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Monday, June 30, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Bright Light Through the Window -- Final Farewell -- Grumpy Granny Ghost

Bright Light Through the Window

It has taken me 25 years to write this down in its entirety and share it with any one else. Please forgive me if I ramble.

I was sixteen years old. I had been up talking to a friend of mine on the phone and decided to go to bed. My mother and step-father and younger sister were already in bed asleep. We lived in a modest size single level rancher in Tennessee. I went to sleep and was woken up at 12:34 (yes, I remember the exact time) by a painfully bright light outside of my window. I remember thinking to myself, "Oh great, Drew (a boyfriend of mine at the time) has wrecked his stupid car in the yard...I'm gonna get in so much trouble"...so I got up out of bed to go see what was going on. I pulled my hair back because it was just a mess and quietly opened my bedroom door. It was an old house and the floorboards creaked, doors popped, etc...so I had to be particularly cautious getting outside. I put my hand over the keys in the lock so they wouldn't make any noise when I turned them, and stepped out onto the back porch. The light was so bright it looked like daylight outside but I knew it wasn't. I opened the back door on the porch and started to step out onto the steps....but instead....I started rising up...very quickly...I was shocked...at first I couldn't understand what was going on...I looked down and could see my house and street getting smaller...i could feel the wind around me but (even though it was February) I wasn't cold. I also realized that for whatever reason, I was not scared. I saw my high school....everything.....then I realized I was over a nearby park....and looked up. There was an array of three lights tightly together, almost like stars, that I began ascending toward. The lights "opened" into a triangular shape and I seemed to pass through that interior space.

I was in a room of sorts...it was a huge room. It was FILLED with people. HUMANS. I could see....hundreds of them it seemed. They weren't afraid either. We all stood in lines and there were other people that seemed to be asking each one of the humans a question. Just one question. I could hear voices responding....I knew my turn would be soon and I knew no one knew where I was. I saw, what I thought was a telephone laying on a shelf and stepped out of line and went to call my friend Chris to tell him what was happening because I knew he would call my mom, and my other friends right away. A small woman, older looking than anyone I have ever seen before, came over to me and gently put her hand over mine and said I should "put that down" because "it wasn't what I thought it was". She was kind and gentle and led me back to my line. It was my turn at that moment. They asked me my question...I remember responding...then suddenly I felt like I was being sucked back down FAST.....and was back in my room. Where I fell on my bed and went into a very deep sleep. I never said a word about what happened to anyone....I knew that they would say I was crazy or something. So I kept it to myself.

I have tried for 25 years to remember what my question was, what my answer was....and I can't ever seem to recall. I wouldn't even be writing now, if more had not happened to me in more recent history.

When my daughter was 7 (I was 29) my second husband and I had a small apartment in an extremely rural area of Tennessee that where he and I and my two children lived. It was attached to his sister's main house and was over a work shop. I was woken up, at 12:34 am...yes, I looked...and that is exactly the time it was...again, by a tremendous bright light shining in my second story apartment window. I tried to wake up my husband but I could not get him to rouse. I heard the door to our apartment open...I heard footsteps coming up to our living area from the workshop....I got up to see what was happening....as I came out of my bedroom, I heard the footsteps reach the top. I should have been looking AT someone/thing...but there was nothing. There were two or three large skylights in the apartment and I could clearly see the entire room. After a second or two of silence...I heard the steps go right in front of me, pass me and head toward my daughter's room. My eyes kept straining to see what they SHOULD be seeing...but I never "saw" anyone. I saw her door open...I RAN...FAST....through her door and into her room and said out loud..."You stay away from my daughter!". The light blinked out instantly. I was left standing there shaking and still seeing "blue spots" from the light. For the record...my daughter was not home that night...she had decided to spend the night with a friend of hers. Her room was empty. The next morning, I went down to my sister-in-law's house for coffee...and casually asked her if her son had gotten home late that evening. She said no, he had been home all night. She asked me why, so I mentioned that I thought maybe someone had headlights or something and was trying to play a joke on me...and told her about hearing the footsteps.....she laughed...then said, "Oh! You saw the angels too!". I was numb. I asked her what she meant....and she told me that she had a visit from something she decided was an "angel" that night around midnight....and that she has had those visits before. I excused myself from the conversation....I was feeling more than faint. It was the first time I had ever had anyone ELSE verify an experience for me....it left me quite shaken.

Many years have passed. I am now 41. I no longer live in Tennessee. I live in Maryland. I have only told two other people about this...my mother...and my husband. I have never breathed a word of it to my children or anyone else.

A couple of months ago, my youngest child, who is 6, got up one morning and asked me what the bright light outside of his window was during the night. He said it was so bright it woke him up. My husband and I are exceptionally anxious...this time I didn't wake up....I really don't know what else to do. We deadbolt our doors and make sure our home is as secure as possible. But, I am not convinced there is really anything I can do to protect him. I don't even know for sure there is anything to protect him from... I have a couple of loose theories but nothing that really adds up...I just really feel...alone. My experiences don't seem to be like others.

I have read so many of these commercialized experiences of being abducted, etc. I do know several things for facts...1) I was NOT dreaming..nor was I suffering from "sleep paralysis" at any point. 2) This has apparently been going on for some time now....3) I am NOT crazy 4) no "experiments" have been done on me that I am aware of, 5) I have no "traumatic" memory of anything bad happening to me whatsoever, 6) there were no little gray people with big black eyes (although the woman that told me to put the item down was shorter than me and seemed extremely old...), and 7) I was NOT the only human being on that ....ship? I know other people have had this experience...I saw them having it....

I am just scared now...and I don't even know of what. I am sure you must get a million messages like this a day. I thank you for your time and if you do not have any answers, I understand. I don't have any either. I just desperately needed to tell SOMEONE about this... just...in case. - MUFON CMS


Final Farewell

My best friend passed away about 6 months ago. At the beginning, i could still feel his presence but this feeling would eventually go away after a few weeks. One night, about 2 months ago, i had a dream about him. I was in school, going downstairs as he appeared right in front of me. I remember feeling very happy at this moment, almost euphoric, because of seeing him. So i asked him why he's still here and not 'resting in peace' in his own heaven, or paradise or whatever one believes, and we continued talking a bit. I asked him how he was (maybe not the best thing to ask a dead person) and things like that, and i was kinda sad about the fact that his soul/spirit/whatever was still on earth. I wanted him to find peace. Then we went to a glass door, and outside you could see a bright light that no one else but us could see (at least the other persons in my dream didn't react to that light), and i told him that this is where he belongs now, this is where he has to go. I hugged him for a last time and then he went off to that light and disappeared.

I remember waking up after that and still feeling euphoric. I couldn't stop smiling, knowing that he's finally okay. - Reddit.com


Grumpy Granny Ghost

A Sidmouth fashion shop has been forced to call in a medium after spooky going-ons in the shop.

Frightened fashion shop staff called in ghost hunters after fears their store was haunted by a Victorian granny who disapproves of certain outfits on sale.

Workers at the New Look branch in Sidmouth, said they had heard mysterious bangs, footsteps and ghostly whisperings.

They were convinced the bizarre goings-on were linked to a former local named Gladys whose prudish taste clashes with the chain's fashionable clothes.

Staff were so scared they called in spiritual medium Linda Helliker who poured cleansing salt on the shop floor and attempted to communicate with the old-fashioned OAP.

And since the visit they claim the paranormal activity has quietened down - although they still say hello and make polite conversation with Gladys in case she gets grumpy.

The strange happenings started in April when staff entered a previously unused store room on the top floor.

They later learnt it used to be Gladys' bedroom long before the building on the site of a former hotel became a shop around three decades ago.

Manager Lisa Jordan said: "That room is normally out of bounds but we had to unlock it because a health and safety visitor came to check it out.

"Ever since then we've heard banging noises even though nobody is up there.

"When we've been in the stockroom we've heard footsteps coming down the stairs. We've even heard a strange swooshing that almost sounded like a disapproving sigh.

"One girl heard a whispering in her ear and she got so scared she ran into a table. Another of my girls felt someone breathing on their neck.

"It's really weird and quite frightening."

Lisa said she felt the "energy of an elderly lady".

She said: "I saw a woman dressed all in black. I got the impression she was a widow and that she was there in her own lifetime because she had fallen on hard times.

"She felt she wasn't getting enough respect and the place was being neglected.

"I think she disapproved that it was a shop and in particular the type of shop, the fact that there were too many inches and bare bellies on display.

"But she was from a different time, perhaps the Queen Victoria era, so that's understandable.

"I asked her to talk to me if she wished, that her time there had finished and that she should move on to her loves-ones."

Lisa added: "Before she left, the medium asked us to put some flowers out as a nice gesture.

"When we checked on them later on the flowers were on the floor and the cup we put them in was smashed.

"Thankfully it's been fairly quite since then so hopefully she's made her peace with us.

"Apparently Gladys had a Yorkshire terrier - so if he we see clothes hopping around the store by themselves it's just the dog wanting to play with us." - exeterespressandecho


Mysterious predator killing pets in Alabama town

Several residents in Trussville are concerned that an animal is preying on their pets.

Flyers are circulating around the Maplewood neighborhood warning of a "large cat-like animal." It says that it has been seen on at least four separate occasions.

Several cats have gone missing and one resident told FOX6 News she found her dog dead in the driveway.

Mayor Gene Melton says that the city hasn't gotten any calls yet concerning the possible predator. - MyFaxAL


Bengal Tiger leaps onto fishing boat, snatches man in India

A Bengal tiger snatched a man off a fishing boat in eastern India, dragging him away into a mangrove swamp as his children looked on in horror, the man's son said Friday.

The attack happened Thursday as Sushil Manjhi and his son and daughter were crab fishing in a stream in the Sunderbans National Park. The tiger leaped aboard the boat and clamped its jaws on Manjhi's neck, said Sushil's son, Jyotish.

The tiger "quickly flung my father on his back and gave a giant leap before disappearing into the forest," Jyotish said by telephone from his village of Lahiripur in West Bengal state. He said he and his sister tried to beat the animal with sticks and a knife, but the thrashing had no effect. His father was dragged away and was presumed dead.

The attack underlines the difficult existence of millions of poor Indians who make a living by scavenging in forests and rivers, often at risk from wild predators. Many villagers fish for crabs in the Sunderbans — even though it's illegal in the protected reserve — because they fetch a good price at markets in nearby towns.

The national park is one of the largest reserves for the royal Bengal tiger. Thursday's attack was the fourth deadly assault by a tiger this year in the Sunderbans, wildlife officials said.

India has more than half of the 3,200 tigers believed to be left in the wild in the world. But as the country undergoes breakneck development to accommodate the growth of its 1.2 billion people, tiger habitats have been shrinking.

The big cat's numbers have also dwindled because of rampant poaching to feed a flourishing market for tiger organs and bones in China. - Cosmostv



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