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Friday, May 09, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: 500-Year-Old Vampire Grave Unearthed -- Creepy Childhood Experience -- United States 'Full of Witchcraft'

500-Year-Old Vampire Grave Unearthed in Polish Marketplace

Archaeologists have discovered the grave of a suspected vampire in Kamien Pomorski, northwestern Poland.

The body, which dates back to the 16th century, was unearthed during a dig in a marketplace in the town, situated in the West Pomeranian Province.

As reported in Kamienskie.info, the team found unusual features which indicated the burial site was vampiric.

The teeth, or "fangs" had been removed and a fragment of rock had been inserted into the mouth. In addition, his leg had been staked in order to prevent the body from rising from its grave.

Slawomir Gorka, who led the dig, said: "A piece of brick rubble in the mouth and pierced thigh indicates that it is a vampire burial. This was done not for him, but for the community, who lived here."

Gorka added that the same rituals were common in burials in the Kamien Pomorski area between the 13th and 17th centuries. The body was buried in the cemetery next to the town church.

"We have to understand that the cemetery existed from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century, but not in every period. The body was buried when the cemetery no longer existed, towards the side of what is now the cemetery," he said.

"Initially we thought he had suffered a leg wound, but from sifting through the earth underneath, we realised there was a hole likely made from a puncture."

Last July, archaeologists in Poland believed they had discovered a vampire grave on a construction site in the south of the country. Seven bodies, with their heads removed and placed on their legs, were found near the town of Gliwice.

Experts estimated the bones to date back to the 16th century, but the absense of personal effects such as jewellery made it difficult to pinpoint the exact age of the skeletons.

"We found absolutely nothing on the skeletons, so it is difficult to say what period the skeletons are from. This is a special case, " archaeologist Dr Jacek Pierzak told the Dziennik Zachodni newspaper.

The origin of the vampire legend dates back to ancient Greece and Egypt. Dr Tim Beasley-Murray, a lecturer in Slavonic studies at UCL, told the Guardian that the myth spread up through the Balkans into eastern Europe where it was fertile in the pre-Christian era.

"There is a strong Slavic belief in spirits. Romanian folklore has vampiric figures such as the moroi and strigoi. The word 'mora' means nightmare. But these are common to many cultures. We often see bird or owl-like figures that swoop and feed on you." -

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Creepy Childhood Experience

I want to tell you about a creepy experience I had when I was about five/six, mostly to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. On my mother's side, we're a very spiritual family - we visit a lot of spiritual churches and psychic 'markets'/shows. I have aunts who are psychics (as in, it's their job) and I've worked with them, as the ticket girl, when I was about fourteen. So fyi, the supernatural is something pretty ingrained in me. I didn't really fully understand any of this or get involved until I was a lot older though.

I remember this incident vividly because it was so notable. It wasn't until I was in my early teens that I realised how freaky it was.

On Easter morning when I was about five/six, I woke up early, before my parents were awake. I had one of those bunk beds with a little sofa underneath, if you know what I mean, and lay in bed for a bit, wondering whether or not the 'Easter Bunny' had arrived and whether or not it was ok for me to get up. I'm not sure what I decided, but I turned to my right. At this point, I was facing the door.

I can't really explain the landing of my house because I haven't lived there for twelve years now. The staircase was at the very centre and there were rooms going around it. Mine and my parents rooms were at each side of the staircase, mine being at the front of the house on the right.

My door was open on this occasion, and I suddenly spotted something. Basically this tall, humanoid creature was stood outside my bedroom backed against banister of the stairs so that I could view about half of its profile. It seemed to be peering in. Not really going anywhere, just watching me. I can't really describe it either. As weird as it sounds, almost like The Silence in Doctor Who. Very human, I remember it being in clothes, but with a very surreal, creepy face.

I watched it for what seemed like forever, and it watched me back. I wasn't scared, strangely enough, even though I was the kind of kid who was scared of everything. I used to chant 'no one's there, no one's there' to myself whenever I felt something was 'coming to get me' which happened several times a day in the house we lived in prior to this one. I remember wanting to turn around and to sleep, but I had a feeling if I turned away it would come into the room, a concept that didn't frighten me exactly, I just didn't want that to happen. Some people have suggested sleep paralysis when I've told them this story, but I remember being able to move.

This went on for a while, until my dad came out of his bedroom. It completely disappeared then, and as my dad came into view he was looking down the stairs, startled, as if he'd heard a noise or a disturbance. I asked him if he had seen anything and he said he hadn't. By the time I went downstairs, I had convinced myself I had seen the Easter Bunny, and the creature must have looked so weird because he had a rabbit's head. I think this was all just wishful thinking though, because I wanted to believe in The Easter Bunny, Santa, the Tooth Fairy, etc...

I realised a lot later that... hang on, the Easter Bunny doesn't exist. And it slowly dawned on me that I might have seen something. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened since, though.

Has anybody else experienced something like this? - Reddit.com


United States full of ‘witchcraft,’ bishop warns during conservative prayer event

Bishop Angel Nunez told members of Congress and others on Wednesday that the United States risked losing divine protection if the country continued to push God aside.

“Father, America the beautiful doesn’t look too beautiful right now,” the New York bishop said in Statuary Hall of the United States Capitol during a conservative prayer event. “Violence covers our land. Our streets are covered in blood and our prisons are crowded with our young people. Immorality and witchcraft are served to the masses as its daily bread and it is now the food of the day.”

“An economic tsunami is coming that threatens the very future of our nation,” Nunez continued. “The ground is shaking, the winds are blowing. Water and fire at every corner of this nation. Nature is screaming, yet no one is listening. We intellectually explain things away and justify our actions as the necessary pathway we must take because we are evolving. We have forgotten you, our God, and rejected your presence.”

The event, called “Washington — A Man of Prayer,” also featured Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), and Steve King (R-IA), along with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). The event commemorated the 225th anniversary of a prayer that George Washington delivered after being elected the country’s first president. - RawStory



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