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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Updates: Davie County, NC Cryptid / Arkansas Juvenile Bigfoot

This is a follow up to the Possible Bigfoot Detected - Yadkin River, Davie County, NC post from Thursday, July 28th. I received two emails, one on Friday and the other this morning, that referenced 'something' stalking the same general area. Both witnesses requested to remain anonymous at this time:

Concerning the 'Bigfoot on the Yadkin River in Davie County'. I live several miles up river from where this event took place. I am approximately 4 miles from the Yadkin River but at night on occasion I have heard the tree knocking, the howls but I have never seen one or saw a track. I have a tendency to stay out of the woods at night in the summertime due to copperheads and Poison Ivy.

When I first started hearing the howls it happened on a regular basis from about 10:00P.M. to 1:00A.M. or 2:00 A.M. At first I thought it could have been some type of owl but that didn't match up. One day I was looking at an investigation that had been done in upstate New York when they started to play the howling sounds that had been recorded from a possible Bigfoot encounter and it was exactly like I heard. My dogs also have been at times seriously pissed at something in the woods across the road from my house and keeping them from going after it is almost impossible.

Please do not reveal my name or contact info if you publish this letter. The next time I hear the sounds I will post it on here if you would like for me to.
Best regards.

I received another email today:

I read your piece about an unknown animal or possible Bigfoot in Davie County. I live between Advance, NC and the Yadkin River and I can say that I have experienced related noises that include wood knocking and weird howls. I also caught a glimpse of a large man-like beast in the Eureka Mills area last Fall while canoeing. This thing rose up from the brush in a clearing. I was about 50 ft. from the bank and it was another 50 ft off the shore. It dashed off so quick I barely saw it, but I know it wasn't a deer, bear or human.

I have heard stories of sightings but people around here kind of keep these things quiet. One of my friend's neighbors down the road from me had a heavy metal sliding door ripped off his barn a few months ago. He said that one of his goats was carried off also. He called the local police who came out and saw large footprints in the mud. That incident never made any news. There is something moving up and down the river as far as I'm concerned.

I have received several inquiries from investigators since I posted the original email. The only information I can forward is what I have posted so far. I am not going to release any names or specifics without consent by the witnesses...Lon


I had also posted the following that referenced a supposed juvenile Bigfoot photographed in Arkansas:

Possible photo of juvenile Bigfoot taken in Arkansas, October 2009

Hello Lon, my name is Louisa Clingan and my cam captured that pic back in Oct of 09. Thank you for posting it on your website. I am including in this e-mail attachments of the enhanced photo using only hue and contrast to bring out more definition. In the inverted pics you can see more structure, ear, hands, fingers and toes. The cam was set in that location to try and catch what was killing the barn cats, chickens and stealing the eggs.

Don't know if you know the background, but the pic was not taken seriously because our bird was in the following pics. You can see that it's not a bird lol. Also I really think that people think that these animals are born 9 feet tall, lol. This is a small juvenile, from what we figured using the reeds, fence line and bottom of the power box for height comparisons, we believe it is no taller than 18" from the top of the head to the ground in the sitting position, hypothetically it would be roughly 36" or 3' in the upright position. The visual that myself and son had on this same property back in 06 was no more that 3 1/2' to 4'.

Well, my friend and associate Sunny Williams thought there was more to this photograph and forwarded the following:

I am kind of freaking out over this baby Bigfoot photo. I told you I would do a rendering of what it looks like. Well, the more I sat and stared at the original, the more I realized there was something more to this. I just had a feeling I wasn't seeing it... and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Working only with shadows and highlights, I found this 'baby face'. Though I have actually seen an adult Bigfoot, this has me blown away.

As I started working on the face, I realized that in the original "enhancements" by someone else, even mine, was completely wrong. It doesn't look like a gorilla baby, nor a chimp baby. It's human! It looks like a human child!


This is a living being. Now whether it is or isn't a Bigfoot child, I'll leave that up to you.

All I can say is that it wasn't supposed to be there.

I am also working on a colorized version, to enhance and coax out any more details.

Please, please tell me what you think about this. That picture has been prodding me, ever since I laid eyes on it.

NOTE: I have to say, I am speechless as to what this is. Look at the image below and give me your assessment...Lon

Is this an actual juvenile Bigfoot?