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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dragon Flying Over South Jersey

Hello - last weekend I was driving on Marshallville Rd. by the river near Tuckahoe, NJ. I don't know the time, but it was dusk and the sky was light enough to see anything in the sky.

I caught a glimpse of a huge flying creature crossing the roadway approx. 100 ft in the air. I swear it was shaped like a dragon - silhouetted against the lighter sky - flying south towards the state forest.

I looked at it for almost 10 seconds. The wings were wide and there was a long tail. The head was like that of an unknown reptile. It was dark in color and flapped the giant wings, which had to be 30 ft or more in width. There was another car behind me - they definitely saw it by the expression on their faces. I pulled over and the 2 people in the other car looked over when they passed me, pointing to the sky. I tried to get them to stop but they were moving by too fast. I lowered by window and yelled but they continued on. When I stuck my head out of the window I immediately smelled a foul stench and felt warm down drafts. It was very weird. I have added an image I found that closely mimics what I saw.

I'm not naive and I know that this could not have been an actual animal. I almost feel like I entered a time warp at the time this creature appeared. For the rest of the evening I had a physical reaction similar to jet lag.

I haven't said anything to anyone else - I live alone and retired. I've lived in this area for most of my life and I've never experienced anything like this. There has been no mention of this in the local news - I may have seen something I shouldn't have.

Sir, what are your thoughts? Malcolm

NOTE: I called Malcolm this afternoon and we had an interesting conversation. He asked me to redact some personal information in his original email since I asked for his permission to publish. I gathered a few additional details. The sighting date was Sunday July 3rd around 8:15 PM. His description was stark and believable. The body from tip to tail was estimated at 50'-60'...and that there were two long appendages on each side of the head. The foul stench was likened to rotting fish.

We discussed his assertion of a possible time slip. I asked if he noticed other changes in the surrounding area during the sighting. He said that didn't detect other anomalies. I'm going to conduct some follow-up investigation on this account. If anyone has a similar sighting in the general area, I'd be interested in reading it. Lon

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