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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Russian Boy Encounters a 'Leshy'

I recently came across the following interesting account:

I live in Russia. The official religion is now Christian, but earlier there was Yazichestvo or Slavic Paganism. In that religion there a lot of Gods. Usually they have one property or work. Also, there are a lot of other creatures, such as Леший (Leshiy), “Les” means forest, “hiy” means “live in here”.

When I was young, in the summer I lived in my grandparent's summer house located in countryside surrounded by pine forest, about 100 km from Moscow. I was about 13 when that happened. It was a really boring summer. I had nothing to do, so I decided to make contact with some creatures of Yazichestvo. I had that book, where main Gods and creatures were listed, plus I had Internet. So I did some research and found out that Leshiy was the best choice, because there are a lot of old forest near me.

Some words about Leshiy. He is protector of the forest. He lives in here like some kind of politician and rules the forest. He can change form, make himself invisible and turn into old man with white greenish beard. He can be evil and good, depends on people, how they treat forest and how they act. Also, he likes presents and treats, such as tobacco, rye bread and candy.

So I took candy, walked into forest, found some cut tree, placed candy on it and said loudly something like “Леший, Леший, я принёс тебе гостинцев, возьми их.”, that translates like “Leshiy, Leshiy, I brought to you some treats, take them”.

I stay there for a little trying to hear something, but instead I spotted some movement in corner of my eye. I saw darkish translucent figure to the left of me, about 50 cm tall, that was running behind me. While it was running it was growing taller and taller. I almost sh*t myself, started running out of the forest, while that figure ran over to the place when I placed candy. Few seconds later, I heard explosion. Very loud! It was a tree, that he probably fell to the ground. I stopped near the exit from the forest and stared toward that fallen tree. It falls exactly at that place when I was standing. I ran out of the forest to my house, locked the door and never went to that forest again.

I have few questions about that situation:

- Does somebody know what was that creature is? There are some analogies outside Western Europe.

- What did I do wrong so it got mad at me and tried to kill me? Even though they like treats and I was doing everything to please him.

- Maybe someone had similar experience? I’d love to hear your story. - Pixe1one

NOTE: In the west, these beings are known as 'Leshy.' Supposedly, it is a male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild animals and forests. You can read more at LESHY – Slavic Demon And A Caring Spirit Of The Forest. Lon

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