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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Humanoid Incursion Reports 11

Here are a few more selected reports that detail real-life incursions / encounters by humanoid beings:


Location: Southern Illinois - 3/1995 - 1:15 am

I was on my way home from work driving down a country road with a gravel pit on one side, and forest on the other. In my headlights, I saw something in the clearing between the forest and the road. At first I thought it was a deer, I slowed down in case it started to run into the road. As I got closer, I noticed it was walking on two legs. My first thought at this point was that there was a car accident from up ahead, and this person was looking for help.

At first I was confused, an animal or person. As I approached and lowered my window, I realized that it was not a person or animal I got goosebumps which lasted for about 30 seconds. It stood as high as may car, it had a very thin body, covered in a white or semi-transparent material. The legs and arms were very thin and long. The head was slightly larger than a human, with black eyes, no nose, and a slit where the mouth would be. It moved in an erratic manner as it entered the road, then it turned, saw me and began walking toward my car with an almost spider-like walk.

When it got to within 5-7 feet on the driver's side, I got really spooked, and drove away. As I drove away, I kept thinking that there was a car accident ahead. There was nothing, and that is the time I realized that something really weird was happening. For the next week I had a hard time making a logical decision as to what I had seen. I told my wife several days later, and she said that I had been acting different.

Source: Witness report



Location: Tambunan, Keningan, Malaysia - February 18, 2001 - night

Yabi Gistubod had been reported missing and was later found sitting in a bush in a stupor. They gave him a medical check up, and he was found to be in good health. He told family members that he had encountered a strange man with a square body, who he believed was an alien. The man wanted him to go to a strange place. The night before he disappeared, he was wearing white and seemed to be floating just above the ground, according to his wife who touched his shirt and saw it turned black. Yabi then passed out. He vanished again on the 20th and was found 11 days later walking towards his home. He had his eyes closed and was communicating in sign language. According to his wife, Yabi became invisible the second night he vanished right before her eyes.

Source: UFO Roundup



Location: near Ajo, Arizona - Spring 2002 - 2:30 am

A 59 year-old man wondered about something or someone he saw one night while driving in the desert on the road to Ajo. He and his friends would go to Puerto Penasco, Mexico every year to fish and enjoy the sea of Cortez. To avoid the heat they would leave Colorado (San Luis Valley) about 3:00 pm and be on the road to Ajo about 3:00 am. His story:

This night I was driving a rental car and everyone else was asleep when I was passed by a naked man running in the opposite lane of the direction I was driving. He was barefoot and moving really fast! I looked in the rearview mirror as I hit the brakes to see if he needed help and he took off into the desert barefoot. As I kept driving I was looking for a car or someone who may have broken down on the road, but no one was to be seen...this really bothered me. The following year in the same area about the same time of the night I was sleeping in the backseat of the car when I woke up briefly and looked out the car window. I saw a very large dog carved out of stone similar to the Chinese stone carvings in a ditch along the highway! I believe I had seen something to do with skinwalkers but not sure.

Source: witness statement

NOTE: very similar to many of the Navajo shapeshifter stories I read and hear...Lon



Location: Rauma Finland - June 19, 1979 - 12:30 am

The two witnesses that lived in a rural area were sitting in their living room with the window opened when one of them caught sight of a silvery gray metallic cupola shaped object resting on the ground not to far away. The bottom of the object was blue black in color and it was emitting a blue-black beam of light from its middle section. The beam briefly swept the nearby woods then switched off. Both witnesses had now seen the object and one of them decided to have a closer look. This witness walked very close to the object and was able to see that it rested on small metallic legs. The upper part of the object was transparent and inside two small humanoids could be seen.

These were described a very "ugly" with crooked beak like noses and covered with green brown spots, they had large bulging eyes, pointed chins, large mouths and pointed ears. Both wore shiny gray helmets with antennae with a yellow line on the middle. They also wore black gloves and clothing. The witness was also able to see numerous gauges and levers inside the object. The being nearest to the witness made a sudden move and the witness was suddenly blinded and fell back. The craft then took off emitting a whistling sound. The witness eyes were irritated for the next several hours and he was briefly in a state of shock.

Source: Juhani Kyrolainen & Pekka Teerikorpi - FSR



Location: Devil's Swamp, Louisiana - June 8, 2000 - 6:30 am

41-year old Roger Mixon was hunting in an isolated and aptly named area when he came across a bizarre dark-purple color object the size of an 18-wheeler and shaped like a bat wing sitting on the ground. He could see a drawbridge type door that was opened and nearby saw three creatures attempting to capture an alligator. The beings wore what appeared to be crowns of gold had human-like faces and had long hair and sharp teeth like those of lions. They had breastplates resembling cast iron. One of the most bizarre features was the 4 wing-like protrusions and scorpion-like tail that each creature had. They did not see Mixon at first but when one spotted him he fired his 12-gauge shotgun hitting one in the chest knocking him down, but the creature quickly was on his feet again and apparently fired back with some type of implement that dangled from his waist. A beam like light struck the witness on his wrist leaving a scar. According to the witness he has lost most of the use of that arm as a result of the incident. He fired once more and the humanoids then rose up in the air and flew back inside the object. The door closed and it took off at lighting speed. The witness never hunted in those woods again.

Source: UFO Watch



Quebradillas, Puerto Rico - Summer 1996 - 5:00 PM

18-year-old Norberto Perez was at his aunt's house for a family reunion when he began experiencing a strong headache and stomach discomfort. He then became very sleepy and decided to go to bed. At the moment that he closed his eyes he found himself in a strange metallic room on a cot-like bed, unable to move. Standing around him were four 4-foot tall humanoids, very thin and wearing tight fitting gold-colored outfits and gold sandals. They had long six fingered hands. Soon a door suddenly appeared in the metallic wall and a tall figure entered the room. This figure was described a man-like, very good looking, with white skin, and blond hair. He was surrounded by a bright light and wore a white long tunic up to his ankles, with silvery sandals. The witness noticed that the man wore a gold colored ring with the image of a pyramid imprinted on it. The tall blond male then approached him and one of the short humanoids handed him a transparent sphere that contained an electronic chip-like device. The sphere was placed over Perez's forehead, and it floated, then it floated over different parts of his body then it vanished. At that moment the blond man approached him and apparently began communicating by using telepathy since he did not move his lips. He told the witness not to fear. The witness then asked why he was chosen and was told because "he had been born with a special type of energy."

Soon the witness was able to move and he was taken into another room that seemed to be the control center. There he saw three of the short humanoids operating some consoles. Suddenly a huge screen became visible where he saw all the planets align. Then he saw the planet Earth but it appeared to be upside down. Then he saw something resembling a nuclear blast and much death and destruction. He was then warned that humanity was headed in that direction if we did not mend our ways.

Another door now became visible and the witness noticed what appeared to be dozens of domed disc-shaped objects, apparently in a huge hangar. The tall blonde-haired person noticed the witness looking at the objects then preceded to touch his forehead with a finger. At that moment the witness found himself back in bed. For three hours afterwards he was in a state of mental confusion.

Source: Evidencia OVNI #19

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