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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Possible UFO / Bigfoot Connected Activity

May or June, 2014 - Wytopitlock, Maine

Bigfoot researcher and skeptic Michael Merchant (aka SnowWalkerPrime) and his assistant Lady K, were conducting a survey in a very remote area of Wytopitlock, Maine when they had a sighting of an object followed by possible Bigfoot activity around their camp. Interestingly, the location is 40 miles from Allagash, the location of a very well known alien abduction case.

Here's the discussion between Lady K and Michael Merchant about that night:

Michael Merchant: We were up doing a wildlife survey, I think it was in May, June, that was when I would do those survey counts and we were in an area called Wytopitlock up near the Haynesville woods. It was a clear night. I had finished the survey and it's a kind of spooky location up there.

Lady K: Yeah, once you're in, it's really hard to get back to your vehicle.

Michael Merchant: Right, well, it's impossible. It's public land but you have to cross private land and the private land is gated and it shuts down at 6:00 o'clock at night and they don't open it back up again until 9:00 o'clock the next morning. Once you drive in that gate, you're in there for the duration. And there was no one else in there. There's never anybody in there. It's really up in the middle of no place. It's this huge, massive bog and there are a lot of reports of cougars, Sasquatch, wolves and... flying saucers. So we had settled in for the night and we were watching the stars which were especially brilliant. And we were camped out in this gravel pit that they had used to build the logging road in there. Because it's so thickly forested, it's really the only area where you can pitch a tent. We'd seen a couple of airplanes.

Lady K: Yeah, we saw a couple of airplanes. We were lucky because the flight path went right over our camp.

Michael Merchant: But you could hear the engine itself, but then... there did seem to be quite a bit of air traffic.

Lady K: No, there was maybe just two, that's it.

Michael Merchant: Okay, at some point we saw like a satellite. A little tiny dot that streaked across the sky... and then we saw a couple of small meteorites and then, all of a sudden, we saw what I thought was a meteorite coming into the atmosphere because it was quite, it was substantially large, I mean it was one of the largest meteorites I'd ever seen enter the atmosphere. I mean, there was jut a ball of flames, trailing off behind it. It had a tail with a fire and I'm expecting some dazzling display and then all of a sudden this thing just kinda... kind of like goes in slow motion.

Lady K: Yeah, it slowed down to the speed, pretty much what the satellites look like. Just gently going.

Michael Merchant: ...and the flames went out. I mean, it went from being a meteor, then, all of a sudden, it went from being a meteor to being a light in the sky. Very strange. I think we were trying to determine what the hell it was at that point.

Lady K: Yeah, that's weird. I was just taking it all in at that point I wasn't thinking anything because, what do I know?

Michael Merchant: I just took the flashlight and aimed it on at this thing and flashed it on a couple of times and the reaction was immediate, wasn't it?

Lady K: What really struck me was as odd was that it got to the point that the previous plane had gone by, it turned to follow the flight path of the previous plane. And that was what was weird. Then, when you were flashing that light, which I wasn't paying much attention to, it stopped right above us... or over us.

Michael Merchant: Yeah, it diverted its path... It came...

Lady K: Yeah, that was nuts. That was nuts. And then the light just got bigger, like a helicopter coming down with a big spotlight but it didn't illuminate us.

Michael Merchant: Did it make any noise?

Lady K: No.

Michael Merchant: It didn't make any noise and it got really bright.

Lady K: Yeah, it got bright and I thought 'Wow, that's really weird... that's very strange. I've not seen anything like that'.

Michael Merchant: There was a point in time when I was getting a little fearful and I was armed too. I don't why I had a sense of foreboding at that point in time.

Lady K: After it stopped off over us and then it went on and continued to follow the path of the airplane a little bit and then it kind of veered of and then it increased its speed and then it almost at a 45 degree curved angle zoomed out into space and disappeared. Or what I perceived as out into space.

Michael Merchant: No, I had a similar perception. My thing was when the thing was over us and it was really bright, I had a sense of fear that I couldn't really rationalize well and that point in time that big bright light, like you said, went from going this way, it immediately like it had inertialist drive, it didn't do a turn, it did an angle, but when it took off, it took off at a ridiculous speed.

Lady K: It went way way faster than a satellite.

Michael Merchant: I mean it went from over our head where an airplane would be, which is what, I don't know, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 feet? No higher than 30,000 feet. But it went up and just got dim and then just winked out of sight like it went right out of the atmosphere.

Lady K: So there were several odd things to me: It came in with a tail, didn't look like a satellite and then it followed the path of a plane which is damn weird; a satellite wouldn't do that, it responded to a flashlight. And then it got bigger and brighter, like a helicopter, you know, a stationary helicopter right above us.

Michael Merchant: Everybody's wondering what the hell do this got to do with Bigfoot? Well, it may have nothing but the odd thing was, later that night, after that thing went by were heard rocks.

Lady K: Oh yeah, the trickling of the rocks.

Michael Merchant: We'd be in the tent, we'd hear trickle trickle trickle. And I'd get out with my flashlight and I'd shine my light and, I don't know, it was maybe a hundred feet to the edge of the gravel pit, I mean, it's not a super big gravel pit and I kept expecting to see something but there was nothing up there.

Lady K: Like an animal walking around.

Michael Merchant: And I've been up there like a dozen times and I've never had rocks.

Lady K: We've been there since, and it hasn't happened.

Michael Merchant: Yeah, it was the only time it happened. That was weird. It was like something was up there patrolling the edge of that gravel pit all night long when we weren't looking and when we'd get up to look, it would stop. I don't know because I hear people reporting these rocks.

Lady K: It was definitely weird.

Source: SnowWalkerPrime channel, youtube.com/watch?v=8Rq8O1CPVt0

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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