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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Preview & References: Todd Sees Incident Briefing LIVE

As many of you know, the Sunday, February 2nd edition of Beyond The Edge Radio will feature a live briefing & discussion on the Todd Sees incident. I realize that this live show will take place during the Super Bowl...so the podcast will be available soon after the presentation. But I would sincerely hope that interest in this event will generate a significant amount of live listeners.

I would like to offer the readers and listeners some reference material that can be followed during the broadcast...including the recent press release, links to sighting & incident reports and a few images / maps:

NOTE: All current information can be found at Todd Sees Investigation (Ongoing)...Lon


PRLog - Global Press Release Distribution

The Todd Sees Incident - Briefing & Roundtable Discussion

Source: Beyond The Edge Radio
Dated: Jan. 30, 2014

The disappearance and eventual death of 39-year-old Todd Sees has been one of the most mysterious cases in modern ufology.

SUNBURY, Pa. -- In the early morning of August 4th, 2002, Todd Jeffrey Sees rode his ATV, starting at his home at the base of Montour Ridge in Northumberland County, PA. (Point Township), on a short jaunt up a mountain trail adjacent to a sprawling high power line. After he failed to return home by noon, the family became concerned and notified the authorities.

A massive search effort ensued...which included search & rescue personnel (with search dogs and helicopters), local & state police, as well as an organized search team that numbered 200+ volunteers. The entire area from the top of the ridge, adjacent woods and the family property was explored...including a small pond located 70 feet from the Sees house. Divers and dogs searched the area in and around the pond...without success.

The effort continued for approximately 36 hours...until the second day (evening) of the search, a family member noticed something in the bushes around the fore-mentioned pond. Todd Sees body had been discovered...in an area that was heavily searched the previous day. Since that time, there has been very little information released to the public. The death was ruled as 'fatal cocaine toxicity'...despite evidence suggesting that something else most likely occurred. The circumstances involving the recovery, handling, autopsy and final arrangements with the body are also mired in controversy.

A joint investigation by Butch Witkowski / Cold Case Unit of the UFO Research Center of PA and the Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team has uncovered previously undisclosed information in regards to this incident. This briefing will include objective & authentic discoveries...and the roundtable discussion will present an opportunity for the participants to fashion plausible scenarios as to what may have actually occurred.

This promises to be an enlightening disclosure. Make sure you mark down this date and time! LIVE Sunday, February 2nd at 8:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM CT - You can listen & chat on the network page at http://Para-X Radio LIVE or use the show link at Beyond The Edge Radio - During the show, you can call toll-free 1-877-677-2858.

This Week On 'Beyond The Edge' Radio: The Todd Sees Incident - Briefing & Roundtable Discussion

UFO Research Center of PA

NUFORC Sighting Report

National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief

Possible ET Abduction And Death Of PA Man Reported - Peter Davenport, Director - National UFO Reporting Center

MUFON Journal - Feb. 2013 - Davenport Article - Part 1

MUFON Journal - March 2013 - Davenport Article - Part 2


The following maps can be enlarged by clicking on the image. May I suggest you copy the enlarged images and print for easy reference:

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