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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: Pennsylvania's Strange Reptilian Creatures -- Unknown Image On My Phone! -- My Latest Abduction

Pennsylvania's Strange Reptilian Creatures

They may not be Godzilla, which reappears in its latest incarnation today in theaters nationwide, but plenty of strange, reptilian-type creatures have been reported in Pennsylvania. None of the reports have been confirmed, and most have not been supported by photos, but multiple reports of each of the creatures have been recorded by cryptozoological investigators.

Giant snakes, from 15-20 feet in length and a foot or so in diameter, have been reported in various areas across southcentral Pennsylvania since the 1830s. They're generally described as black, dark brown or dark gray, sometimes with yellow markings, and able to crawl along with its head raised several feet.

Multiple people claimed to have encountered one of the giant snakes at Devil's Den near Gettysburg in April 1833. Several reports of a snake much larger than any known native snake species in Pennsylvania were recorded in the Allentown area in 1870-71. Most recently the reports of giant snakes have been concentrated mostly in The Broad Top area of Bedford and Fayette counties.

Dark maroon to dark green, 35- to 40-foot-long, sea serpent-type creatures, sometimes covered in large scales, have been reported in Lake Erie since the early 1800s. Reports spiked in the 1990s, when reports of Loch Ness Monster sightings also hit a peak. In Ohio's portion of the Great Lake, the creature is known as South Bay Bessie, and Cleveland's American Hockey League-team - the Lake Erie Monsters - has a sea serpent mascot.

Something similar was reported in Lake Raystown in Huntingdon County in 1962 and again in spring 2006. The reports also became the focus an investigation by a team from the Syfy Channel's "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" in 2010. The team deemed a couple observers of the beast to be creditable witnesses, attempted to recreate the most recent photo without complete success and categorized the investigation results as undecided.

Another Look at 'Raystown Ray'

Thunderbirds, which were recorded in Native American folklore across the continent, sometimes are described as something similar to pterosaurs of the late Triassic and Cretaceous periods and other times as massive, condor-like birds with wingspans of 10 feet or more. A mysterious, vanishing and reappearing, Civil War-era photo that seemed to show several soldiers standing around a "downed" thunderbird has been debated for years.

More recently, reports of giant birds came out of the Allegheny Plateau region of northcentral Pennsylvania in the 1970s and the Greensburg area in 2001.

Other reports have circulated through the cryptozoological community of gargoyle-like creatures standing eight-feet tall and covered in tan or brown, leather-like skin (2011 near East Brady in Butler County) and, at the most extreme edges of the field, reptilian aliens that live in underground bases with the cooperation of the government. - PennLive

Monsters of Pennsylvania: Mysterious Creatures in the Keystone State

Strange Pennsylvania Monsters

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook


My Latest Abduction

On Thursday 22, May 2014 1:30 pm In Phoenix Arizona.

The first part happened in about one minute.

I was mowing my lawn and when coming up to the west block wall to make a turn i noticed that there was an energetic change in the atmosphere immediately around me, then it became difficult to see the wall, there was something like a mirage in front of me. Then i sensed an acute increase in this energy around me and i thought to myself "There is something wrong with me maybe i'm having a stroke".

Second part. 1-2 min

I was greatly worried and noticed that i had a thought that this was familiar like i had been through this before and then i started feeling panicky and went to turn the mower around and as i did then it hit me "im being abducted again". Fight or Flight kicked in when i saw the being 4 feet in front of me semi transparent holding something. I tried to ram him with the lawnmower but i was paralyzed - stuck - helpless. The thing he was holding flashed and i was then unconscious.

Third part.

I felt like i was dropping, yet still unconscious and when i could open my eyes i was on my bed in all of my dirty clothes with my shoes on.
IT WAS 5:30pm.

Forth part.

My right arm was hurting so i looked and had a big bruise on my shoulder.

Now at this point my memory was fuzzy and did not know what happened to me.

I went outside and saw that the lawn was not finished and there were grass clippings all over the porch and the mower was in the middle of the porch. I never leave things this way.

I was woozy and perplexed. I sat outside until 2:am wondering what happened to me and why are things this way. I was so dismayed i could not sleep. Finally i did, and at 4:30 am I woke up in a panic because the memories came flooding back to me from the back yard. So i got a pen and paper and wrote the event down. Now i call this an abduction because since i was 5 yrs of age i have had night time abductions. My first experience at five i received 2 scoop marks on my right arm and have the scars to this day.

I don't ever remember any daytime events before this.This has scarred me to death. There is something more benign about night abductions. Being taken away in the middle of the day while completely conscious. No paralysis and obviously against my will is new to me and i want to know if this has happened to anyone else. - MUFON CMS


Pregnant Pakistani woman stoned to death by family

LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) - A pregnant woman was stoned to death Tuesday by her own family outside a courthouse in the Pakistani city of Lahore for marrying the man she loved.

The woman was killed while on her way to court to contest an abduction case her family had filed against her husband. Her father was promptly arrested on murder charges, police investigator Rana Mujahid said, adding that police were working to apprehend all those who participated in this "heinous crime."

Arranged marriages are the norm among conservative Pakistanis, and hundreds of women are murdered every year in so-called honor killings carried out by husbands or relatives as a punishment for alleged adultery or other illicit sexual behavior.

Stonings in public settings, however, are extremely rare. Tuesday's attack took place in front of a crowd of onlookers in broad daylight. The courthouse is located on a main downtown thoroughfare.

A police officer, Naseem Butt, identified the slain woman as Farzana Parveen, 25, and said she had married Mohammad Iqbal, 45, against her family's wishes after being engaged to him for years.

Her father, Mohammad Azeem, had filed an abduction case against Iqbal, which the couple was contesting, said her lawyer, Mustafa Kharal. He said she was three months pregnant.

Nearly 20 members of Parveen's extended family, including her father and brothers, had waited outside the building that houses the high court of Lahore. As the couple walked up to the main gate, the relatives fired shots in the air and tried to snatch her from Iqbal, her lawyer said.

When she resisted, her father, brothers and other relatives started beating her, eventually pelting her with bricks from a nearby construction site, according to Mujahid and Iqbal, the slain woman's husband.

Iqbal said he started seeing Parveen after the death of his first wife, with whom he had five children.

"We were in love," he told The Associated Press. He alleged that the woman's family wanted to fleece money from him before marrying her off.

"I simply took her to court and registered a marriage," infuriating the family, he said.

Parveen's father surrendered after the attack and called his daughter's murder an "honor killing," Butt said.

"I killed my daughter as she had insulted all of our family by marrying a man without our consent, and I have no regret over it," Mujahid, the police investigator, quoted the father as saying.

Mujahid said the woman's body was handed over to her husband for burial.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, a private group, said in a report last month that some 869 women were murdered in honor killings in 2013.

But even Pakistanis who have tracked violence against women expressed shock at the brutal and public nature of Tuesday's slaying.

"I have not heard of any such case in which a woman was stoned to death, and the most shameful and worrying thing is that this woman was killed outside a courthouse," said Zia Awan, a prominent lawyer and human rights activist.

He said Pakistanis who commit violence against women are often acquitted or handed light sentences because of poor police work and faulty prosecutions.

"Either the family does not pursue such cases or police don't properly investigate. As a result, the courts either award light sentences to the attackers, or they are acquitted," he said. - AOL


Unknown Image On My Phone!

The 'details' bit on my phone states this image was taken at 22:51:22 last night - I am really creeped out because I went to bed about 9:30-10ish last night and can't remember getting back up! This is the only weird photo on my phone, can anyone help??



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