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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Phone Call...From Myself -- Man Believes A Ghost Child Entered His Home -- Iranian Lake Changes Color

Phone Call...From Myself

Tamara from Florida called in to tell of a strange experience:

“Hey Dave, have you ever heard of your own cellphone calling you? In April of this year I had an emergency and I called my sister to take me to the ER. It took me almost six times to get through to her. I would call her. She would pick up and say "Hello? Hello?" Or she would get a few more words out and I would start talking and her phone would go to voice mail. I would hang up and call her back. This happened every time. She doesn't have a personal voice mail so I know it wasn't voice mail to begin with. The sixth time I was starting to lose it. I was not only upset with the medical emergency but I couldn't get help. Finally I got through, to the ER. Everything was fine.

It took me about two weeks to get better. During the second week of recovering from my illness, I was at work. My cellphone was in my desk-drawer and it ran. I looked at the number and thought it looked familiar. I looked again and I realized, that's my cellphone number. I answered and I heard a voice. It was my voice saying, "I've been trying to reach you, I need you!" It was what I was telling my sister when I needed to get to the ER. It was my voice, my words but there was just something that made it sound creepy. I can't adequately describe it but the words were cruel. More than just sounding upset or me crying. Needless to say it was creepy but I’ve been through a lot of creepy stuff so, I just added it to another experience.”

Source: Darkness Radio - July 25, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Australian Man Believes A Ghost Child Entered His Home At Night

A Queensland man claims he captured a recording of the ghostly child who opened the front gate of his home in the middle of the night.

Chris Mitchell-Clare has shared a creepy video which shows the door of his house opening after an apparent glitch in the security camera at his Sunshine Beach home in the early hours of Wednesday.

Mitchell-Clare first noticed his door standing open — which, incidentally, he had locked up — and thought somebody must have broken into his house at night. But after investigating the incident by looking at his CCTV, he became convinced a supernatural creature entered his house, a scant moment after a car drove by.

Footage starts with an ordinary view of Mitchell-Clare’s front door which is closed. Abruptly, the screen suffers interference and when the video becomes clear again, the door is seen hanging open. After scrutinizing the glitch in the video, Michelle-Clare comes to the conclusion that a ghostly child entered his home. Check out the video


Iranian Lake Changes Color

From NASA:

The color changes have become common in the spring and early summer due to seasonal precipitation and climate patterns. Spring is the wettest season in northwestern Iran, with rainfall usually peaking in April. Snow on nearby mountains within the watershed also melts in the spring. The combination of rain and snowmelt sends a surge of fresh water into Lake Urmia in April and May. By July, the influx of fresh water has tapered off and lake levels begin to drop.

The fresh water in the spring drives salinity levels down, but the lake generally becomes saltier as summer heat and dryness take hold. That’s when the microorganisms show their colors, too. Careful sampling of the water would be required to determine which organisms transformed the lake in 2016, but scientists say there are likely two main groups of organisms involved: a family of algae called Dunaliella and an archaic family of bacteria known as Halobacteriaceae.

While Lake Urmia has shifted from green to red and back several times in recent years, trends suggest that a red Urmia could become increasingly common. Drought and intensive water diversion for agriculture has been limiting the amount of fresh water reaching the lake. “The lake volume has been decreasing at an alarming rate of 1.03 cubic kilometers per year,” noted Tourian, who recently analyzed data from several satellites to track how Urmia has changed. “The results from satellite imagery revealed a loss of water extent at an average rate of 220 square kilometers per year, which indicates that the lake has lost about 70 percent of its surface area over the last 14 years.”


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