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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Few Favorite Humanoid Reports 8

Over the years, I have referred to and posted many humanoid reports, some supplied by my friend & colleague Albert Rosales at Humanoid Sighting Reports & Journal of Humanoid Studies. The following reports are a few more of my favorites I've gathered over the years:


Location: Thetis Lake, British Columbia, Canada - 8/19/1972

The two boys, namely, Robin Flewellyn and Gordon Pike, were standing next to the recreation center on Thetis Lake when they saw a scaly creature emerge from the lake and move unto the shoreline. It was, as they had described, roughly triangle shaped, with dark, large, bulging fish-like eyes and mouth, and a razor-sharp spike on the top of its head. Its weight is estimated to be 120 lbs, and measures around 5 feet tall, and 5 feet wide. The two teens were terrified at the sight of the huge scaly amphibious monster and they ran for their lives.

With its sporting webbed extremities, the creature chased the two teenagers until a few distance from the lake. The voracious predator was able to catch up with one of the young men, lacerating his hand with its razor-pointed head.

The two lads, still filled with terror after narrowly escaping the grisly creature, rushed to the nearest Royal Canadian Mountain Police station and told the officers about the incident on Thetis Lake. They showed them the cut that was claimed to have been caused by the razor-sharp fin of the lake monster. The authorities felt sincerity on the story of the two boys, hence they immediately launched a manhunt, or should I better say, “monsterhunt”, on the said lake. However, nothing turned up during that time of investigation.

The case was almost taken for granted until four days after, August 23 of the same year, at around 3:30 in the afternoon, Russell Van Nice and Mike Gold claimed to have seen the same creature from the opposite side of the Thetis Lake. But unlike the report of the two teens that were pursued by the creature, this time, it only emerged from the lake, looked around, and submerged itself back into the water.

Gold and Nice described the monster-faced creature as having a human-like body, of at least 5 feet tall. It has silver-colored scaly skin, a sharp point protruding on its head, and very big ears and horrifying eyes.

Source: Victoria Daily Times / RCMP



Location: Johnson City, Tennessee - June 18, 1997 - 1:00 am

The witness and his cousin were out hunting and were sitting on the side of the wall of a rather large hollow which consisted of very thick underbrush and lots of evergreen. A larger valley then lead first to a clearing and then on to a supposed old Indian graveyard. All of the sudden they heard the brush in the hollow below rattling and they could tell that whatever was making the sounds was rather large.

The main witness was armed with a Ruger 10-22 rifle with approximately 150 rounds of ammo ready to go. Under his night vision scope he could see what appeared to be a man, but upon further inspection he realized that the "man" was a creature about 7-8 ft tall approximately 450 lbs. It was covered with thick black fur and was slimmer that the popular Bigfoot image, almost skinny with a neck. Also protruding on either side of its head were long tapered "horns" also black in color. On the top of the head also protruded a horn pointing straight up. All horns were approximately 5-6 inch in length and were the same dark color as the creature.

The terrified witness emptied a 25 round clip into the creature and then retreated into a nearby cabin about 65 ft away. The next morning they could not find anything except for lots of spent shell casings and bullet holes on a walnut tree. He thought he had struck the creature several times. Nearby animals traps had been sprung and all the bait extracted. On a nearby ridge the witnesses located a series of tunnels made up of brush and various sizes of tree limbs, vines and leaves. They thought it could have been "the lair of the beast." Afraid they returned home.

Source: GCBRO Weird Stories



Perm Region, Russia - July 19 1989 - late night

As the witness slept in her apartment she suddenly awoke feeling a strange oppressive atmosphere around her. She opened her eyes and saw a humanoid figure bending down over her. The figure was short, about 130cm, and looked intently at the witness. The figure had a grayish green pale facial complexion. It had large dark pupil less eyes. Heavy skin folds covered the head and body of the creature. It had what appeared to be a thin beard and appeared to be elderly. A second humanoid now appeared next to the first one. This one was somewhat shorter and appeared younger, both resembled aged “gnomes”. Both figures then floated back from the bed and vanished. At this point what appeared to be a tennis ball size sphere of light appeared in their place. The sphere disappeared into the next room and then flew out an opened window.

Source: UFOZONE Russia



Ojo Zarco, Veracruz, Mexico - 1999 - night

The main witness, a 10-year old girl enjoying her vacation at her aunt’s home, and other members of the family heard what sounded like loud knocks on the patio door. The 10-year old girl went outside but found no one around. She went back in, but moments later there was more knocking at the door. The girl went outside again and this time she saw two lights hovering over her aunt’s house. Both lights were bright red in color. She felt fear and attempted to go back inside but a strange attraction to the lights kept her from moving. She stared fixedly at the lights when suddenly a smaller red light appeared followed by a larger red light that appeared to chase the smaller one. The larger red light then suddenly flew towards the girl blinding her with its brightness. The girl was unable to move felt herself being transported to another location.

Some time later her mother, worried about the witness whereabouts, went out looking for her finding her daughter sprawled out on the patio floor in an apparent trance-like state, mentioning things that were supposedly going to occur in the future. Apparently the girl remained in this trance-like the rest of the night. Her mother was extremely concerned since she had several years previously lost a brother (the girl'd s uncle) in similar mysterious circumstances apparently involving UFOs. There are no specific details on how he died.

Source: El Durmiente De Orizaba



Location: Jackson, Wyoming - June 1980 - 6:00 am

Two men reported seeing a "hairy man-like creature" on Snow King Mountain near Jackson, Wyo., early one morning.

Robert Goodrich and Glenn Towner, reported to police that they were chased off Snow King Mountain by a possible Bigfoot that was 12 feet tall with long, dark hair and arms, which hung almost to the ground. The two men said that they were going to visit a friend who had built a lean-to on the mountain when they encountered the creature.

The men told police the creature breathed heavily and made a moaning growl-type noise. They described the creature as having a simian-like face as big as a stop sign and that the creature was hunchbacked. They ran when they spotted the creature, and that it followed them. The last time they saw the creature, it was standing under a street light near the Ramada Snow King Inn in Jackson.

Neither had been drinking and no further evidence was found.

Source: Idaho Falls Post-Register

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