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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: White 'Dragon' Killed in Malaysia -- 'Bristol Crocodile' Spotted in the River Avon -- Time to Mine the Moon

White 'Dragon' Killed in Malaysia

(Translation of article) A dragon has been shot dead in a house in West Malaysia. An fruit orchard owner were asleep in the 2nd floor room of the home woke up when he heard the screams of rabbits and sound like an odd noise tiger. Orchard owner continue peek of stairs found a strange animal with two horns and a long mustache is suck a male rabbit. Because aid, he continued to take an auto rifle and fired eight shots cause the odd animal fell to the floor. After ensuring these animals really dead he was shocked to find it is a dragon with fluffy white rabbit fur. He told reporters that, “I do not think that the animal is a white dragon. Extremely surprised me because according to Chinese belief when a dragon enters the house, it will bring ‘luck’ and horns can fetch millions of dollars. However, he does not plan to sell any part of the body of the animal and will preserve the dead animal for public viewing.


'Bristol Crocodile' spotted in the River Avon

When strolling along the picturesque River Avon, nature lovers are used to seeing all manner of traditional English flora and fauna.

But they may wish to keep a careful eye out this week, as the elusive "Bristol crocodile" was said to have been spotted swimming in the shallows.

The reptile, which prompted a police search in February but was never found, has been reported lurking beneath the surface of the muddy waters.

An eagle-eyed jogger said her hair "stood on end" when she saw a creature stirring, before taking a photograph of what she believes is the beast.

The picture, showing water under the Clifton Suspension Bridge in the River Avon, is the latest in a run of apparent crocodile sightings in the area, which the local Wildlife Trust calls the river "one of the most biodiverse chalk streams in the UK". - Read more at Telegraph


Time to mine the moon, says European Space Agency

There are already companies working on how 3D printing could help build infrastructure on the moon, as well as missions which are beginning to map its surface ahead of bids to drill for its resources.

"We do not have decades to come up with answers to these important questions about exploring the moon," he said. "A fleet of international missions has already started to prospect and map the distribution of mineral resources, and water-ice."

Speaking at the EuroScience Open Forum meeting in Copenhagen, the biggest gathering of scientists in Europe, he said how the moon's future will look should be planned now.

"Precursor landers can be operated in a coordinated robotic village, with in-situ use of resources, done with respect. This would prepare a sustainable and smart path towards humans living off the land in international lunar bases," he said.

"The moon is like the 8th continent of earth - it is only reasonable we want to mine it," he added, pointing out that this refers not only to minerals but mining for knowledge about earth's past as well as inspiring scientific leaps forward.

Moon mining - and moolah

The possibility of mining the moon for resources, whether to use them on the moon itself or bring them back to earth, is not new. Scientists believe the rock could hold oxygen, hydrogen, iron and rare metals, as well as possibly helium 3, a resource which is rare on earth but which could be more common on the moon.

They believe it could be used to energise nuclear fusion reactions and provide vast amounts of energy in a process which avoids the radioactive waste of nuclear fission, the process used in nuclear power on earth currently.

Many suggest the hunt for this mineral was behind China's first moon landing last year, and in 2012 director James Cameron - yes, he of Avatar and Aliens, both sci-fi films in which space mining feature - joined a group of other celebrities and entrepreneurs to set up a company called Planetary Resources Inc to attempt to turn science fiction into fact.

Planetary Resources is also backed by Google founder Larry Page, as is another space project which Google has sponsored with $30m of prize money. It is a competition to get a robot to the moon by 2015, which can then explore the surface and transmit video and images back to earth.

The Google Lunar XPrize organisers say they will have no rights to the technology and they certainly do not want to go to space themselves - but they will have some rights to the so-called "mooncasts".

Who owns the moon?

It is not just Google who are getting in on the act either. In February, Nasa called for bids from companies who want to mine on the moon. The agency has not yet decided who has won.

It is the latest collaboration between the space agency and big business at a time when its budget has dwindled. Space exploration is fantastically expensive, and private companies have the money where governments do not. Partnerships of this type help service the International Space Station (ISS).

As well as mining the moon, scientists say it could provide a base for wider space exploration as it is much easier - and cheaper - to launch missions from the moon rather than earth because it has only one-sixth of earth's gravity, and no atmosphere.

But the spread of big bucks capitalism to outer space is, some say, concerning: is it right that the moon could effectively fall into the hands of the highest bidder? That is in part what the ESA wants the world to consider, before it is too late.

Dr Foing said: "The Outer Space Treaty [from 1967] specifies that no country or citizen owns the moon. With international cooperation towards a world strategy for the exploration and utilization of the moon, we can exploit reasonably scarce lunar resources and still preserve sites of historic and scientific interest."

This same treaty, incidentally, also says that there can be no weapons in space. Perhaps if the world wants to avoid turning the moon into the 21st century version of the wild west, this is a regulation which should not be ignored. It is time to tread carefully in our moon boots. - Channel4


Releasing lost souls or dark energies from your home

Releasing lost souls or dark energies from homes and businesses need not be a Hollywood-style production but it does take some care and skill to ensure there is a successful and happy ending to the drama.

Firstly it pays to consider what the possible cause of your disturbance is then seek the appropriate professional to assist you.

If you have had nothing but bad luck since you moved into a new home or business but don’t have a sense your property is haunted as such it maybe to do with bad Feng Shui it is best handled by a Feng Shui expert.

Sudden severe health problems in family members in a new home might be due to environmental issues. I have seen houses built on former farming land where a lot of DDT and other chemical pesticides caused health issues for the new owners.

Consider your options or consult an experienced professional psychic for the cause if it still evades you.


A psychic medium is the best person to consult if you just sense a room in your new house is cold and unwelcoming or you wake at night seeing strange shadows in your room and feeling anxious.

Young children in the house are often aware of these things as they are often naturally sensitive.

They may wake up crying and say they have seen strangers in their room.

It’s best to listen to them rather than brush their stories off as unfounded fears.

The medium should then be able to connect telepathically with these unhappy spirits and discover why they are in your house before releasing them to the light or heaven.

The spirits might be people who once lived or died in that house or simply be connected with anybody living in the house in the past or present time.

Often they just see themselves as still physically alive and have to be counselled gently as to their true situation before they move peacefully towards the higher realms.


But what happens if the spirits refuse to leave you in peace and feel very heavy and scary?

Bad luck and minor accidents seem to plague you and you feel very stressed for no real reason?

If you are trying to sell your property prospective buyers appear spooked and contracts are not successful?

Well, then it’s time to call in an exorcist!

Again an experienced psychic medium with additional skills and training can often do this for you or some people may prefer a priest or spiritual person they trust to help them here.

At this stage clients often ask me to visit the property in person but I always refuse.

My energies are very sensitive and I need to be in a safe and energetically protected space to deal with the darker spiritual forces and seeing they are simply energy and I am telepathic (all mediums are of course) I can talk to them on the other side of the world if needs be.

Basically I send the archangels, divinities and Christ to the property and ask them to do the heavy and energetically dangerous work for me and they do this often surprisingly quickly and easily.

So really it’s rather like directing a Hollywood drama at a distance and usually it has a happy ending.

The very heavy energies of demons and negative ETs do exist in my world view and again it pays to have a calm and strong mind and lots of spiritual friends in high places before trying to clear these beings so it’s much more specialised work.

After clearing the dark energies several times plus also sending clearing and healing to anybody living there affected by the energies I fill the property with light and surround it with many archangels.

When a sense of peace and calm comes over me I know the clearing will be successful.


If you feel you have darker spirits with you it’s important to avoid recreational drug use and alcohol.

Call for angels to protect you and your god or any higher power or saint such as Mother Mary Mackillop to be with you and say a prayer and imagine you have white light all around you and this will always offer you immediate protection and help. - Perth Now

If you need consultation, please go to Astral Perceptions Universal



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