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Thursday, June 22, 2017

After the Seance...

Enrico in Oregon called into tell of a strange experience he had when he was a teenager:

“When I was 14, me and my brother and 4 friends, we saw some type of witch. We had a friend and 2 girls stay over. That's kind of exciting to have girls stay over when you're 14. One of the girls wanted to do a seance but I come from a Christian home and I believe in God. But, you know, kids wanting to be curious, dabbling in everything. This neighborhood, it was vacant lots, so we go into a vacant lot. She draws a circle, five dotted star. We get around the circle and she begins to spell out things. It was a joke, you know. We end up walking afterwards and it was like a big cul de sac. So we get around the bend, going up the hill, coming back down.

One of the girls, her name was Michelle, noticed something on top of the hill. So we all look back and all we saw was a dark figure. I didn't see any wings, nothing like that. It was just a huge dark figure. And we begin to run and when we turn around, it stopped. It was kinda like it was playing with us. It kinda reminded me of that movie Jeepers Creepers, that creature that was just toying with the kids. It kinda reminded me of that. Well, we got around the bend. I didn't see any red eyes. When we got to my house, back onto my road, we began to taunt this thing and that is when we definitely saw the red eyes. It was huge dark figure but we couldn’t see any wings or any thing like that but we saw red eyes and it was huge.

We began to taunt this thing and there was a streetlight that was fixed on our road. This creature went from one side to the other while it was in the light. Like it was seeing itself in the light. That's what scared us and made us run into the house. We wake my mom up and after that we stayed in the house from that point. I only tell this to my family, to my wife and my kid because it's amazing. This all started when Michelle did the seance.”

Source: Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis – June 6, 2017

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