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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Just the Facts? Breaking News: UFO Flap Continues Near Kansas City - MUFON Star Team On-Site

Large UFO witness reports continue from Kansas City area

NOTE: MUFON Missouri State Director Margie Kay reports that these sightings now include a total of 62 reports from the greater Kansas City area in the past 90 days - with a total of 84 reports during the same period from the entire state. 17 independent witnesses reported a large, unidentified object flying at low altitude over several locations in Kansas City, Lee's Summit, and Raytown, MO, between 8 and 9 p.m. on October 4, 2011.

Lee’s Summit, Mo. Tuesday 7:52 pm
October 4th, 2011
I saw a U.F.O. I do believe that we are not alone in the universe and I do believe in God. In my lifetime I have observed strange lights in the sky, I have read articles about abductions or eyewitness accounts U.F.O. sightings, and I admit to watching shows about area 51, Roswell and government cover-ups. Hollywood is alwys entertaining when bringing a new twist to the elusive E.T. ‘s that are watching us, snatching us and performing their tests on us. I am not fanatical about the subject.
I am going to recount the events and what I saw from my balcony. Many other people saw the same thing and reported it. I just want to know what it was.
I was sitting on my balcony, talking on the phone, I looked up as this enormous, slow moving, very bright object began to move over the tree line. I said I had to go, wanted to get a picture of this & my phone was dying, so I needed to get my charger plugged in. Then I stood frozen and stared.
It was Not a stealth. It was moving SE, and another smaller craft (small plane, helicopter?) was moving NW. At first I thought they were going to collide, then (it seemed almost awkward) maneuvered and I remember thinking ”the little one seems panicked.” It was not the normal amount of space between two aircraft. The little one disappeared, then count-I, 2, it flew over the top of the big one. This is when I remembered my desire for pictures and my dying phone. By the time I was back outside it had moved to the E side of downtown L.S. Then my phone rang, I answered it, plugged it in, and it was gone when I got back outside. THAT FAST!
The Craft- It was at least the size of a football field. I really could not tell what the overall shape was. It had two rows of lights that spanned the width and then under those lights were two more rows, centered, but shorter in width. There was a consistent pattern in the lights, that changed in number, becoming less at the center, but symmetrical, for example- Left to Right- 9, 8, 8,, 5,, 3, 4, 3,, 5,, 8, 8, 9. Each number represents the uninterrupted chain of “bulbs” each comma represents a space. The top two rows were identical. Sizeable space, then rows three and four were solid, no interruptions. I would say they were the width of 5-5. The lights seemed brighter, whiter than the little craft’s light, but I don’t remember them changing colors or pulsing.
I didn’t see the craft flip on it’s side or disappear. What I noticed the most, frightened me most. There was no noise. Not from either one. I could hear my cats playing inside, my microwave beep (my tea was done) and my neighbors talking.
My daughter was on HWY 291 with a friend. They both saw it. They had to lean over in the car to see the whole thing, it was right over them. The same daughter has chosen a caree in avaition, so we CONSTANTLY watch the aircraft in the skies. This was different.
October 5th, 1:30 pm. I called LS airport, to inquire. The man who answered said he had heard nothing about this occurance, that it must be some local pilots practicing their formation routine for an upcoming event (off the record, of course.) He said that I must be mistaken, that people mistake common things (weather balloons, stray kites, etc.) all the time. I responded with “doesn’t our local airport have a responsibility to know who is where in our skies?” He informed me that clearly I was mistaken, thanked me for calling and hung up.
I know what I saw. I made my next call to KCI. I was transferred four times to “someone who could better answer those questions.” Number five was an air traffic control person. He listened me but said he had heard nothing of this either. I asked him to google UFO/Lees Summit10/04/2011. I asked how so many could see this and KCI not know? I said “if it was confidential, then say it’s confidential, and I would shut up and hang up. If it’s a really big airplane, then tell me the model, but don’t say you didn’t even know it was there!” He reviewed radar starting at 6:00 pm. After about a minute he says” Well I see here there WAS Something flying in our airspace, but we weren’t talking to them” I said “HUH?” He got quiet, then said “oh it must be a 747 that landed at about 7:28 pm. He had nothing else to say. I thanked him and hung up.
I am not an MIT hopeful. I will never be a brain surgeon. I am also not stupid.
If it was confidential then why was it flying SO Slowly and SO Close to the ground? We all know what the Stealth looks like…a weather balloon? A little more tact when insulting someone’s intelligence is in order.
Yep-it’s unexplained. Yep-it looks fishy. What are they doing at our airports? Answers would be Awesome! I have low expectations.


As reported to assistant state director today by e-mail and phone:

E-Mail report:
"Me and my boyfriend saw what appeared to be a ufo, we were driving and saw the object because it was pretty low, we thought it was an airplane or something until we saw about 7 or 8 lights at the bottom of it, it sped away pretty fast, we kept driving and saw it again, we had our camera phone out recording it, and it came back to us, right over us in a matter of seconds, I saw lots of blueish whitish lights at the bottom, we have some of it on video, this happened Monday night around 8-9 o'clock p.m., on our way home, not too far from home."

The witness called me today and further stated that it would take a car to cover the object up at arm's length. THe lights were all facing downward. She said that it took off at a fast speed, then returned and hovered right over their vehicle. Her boyfriend took video of it with her cell phone and she is sending it to me. The object then just floated away slowly. - MUFON CMS

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Here we go again....

A Bigfoot researcher based in Redwood City will be leading an expedition this month to search for signs of the elusive biped in the company of a team of British filmmakers.

Tom Biscardi of Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. will be looking into several reported Bigfoot sightings and an alleged Bigfoot shooting in areas including Fayetteville, Ark., Mammoth Spring, Ark., Mokena, Ill., Fredericksburg, Va., and some locations in the Florida panhandle.

Biscardi will also be appearing at the Pocono Mountains Film Festival in Stroudsburg, Penn. on Oct. 22, where his recent film, "Anatomy of a Bigfoot Hoax," is entered in the category for "Best Documentary." - mercurynews

According to Cryptomundo, Biscardi has talked the BBC into producing a documentary of his ventures.


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life,” Jobs said. “Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” - Steve Jobs, commencement address at Stanford University in 2005


"Operation Divine Wind": Sea Shepherd prepares crew for deadly confrontations

Japan plans to go ahead with its Southern Ocean whaling program this year despite threats from activists to disrupt the annual hunt and to die for the cause.

Japan's fisheries minister said measures would be taken to ensure the safety of the whalers and the hunt would go ahead. It is expected to begin in December.

Japan's hunts have become increasingly tense in recent years because of clashes with the conservationist group Sea Shepherd.

The most recent hunt was cut short after several high-seas confrontations, and it was unclear if the hunt would be held at all this year.

Earlier this week, Sea Shepherd promised dramatic attacks against Japanese whalers in the coming months, with volunteers warning they were prepared to die for the cause.

The group announced "Operation Divine Wind", which translates to the Japanese word kamikaze, the name given to World War II pilots sent on suicide missions.

In launching the mission at the weekend, Sea Shepherd leader Paul Watson promised on the group's Facebook page a "very dramatic and adventurous three months beginning in December".

The group said it would send 100 volunteers to the Southern Ocean and was prepared to lose lives if necessary.

"They will have to kill us to prevent us from intervening once again," Mr Watson said.

Commercial whaling has been banned since 1986, but Japan conducts whale hunts in the Antarctic and the north-western Pacific under an exception that allows limited kills for research purposes. - theage

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Argentina: “ I Feel Like a Patsy for the Police and NASA”

Source: www.ampliaremos.com
Date: 03 October 2011

The Monte Grande disaster – where a house exploded causing deaths and several injuries – continues to be a source of doubts. While some claim that a gas leak was responsible for said explosion, some believe that it was a meteorite.

One of the parties supporting this possibility is Emilio Daniel Verón, who was detained by the authorities along with his brother Jonathan by having presented a photo showing an alleged meteorite.

The photo, taken by a cellphone, lent greater credibility to the story upheld by residents of the 9 de Abril district: that the Sequeiro and Espinoza homes were volatized by a heavenly body that fell from the sky, and not by a gas leak, which is the hypothesis backed by researchers.

“We felt a buzzing sound, we were blinded by a light and there was an explosion. It was all of a sudden. With Jonathan, we surveyed a three-block area from my home and the place where the meteorite fell. That’s where we saw an incandescent red stone and a circle that resembled coal. There was no fire, only smoke with a smell of sulfur. The quickly took away whatever fell from the sky. We pulled out a lady who was covered in blood and the brothers Rodigo and Nicolás Sequeira,” Emilio recalls.

However, after the investigation, there were no marks that suggested an extraterrestrial origin to the phenomenon.

Yet bolstering his own version of the events, Emilio says: “For some time now we’ve been seeing many strange things in the sky. I showed journalists the photo of a shooting star taken by my 6-year-old sister on 11 September.”

“And that’s when they arrested you?”

“On the spot. Four policemen surrounded me and my brother, they made us go around the corner and hurried us along. They swiped my cell phone and pushed us into a squad car.”

The Verón brothers were detained “until midnight on Monday”. Prosecutor Andrea Nicoletti took their statements, but as of yesterday had not decided to charge them with making false statements.

Later on, Emilio said: “I feel like a patsy of the Police and NASA. I need them to give my my phone back and give me an attorney who understands about comets (sic). They want to pin this on me over the photo, and they only what to conceal what really happened.” - Scott Corrales - Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology