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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Unknown Humanoid Encountered at Indiana Lake

I recently came across the following account:

One evening back in high school, a couple of friends and myself drove out to a very rural spot to get stoned and hang out. There wasn’t a lot to do in my small hometown in rural Indiana, so these “country cruises,” as we called them, to random locations was normally the highlight of our weekend. There were lots of these spots that we frequented, some more secluded then others.

We decided to go to a spot known as “Green Valley.” It was a public lake and fishing area, so it technically closed at dark. Not that it mattered because there isn’t a gate, and cops rarely came there. Plus there is a lot of Jeep trails that lead back into the woods, so if you’re in a 4 wheel drive vehicle, (which we were) it is fairly easy to find a spot to park and be hidden from view.

By the time we had arrived it was nearly dark. So we pulled into the main area of the lake, drove around the back side, and entered the woods via Jeep trail. It had been raining a few days before. The trails were muddy even without rain, and had deep ruts in some spots from past visitors who were there “mudding.” (Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, we drove big trucks and jeeps through mud pits in the attempt to get the vehicle as dirty as possible. Like I said VERY small town). We didn’t want to get stuck, so we stayed relatively close to the entrance of the trail.

We drove back far enough to be hidden from view, killed the Jeep, turned on the radio, and proceeded to roll up a few joints. My two girlfriends and I smoked and talked and laughed about meaningless random things. We were having a good time, when suddenly something hit the hood of my Jeep. Not loudly, but enough to make me look in the direction of the noise. I rolled the window down, but didn’t hear or see anything, and my friends seemed to not notice.

I continued our conversation when a few moments later another small ting sound came. This time on the windshield, and my friends heard it as well. After they questioned what the noise was, I decided to be the brave one and investigate. I assumed it was most likely acorns or walnuts falling from the trees overhead. I turned on the headlights, opened the door, and stepped out. After looking at the hood of my Jeep, I noticed a small grey rock lodged near the windshield wipers. I picked it up and showed them. We immediately recognized the rock. The front parking lot of the lake was made entirely of them.

I quickly climbed back into my Jeep and rolled up the window. Assuming someone was messing with us, we decided it was time to pack it up and head out. (Lots of meth heads around the area, and we were not trying to get robbed or stabbed in the woods by one). I started the Jeep, turned off the radio, (I know I’m not the only one who turns down the car radio when treacherous situations arise) and began to carefully navigate down the short trail towards the back of the lake.

All of sudden we were barraged with rocks, much larger than the initial ones. All hitting the driver's side of my vehicle. I would have been pissed but right as I let out my initial “What the f*ck?!” We heard a sound I’ll never forget. I’ll never do the sound justice, as it’s almost impossible to explain. It was a loud “roar.” The only thing that’s ever came remotely close to it for me, was when I heard a male lion roar at a feline sanctuary I visited with my husband years later. It was full of base, and lasted roughly 7 seconds or so. It was also fairly close.

It was time to get the hell out of there. I floored it.

We had almost reached the trail entrance and I was driving way too fast, when suddenly something slammed into the side of my Jeep. Hard enough to make me fishtail a bit, followed by the same sound we heard the first time, only higher pitched. Almost like it had been injured. I slammed on the breaks, and the typical panicked conversation began between us. You know the one. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? DID WE HIT A DEER? THAT WASN'T A DEER! OH SHIT! LETS GO!

I quickly continued down the trail and was finally in view of the lake, when my friend in the backseat started screaming, “LOOK! LOOK!” My friend in the front seat and I looked out of my driver's side window to see a “man” running through the woods towards the lake. I only say man because it most definitely was on two legs, and had the shape of a person. Only this person was moving at an unnatural speed through deep mud and trees and thorn bushes. And their proportions seemed to be greatly off. Longer arms and legs with an average torso.

We watched in silence as the man reached the edge of the lake, bent over and began running on “all fours” using his hands, and leaped into the water. This was early October and while it wasn’t freezing, the water was definitely ice cold.

We got the hell out of there. Drove 70 mph on the back roads until we reached town. At the first gas station we pulled over and got out of the Jeep. There was a small dent near the back end on the drivers side. I lied to my parents and said I had backed into a pole. We decided it was best to not tell anyone, as we didn’t want to sound insane. But every time I looked at the dent, I thought about it.

I went back to that area multiple times during high school. Never saw anything. But through the years I heard of others seeing peculiar things there, including one story of a group of kids seeing a man shoot himself while sitting in his car, went to call the cops and came back to find nothing. BF

NOTE: The location where the witness states this occurred was Green Valley Mine Pond, Sugar Creek Township, IN. It's located in west central Indiana (Vigo County) near the border with Illinois. Was this a Bigfoot or another undetermined humanoid? Lon

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