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Friday, July 08, 2011

Seeing Bigfoot Everywhere: One Day's Worth Of Video Entertainment

After the 'Bigfoot Face Print' news conference (boy, that story went quiet real fast) and some of the more recent claims, I thought I'd post a typical daily selection of Bigfoot videos offered for our perusal.

Big Foot spotted in Osawatomie, Kansas - Seems everyone's getting into the Bigfoot viral action....young and old, vintage and new.

Unseen Bigfoot Footage Released Online

Four Dudes Film BF Sprinting
"Four dudes film Sasquatch in Quad run" Nassau NY, 3/29/09 posted anonymously by catchingcadence.

This is the second best example of quadrupedal run. Far faster than any human. This shows the raw speed a Sasquatch has to take down a deer or other game. Confirms on Tree-hiding, consistent color, long-arm and ungodly speed. The terror these guys experience is real and emblematic of a real encounter. We include human champs in the bear crawl, Parkour and the world record crawler.

NOTE: is this really a Bigfoot? I'm not convinced. The two videos below, though I can appreciate the effort, are both a stretch.

Taunting Bigfoot?

Unknown Howls
Statement: Ohio Bigfoot Hunters: Josh - Lead Investigator
I trust Josh and his friends and believe them 100%. If I didn't then I would never have uploaded these videos. These guys are rare in today's world. They spend most of their time at my house playing card games in the Mancave and always steer away from trouble and at the same time I have never caught them drinking and when they are not around then you can find them fishing or playing putt putt golf. How rare is that! They treat me like one of the gang and we all have a blast together. The very cool thing is we all respect each others opinions and respect the field gear. The Thermal is useless in areas like this when the underbrush is so thick and when you can't see over the next ridge. Team was positive that it wasn't acorns falling from the tree's. Objects were horizontal and you can hear them projecting from right to left at high speed. Josh makes a final decision to get the other team members out of the area and feels if these events were caused by a Bigfoot then it was time to go.

NOTE: sounds like a coyote to me...really hard to hear.

Bigfoot Hiding In Strategic Position
Statement: ubel2012 of South Western Ohio Bigfoot present's Bigfoot Hiding In Strategic Position's. Here is the first 27 second's of "Bigfoot Face And Vocalization Full Quality HD Version". Since many viewer's are having a hard time seeing the Bigfoot Clan Member's I claim I have recorded, I thought I would start breaking the video down and slowing them down to 1/8th of regular speed. There is several Bigfoot in this clip. There is at least 3-5 straight ahead, at least 2 on left and 3-4 on my right(that I can find) I believe there is more that are hiding better, these are only the one's that were within view of the camera and myself. However I did not see one of them, nor did I knowingly hear any movement or vocalization's they let out. I had no idea anything was around me until I stepped inside the Large Structure I had found one week prior. When we initally found the Large Structure as we approached it we kept hearing movement behind us and did hear vocal's that day. That video is called "Possible Formation With Movement Around Us". That video was taken my 2nd or 3rd time ever conducting field research and first time ever in this area. I Believe I recorded at least one Bigfoot behind us that day also. That video is called "possible still's of a creature" There is other video's showing what appear's to a head turn called "possible bigfoot with a head turn from older video". Hope everyone enjoy's as I believe this is some real good evidence, if in fact I am recording Real Bigfoot Clan Member's, Their Vocal's, footstep's, Tree Breaking and/or Knocking, trail's and structure's/formation's, which I believe 100% I am.

NOTE: wow...I had to chuckle a bit when I read the statement. Anyway, another example of 'seeing Bigfoot everywhere'. Hey, if you think I'm being too hard on these videographers, witnesses and investigators, just LMK...Lon