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Monday, August 01, 2016

On The Road To Missoula

I received the following encounter report over the weekend:

Hi Lon, I contacted you some years ago concerning a UFO experience my sons and myself had in the mid 80's. I am feeling much more at ease about relating things now then I was then. And I want to let you know that, that instance wasn't my first. In fact it is my belief that my parents were also experiencers.

On one occasion, this occurring in 1971, my father and I shared an experience that has puzzled me (and scared) me since. I am from SW Washington state and at that time my older sister was attending college at Montana State in Missoula, Mont. My father was going up to visit her and since my then husband was on a two week stint of the graveyard shift at the Naval hospital he was stationed at, he asked If I would like to go along. The trip was an uneventful, though a beautiful drive until we were at the eastern edge of the Lookout pass, on the Idaho/Montana border. We had just left the east end of the pass and were headed down the valley created by the Clark fork river. Now this is a narrow twisting valley surrounded by huge mountains on either side. The mountains were so tall and enclosing that it is almost claustrophobic in it's dimensions. This was about 1:30 am when we entered the valley, and we expected to arrive at my aunt's around 4:30-5:00 am Mountain Time at the west end of Missoula.

As we swung through a long sweeping corner, both of our attentions were immediately pulled to the top of a mountain on our right, as the top was covered with a bright glowing red light. We were asking each other, "What is that? Is that a fire?" We were both concerned as this is an non-populated area, and emergency services would have been hard pressed to have battled a fire in this location. I lost sight of it after perhaps 30 seconds, but my father kept watching from his side mirror. All of the sudden he sped up, told me to get down on the floor board, and he kept shouting at me "DON'T LOOK, DON'T LOOK"! He was now driving crazy fast.

The next thing I recall we were parked outside of my aunt's home, she was slapping at the window glass on my side of the car, asking us what was the matter. 'Why were we so late?" I was totally bewildered, and looked to my father with a question in my eyes, and he simply shook his head slightly at me and whispered, "I don't know, let me talk". We were both shaking by now and in total dismay. He told her we were late because he grew tired and we stopped for awhile at a rest stop to grab some sleep. Then he made some excuse about we were suppose to be at his father's house for breakfast and we were late, and had to go. When we drove off I asked him what had happened, how did we get to my aunt's so fast, and why was it light out? He turned to me and said, "We aren't suppose to know, we weren't going to talk about it and to drop it." So I stayed quiet and didn't think about it until after the sighting in the 80's.

I tried to talk with him after that, never mentioning anything about my recent experience, or UFOs, and after saying "Do you remember?" and "What the hell happened?", he burst into tears and told me "Honey, this is something I just can't talk about." I tried again about 5 years later, and again he started to cry and refused to talk about it. My Dad has since passed (16 yrs ago). My father was a very strong man. These are the only two times I ever saw him cry. More than for any other reason, my father's crying at the two times I tried to talk to him about it has convinced me we were abducted. I have no other recollections of that night back in 71', but I know something scared my father SO bad that he couldn't even bring himself to talk about it.

Thanks Lon. That was good to get off of my chest. MS

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