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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just the Facts? Killing Bigfoot -- Texas Close Encounter -- Gruesome Discovery in Indiana

TBRC releases statement on 'The Echo Incident' and group's OK to kill Bigfoot

Statements made or reported as being made by Honobia, OK, resident Charles Branson at the Honobia Bigfoot Festival on 1 October 2011, concerning incidents that took place the previous July, contain inaccuracies. The basic facts are as follows.

The TBRC was on Mr. Branson’s property with his permission as part of Operation Endurance (OE). The group in place at the beginning of July, designated as the “Echo” team, was the fifth of ten teams to participate in OE. Subsequent events experienced by that team are referred to as the “Echo Incident” within the TBRC.

On 3 July 2011, at approximately 6:15 PM EDT and under clear daylight conditions, Daryl Colyer, Board Member and Field Operations Director of the TBRC, encountered a sasquatch on the Branson property. The observation occurred as he, along with fellow TBRC members Alex Diaz and Travis Lawrence, were investigating a loud banging sound originating from the direction of one of the hunting cabins (referred to by the TBRC as the "West Cabin"), not far from where they and one other member of Echo team were based. The sound was consistent with others heard over the duration of OE and suspected of having been made by sasquatches.

Colyer moved down the path toward the West Cabin with Diaz following at fifty or sixty feet. Lawrence was out of their sight as he followed a nearby parallel creek bed. When Colyer rounded a bend in the road and entered a clearing in front of the West Cabin, he witnessed a large, brown, upright, hair-covered figure walking in front of him at a distance of roughly 25-30 yards. Colyer noted it had long hair on its shoulders and the back of its head, which was distinctly conical in shape. He saw it from the left side and slightly to the back; its front was not visible to him at any point. Upon later comparison with a 6'3" tall TBRC member, the creature was estimated to have been both more massive and somewhat taller.

Walking to the south, the creature was momentarily obscured by vegetation and was then visible through an eight to ten foot opening in the dense foliage, still approximately 25-30 yards from Colyer’s position. Using his Remington 1100 Tac-4 12 gauge auto-loading shotgun, loaded with 000 buckshot followed by slugs, he attempted to collect the animal for scientific analysis, firing all the rounds in rapid succession. Colyer then approached the spot where the animal had been, reloading as he walked, but found no body. Within a few seconds he heard the faint sound of an automobile engine starting. When Diaz arrived at the location of the encounter, Colyer directed him to investigate the automobile sound. Diaz found a container of iced tea on the ground approximately 50 yards down the path, but he could not determine a source for the engine noise.

All four members of the Echo team attempted to track and locate the animal until it was too dark to see. Although the ground in the area was covered with leaves and other debris, the trail left by the animal was evident until it reached the nearby rocky creek bed. There were clear signs of its travel through the forest, including where it stepped on and crushed a fallen branch that was left unharmed when stepped on by the TBRC investigators. The slugs Colyer fired were all found embedded in trees near where he saw the animal. The team was unable to find any other evidence of the animal or its fate before losing daylight.

The team departed for home the next morning. Shortly after reestablishing cell phone coverage, Mr. Branson contacted the team and informed them that his nephew and his nephew's girlfriend had driven to the site the previous day. The nephew left his truck parked at the property gate and had begun to walk up the path toward the cabins when he heard what he mistook to be machine gun fire. He ran back to his truck and fled the area, apparently damaging his truck in the process. Colyer never saw or heard the truck prior to its departure, nor did he see or hear the two people. Their position, relative to Colyer's, was to the west through the dense forest, while the animal Colyer was attempting to collect was to his southwest. Neither they nor their vehicle was ever in the line of fire.

Following the conversation with Mr. Branson, team members made contact with Branson's son, a deputy sheriff in the area, and related the events to him. He advised contacting the County Sheriff's Office, since the nephew had reported that he had been shot at with a machine gun by "druggies." After communicating with the sheriff's office twice, the matter was dropped. Upon learning of the damage to his truck, said to amount to $1200, the TBRC offered the nephew $2,000 to help offset the cost of repairs. The check was cashed a few days after it was sent. Following a break of approximately one week, the TBRC resumed Operation Endurance to its planned completion.

In December of 2010, TBRC Chairman Alton Higgins clearly stated on the TBRC web site that the organization would "not stand in opposition to individuals—within or outside the TBRC—or groups supporting and/or actively pursuing efforts to obtain a specimen." He went on to add, "As a field biologist I have always indicated that I supported collecting a specimen for documentation and study." He went on to explain, "Biologists are trained to think in terms of, and to care about, populations. Collection of a voucher specimen is a way of protecting the population, from my perspective. It is not immoral, even if there are those who disagree for various emotional reasons." Those interested can read the position statement in its entirety here.

The TBRC plans on publishing a more complete account of Operation Endurance at a later date. - texasbigfoot

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Small dark-skinned entity encounter

10/24/2011 - Texas - unedited: I woke up with my head turned to the side of my bed and opened my eyes to a being about 3 to 3-1/2 ft tall. The entity appeared to be female in orientation. "She" had her hair, which appeared to be black, pulled in to either a tight bun or pony tail behind her head. Her skin appeared to be a dark olive tone. She wore clothes but I don't remember them in detail. I knew she was "otherworldly" because of her facial features. Her eyes were small and completly black, she did not blink the entire time she was in my presence. Her mouth was lip-less and in a straight line on her face; it was also slightly parted. She also had extreamly high cheek bones. Her body did not move but she spoke to me telepathically. I don't remember what she said, but I do recall it was a repremand of some kind and that I replyed in a sarchastic manner. At no point did I feel afraid. My dog also acknowlaged the being. I after she spoke, I looked to the foot of my bed where my dog was running towards me. When I looked back to the being, she stayed visable for about 2 seconds then disappeared. Because of her human like appearance I question wither or not this was a full blooded entity or a hybred. I had the overwhelming feeling that she was familier to me and that we were used to each other's presence. This is my first memorably run-in with a being however i've had several indications that something may be going on. Just over a month ago, for instance, I found a red, freshly healed scoop mark on my inner thigh. - MUFON CMS

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Toy doll baby cries in the night, saves family from fire

A toy doll that was part of a project to give teens a realistic look at parenting woke up 17-year-old Christian Deason just as a fire was destroying the family home.

The doll is programmed to cry at different times of the day and night, just like a newborn baby.

Deason's teacher had programmed the doll Friday before school let out for the weekend.

Deason brought the doll home not knowing when it was programmed to cry.

At 3:30 a.m. Oct. 24 the baby doll began to cry, waking Deason up just as the fire was eating its way through her La Vergne, Tennessee house.

Deason immediately got everyone out of the house.

"It was a big white wall of smoke, I fanned it for a second, and I see flames. I ran straight to my mothers room got her out, got my dog out, put the toy baby in the carrier, and we were out," said Deason.

La Vergne Fire Marshall Victor Woods said the fire detectors in the house were not working and the family had only about a minute to get out of the house.

"The toy doll crying was really the key to getting them out safely," said Woods.

Marina Deason, Christian Deason's mother, believes fate may have played a hand in the teacher setting the program for the doll to cry at 3:30 a.m.

"I think God works in mysterious ways, definitely fate had something to do with it," said Marina Deason.

"I was suppose to get this baby, I was suppose to take it home, everything was suppose to happen the way it happened," said Christian Deason. - wlbz2


Mass Alien Abduction Experiment in Los Angeles

Many were contacted by “aliens” during an experiment conducted by the OOBE Research Center at UCLA. It was the first experiment to ever prove that close encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrials are a product of the human mind.

20 volunteers assembled at UCLA on October 7th, 2011. They were instructed to perform a specific procedure upon overnight and early-morning awakenings over the next few days. More than half of the volunteers experienced at least one full or partial out-of-body experience as a result. 7 of them reported making visual contact with UFOs or extraterrestrials. Meanwhile, the sensations they described were identical to those of accounts by “alien abduction survivors”. By some estimates, up to one million Americans experience such encounters every year.

According to the researchers, the term “out-of-body experience” is used to refer to the sensation of having left the body, and not a real exit of some essence from the physical body - although this is just the impression often had by test subjects.

The fact that UFOs and extraterrestrials may be deliberately encountered in a controlled manner and within a few days proves that such experiences are a product of the human brain. Experiment author Michael Raduga explained, "We tried to right a common misconception with this experiment - the issue at hand isn't extraterrestrials, but hidden human abilities. If you've encountered UFOs or aliens after sitting or lying down, it can now be unequivocally stated that you've had a spontaneous out-of-body experience. We have proven this."

It has long been theorized that encounters with extraterrestrials are nearly always the result of spontaneous out-of-body experience. However, scientific proof would have to wait until the discovery of methods for inducing the out-of-body state. In September 2007, the OOBE Research Center started to conduct hundreds of experiments on thousands of people in 5 countries. That work resulted in the development of a procedure allowing anyone to have an out-of-body experience within the first several attempts. This procedure in turn allowed for the OOBE theory of extraterrestrial encounters to be tested and proven correct. The experiment was led by Michael Raduga, founder and head of the OOBE Research Center, as well as the author of 10 published books, the best-known of which is School of Out-of-Body Travel - obe4

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Gruesome discovers in Indiana house

With Halloween just around the corner, one Indiana family is starting to feel like they're living in a haunted house after discovering bones, embalming tools and gruesome photos of the dead in their attic.

"I won't stay by myself," Patricia Booher told The Huffington Post. "I have an uneasy feeling. I don't know what it is. I've tried to stay here but I can't."

Booher and her husband, Richard, recently moved into their home in Knightstown, a small town about 40 miles east of Indianapolis. On Monday, they were looking in the attic of for a place to store their air conditioner when they made the first of a series of bizarre discoveries.

"There were boxes of stuff in there. We thought it was knickknacks or some old dishes someone had left," Booher said. "When [Richard] started pulling the stuff out, we found a box of empty disinfectant bottles and a wooden crate full of bottles of embalming fluid. Then he pulled out a suitcase that was full of embalming equipment -- hoses and stuff."

The more the family looked through the boxes, the creepier their finds became.

"There were knives in a case that folded out, scalpels, scissors and things they work on people with," Booher continued. "Then we found pictures of dead people -- before and after pictures of them being worked on, a projector with similar films and a skeleton."

The skeleton and the collection of morbid items concerned the family enough that they contacted the Knightstown Police Department. Officers took photos of the items and examined the bones.

"The skeleton was determined to be a model -- like you would see on display in a doctor's office or a school classroom," Knightstown Police officer Anthony Lorton told The Huffington Post.

While police examined the other items, Booher and her family got curious and began digging around in their basement and backyard.

"My daughter, son and niece found a few bones in the basement. Then we found four more pieces: a hip joint, vertebra, index finger bone and a rib bone," Booher said.

So far, the findings have been frightening -- but they haven't aroused suspicions of foul play, according to police.

"The bones found in the cellar have been ruled out as animal bones," Lorton said. "We took the others to [the anthropology department at] Ball State University to be tested to see what they are. That will be done Friday."

Booher said family members are continuing to dig in the backyard today.

"I'm not saying the person who put this stuff here was a bad man. I just want to know why it was left here. Why are there bones here? You have to honor the dead," Booher said.

Whether the most recent bones are human is yet to be seen, but Lorton said he thinks he may have some explanation for the scary discoveries.

"The story we are getting is that there was a gentleman who was renting to own the property and up and left it, along with a lot of his stuff at the house," he said. "So that is probably where all that stuff came from."

The photos of dead people appear to be from the 1970s and 1980s, the officer said, and were likely taken by the person who performed their embalming.

"Look at them from the standpoint of an individual who is keeping a portfolio of his work," Lorton said. "To the everyday person, they are going to be disturbing to look at, but for a person trying to get a job at a funeral home, they are examples of his work."

Lorton added, "Is it creepy? Yes. Criminal? No."

As for the skeleton, the officer said he may have his own plans for it if the Boohers do not want it back.

"I am half tempted to put a hat on it and have it running radar," Lorton joked. - Photos at THP

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