers on the witness’ left hand. She felt the distinct physical sensations of their actions. She closed her eyes for a moment, and when she opened them the girl was gone, but the hybrid was still doing what he’d been doing. She asked him out loud what he was doing, and he telepathically said, “I am chewing purple gum.” She asked him if he’d blow bubbles, and he looked at her with a quizzical expression, as if he didn’t understand the question. She suddenly felt very tired and closed her eyes. As soon as she did, she felt something moving under her body from head to toe. She opened her eyes and saw herself being lifted up, and watched with intense interest the sheets were pulled off of her body and she was drawn out toward the edge of the bed. Then she watched herself being lifted higher and higher, moving toward the bathroom, as she was being carried by someone holding her over their head. There was a strobe-like light, and she was moving toward it. At that point she closed her eyes, and when she opened them she was back in bed and paralyzed, watching the light fade from the closet. As soon as the paralysis wore off, she looked at the clock.

Source: Whitley and Anne Strieber, “The Communion Letters” p. 22


Location. Chicago, Illinois
Date: May 1997
Time: late night

The five-year old witness had just finished saying goodnight to his mother and was on his way to his bedroom and just as he was passing the kitchen he just happened to glance over at the kitchen table and saw what he now knows was a ‘shadow man’.

He was sitting on a chair, but seemed to be about six to seven feet tall. He had a top hat and a cape or a long coat. He had small white glowing eyes, but no other distinguishable features since he was merely just a solid silhouette. But he was the purest of darkness he had ever seen and even in the darkness of the kitchen his outline was a solid contrast. And even though he was a silhouette he could somehow distinguish the fact that he had his legs crossed and with his right hand had pulled up the cape/long coat to cover most of his face. Unlike most of the shadow people the witness had since seen, this one didn’t vanish. He stared at him for what seemed like an eternity but in reality was only about 10 seconds. After finally coming to his senses, he threw his hands up over his face and turned to run back to his mother’s room. Upon hearing his story she immediately thought that there was an intruder in the house and went to turn on the kitchen light only to find nothing but a single chair that been pulled out, the chair in which the shadow being had been sitting on. The witness claims that ever since that time he has been visited countless times by shadow people, mist/fogs, or even invisible entities that just make noises and whispers.

Source: Your True Tales---May 2012

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