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Monday, July 31, 2017

The 'Emu People'

"In 2014 I took my three daughters and our dog to a pet-friendly set of cabins down in Nannup in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. We were only staying for one night and were planning on visiting the caves on our way back up to Perth the next day. That night we shared a room with two bunk beds and the dog slept on the floor between the beds. I remember feeling a strange tingling energy covering me as I was falling asleep, but was too sleepy to rouse any curiosity.

Some time through the night I woke up and went to the window feeling strangely calm as though in some trance state but definitely awake. Approaching the window were three tall skinny beings with what looked like Emu heads. Their bodies were human like but covered in the same sparse black plumage that you normally see on an emu's neck. The closest one was already at the window and was trying to climb in. I remember calmly but firmly saying no because I didn't want them in the room with my girls. I remember that they insisted on coming in, though I can't remember our method of communication. It may have been telepathic. I don't remember anything after that. When we woke the next day I walked around to the outside of the same window but could not inspect it because it was too high off the ground. These beings had to be at least seven ft to be able to stand at the height they did at the window.

I've been looking for bird-headed being encounters online ever since but haven't found any until this video. Thanks so much for validating my experience! Forgot to add....the dog didn't react at all, which is unlike her, she's a great guard dog. It didn't make sense that these beings were coming through a window which had fly screen, (they had to be able to pass through it, but if they could do that, why bother with a window?) My own calmness with what was happening didn't make sense either. I was definitely awake, yet not freaking out, which is what I would expect of myself in a normal waking state. I wanted to pass it off as a dream but it was too real, too clear, and nightmares don't usually stop me from returning to a place. I won't be taking my tribe back there any time soon."

Source: Youtube comments, Lana

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