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Friday, October 04, 2019

High Strangeness: Watched by MIBs / Something Landed Behind the Barn

“One day my two friends and I were out late on the levee (in Stockton, California) and we saw a bright "star" (it looked like a star) orbiting the sky VERY fast. As we watched, it stopped in mid-air. Then five more "stars" appeared. That's when we realized they weren't stars, they were lights; lit up on what looked to be a UFO, and that's when we started panicking. But then the UFO turned into a white cloud, then pink, then blood red and it vanished into thin air. We literally ran out of that levee and I went to hang with my best friend and told her everything. I thought it would be just a memory at that point, so I went home and fell asleep.

I woke up to the bell ringing very early the next morning and when I went to look, I saw a man in a black suit with a briefcase at my door. I thought he was just someone trying to sell me something. I was just annoyed. It was so early. So I waited until he left but he wouldn't leave, he was just staring into my house like a mannequin for, like, 5 minutes straight. I wanted to see if he had a car but when I looked out the window, I noticed there was five more of the men outside my house, just staring at it blankly. My heart skipped a beat. I was freaked out, so I was for sure dialing the police at this point. But as soon as I started dialing, they looked at me at the exact same second. I don't even know how they saw me through the little crack I was watching them from. They stared at me coldly for a few moments then, again, at the exact same time, they walked away and got into their car. They all watched me, even the driver as he was driving away. I never spoke of it since. This is real and it's terrifying. Ever since then I always feel like I'm only safe in my room with my windows closed and locked up. I feel like they watch my house.” OD


“I had an encounter in the mid 2000s out on my Nanny and Papo's property near Chicago. It was around 8:30 PM because my Nanny was about to watch the WGN news. My Uncle left and said keep an eye on my roosters cause the coyotes were out. My Uncle leaves. Well, just a few minutes later, I could hear the roosters in an uproar, so I grabbed a spotlight and headed down to the barn. I'm standing down there kinda looking up at the sky and I can see what looks like a satellite pass over, so I used my spotlight and kinda flashed the satellite three or four times. As soon as I did that, I'm looking forward, towards the barn, and this craft-of-some-kind, appears right above the trees towards the back of the barn, which is nothing but woods. This thing made no noise. It had this iridescent color around it and it had two big beams of light on the bottom of it. It was like it appeared from another dimension with the beams of light on. And it just slowly comes down into the woods. Now I'm not a scientist or mathematical wizard but the way that thing came down was if gravity didn't exist. It was so slow but so smooth, with no noise or anything. And it was gone, maybe in the woods or in the field back there but I damn sure wasn't going to look. I ran back up to the house and my Nanny says, 'Son you look like you seen a ghost.' I told her and Papo what I saw and drew a picture of it and everything. Craziest thing I've ever seen.” RB


"So I worked at the gas station in my small town in Texas and there was this tall pale bald customer who came to the store almost every day and buy the same thing. He seemed different obviously and when he looked at me it felt like he was in my mind and I just knew something was off. He was bald, blue eyes and for some reason I still can't remember if or what color his eyebrows were?! But long story short he spoke regular, drove a creepy white van and just had a weird alien vibe to him. I no longer work or live there so I cannot give you an update.” BZ

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