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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Couple Abducted At Home

I was recently given permission to publish the following account:

Hello Sir - the information I am about to disclose to you can be published, but my identity and personal data must be kept anonymous. You may contact me through my email, if you have further questions.

I will begin by stating that I am a public servant in the American political establishment. Because this story is a sensitive issue to me and my family, I ask you to be discreet. I have been a subscriber to your publication for several years and I am confident that we can trust you. I hope our story will benefit your continued research.

In the Spring of 1996, my wife and I were newlyweds and we were living in a townhouse in my hometown. One night, we had just gone to bed, approximately 10:45 PM. After laying in bed for a few minutes, I heard an odd 'humming' coming from the upstairs hallway. I asked my wife if she heard it, and she acknowledged that she had. When we looked towards the open bedroom door, the hallway started to lighten with a blue hue. As we watched, the bedroom door began to close. Then a large oval-shaped blue light appeared on the bedroom wall near me. At that point, we both must have gone unconscious. This is the last we remember of any activity in the bedroom.

The next moment that I remember was becoming conscious, but feeling dull pain throughout my body. I was laying flat on my back on a table of some sort, and as I looked around I couldn't distinguish anything other than a faint blue light filling a large room. I immediately began to worry about my wife. I started to yell out, but was quickly silenced by something placed in and over my mouth. My head was then secured and immobile. I could not see anyone or anything around me, but I was having difficulty breathing and soon blacked out.

I once again became conscious, but this time I was on my back in a reclining chair. I was strapped in, but able to move my head. Again, I didn't see anyone or anything. My mouth and tongue were numb and the only sounds I could utter were moans. I have no idea how much time spent in the reclining chair, but it seemed like many hours. I was deeply concerned about my wife's status and what was happening to me. The room was somewhat smaller than the previous room and barely lit. I must have fallen asleep, because the next moment I remember was waking and seeing 3 tall lanky beings standing around the chair.

These beings must have been 7-8 ft. in height and were very thin in the body, with long thin legs and arms. The hands had 4 long fingers with no nails. Their heads were about the size of an adult human but similar in shape to the Grey aliens normally seen in your newsletter. They had the same large black almond-shaped eyes and their coloring was very pale. They were wearing a light blue spandex-like material that covered the body, arms and legs. I also noticed an odor while in their presence, similar to strong garlic.

The chair reclined back and I was once again flat on my back. One of the beings was looking through a device that was suspended over my groin. I felt intermittent stabbing pain in my testicles during the examination. This continued for a few minutes. Then a another being place a plastic-like covering over my face. That is the last moment I remember in the presence of the beings.

The next moment I remember after this ordeal was me waking in my bed at home. I quickly looked over towards my wife, who was sleeping soundly. I woke her, but she was very groggy and her skin was cold to the touch. I held her in my arms until she began to respond to me. Her skin was warming back to normal. She looked up at me and asked if I was feeling okay. Then she began to cry and became inconsolable. After a while she calmed down, but she was distraught. We both got out of bed and walked downstairs.

Both of us stumbled through that day, barely speaking to each other. I stayed home from work, because I felt weak and I was worried about my wife. Later that evening, we sat down in the living room and talked about the incident.

After telling her about what I had endured, she responded by saying that she had a similar experience. She felt that the beings had removed tissue from her body and that she was very concerned. We both had examined ourselves, and neither of us noticed any marks or scars. In fact, neither of us had any pain, but we were both very exhausted.

A few days after this incident, we both received physical examinations and blood work. The results were not unusual, except my wife was slightly anemic and my testosterone level was low. In 1998 through 1999, my wife was able to conceive and deliver our son. He was born perfectly normal.

We have not experienced any further incidents. But we are both aware of what occurred and still fearful that we, and our son, may one day be abducted in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my statement.

NOTE: I received this account a few weeks ago, and just recently received a follow-up email. I have been given full permission to post the information provided above. Lon

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