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Monday, August 22, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Former Soldier Claims He Was Forced Onto Alien Craft -- Talking Baby Dogman? -- MIB Arrive During UFO Encounter

Former Soldier Claims He Was Forced Onto Alien Craft

Bill Brooks joined the army in 1968 and claims he was subjected to an alien abduction while serving at the nuclear weapons base at Sennelager, Germany.

But this incident was just the tip of the iceberg in a lifetime of contact with extraterrestrials which began when he was a boy.

Incredibly he did not realize what had been happening to him until he experienced a "memory download" when he was 44 years old.

A professional musician after leaving the army, he claimed to have had an encounter with a UFO when returning from a gig and then just two hours later a flood of memories was triggered – reminding him of seemingly mind-wiped UFO experiences as a child and disturbing encounters in the military.

The ex-squaddie revealed he was told the Sennelager base was shared with a detachment of American agents who were from Area 51 – the infamous alien-sighting base.

The now 66-year-old claims he witnessed a "mass abduction" event as soldiers on the base walked mesmerized into a bright light.

He said he was dozing on top of a Saracen military vehicle when he came too and realized what was happening. Read more at Alien abductions at Area 51 army base: Ex-soldier reveals secrets from inside joined HQ


MIB Arrive During UFO Encounter

Chesapeake, VA - 1987-04-00 - 11:30PM: During a sleepover with my cousins when I was younger a craft descended into the neighborhood. It lit up the neighborhood so bright. Me my cousins went to see. We witnessed a UFO hovering above the willow tree in the backyard. It was a strange disc with lights blinking in patterns. The corner lights started to blink rapidly until a beam shot out. The beam shot into the woods where 4 beings appeared.shortly after they appeared we noticed SUVs pulling up to the neighbors. There was an unmarked ambulance typed vehicle as well. Men with suits came out with machines in there hands. When they entered the backyard the UFO shot up into the sky and was gone. They told everyone to never mention this to anyone and it was a methane explosion of some kind. - MUFON CMS


Talking Baby Dogman?

Tiffany in Peoria, Arizona called in to tell of her husband's grandfather's weird encounter in the desert:

“My husband's grandfather lived in Mexico on a ranch and one night when he was walking home from work. He usually cut through the desert to get home faster. He heard a baby crying and he went to go investigate it and he found it and as he was going down to pick it up because it was wrapped in a little blanket, it turned.. and the blanket, it turned to look up at him and the blanket shifted and it had the face of a dog and it asked him, Are you my daddy? He... well of course, he turned around and ran and when he turned to look back, it was hopping away and laughing. The only thing I can relate it to would be the dogman but it was, you know, it's not that big.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - May 7, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


More than 6,000 get permits for Florida's annual alligator hunt

NAPLES — More than 6,000 permits have been issued to hunt Florida alligators, and some 13,000 hunters have applied for permits.

The Naples Daily News reported that each permit allows a hunter to kill two alligators during the hunting season.

Florida has more than a million alligators, according to estimates, and they’re in all 67 counties.

During last year’s hunt, slightly less than 7,000 alligators were killed by hunters with permits.

Some opponents of the hunt say the alligators are critical to the state’s ecosystem and shouldn’t be hunted.

But state wildlife officials say the hunt is well-managed and sustainable. - More than 6,000 get permits for Florida's annual alligator hunt



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