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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Alien Encounter in Reno -- Shark in Lake Tahoe? -- Machete Wielding Clown

Alien Encounter in Reno

Reno, NV - 1983-12-20 - 1:45AM:

Before Recall:
Driving home early morning @ 1:30 am or so. Going very slowly on McCarran Blvd in Reno, NV. Car did a 360 on black ice, we were going very slowly, and my friend was learning to drive in ice like this. We came to a stop in the middle of the 2 lanes (one way had 2 lanes each). We saw two blue saucer/discs darting around in the sky. We had no conversation about it but just looked. I knew/felt they recognized me and it occurred to me they would come. Unbelievably, they both darted down and landed very fast in the empty lot beside us where Raley's and a shopping center is now. At the time there was a large depression/hole in the lot. I started to say that I wanted to go over and look but I was much too frightened and shaking. My state was of complete terror with heavy breathing. I heard both car doors click closed very quietly. I noticed the car was neatly parked on the side of the street, instead of in the middle of the lanes. She just drove me home and we didn't talk about it. When she dropped me off it was about 4:30 am and I asked if she would be home in time to which she replied yes, her husband was watching the children and when she got home, she would take over for him to go to work. Every time I tried to pay attention to the time, in the days ahead I couldn't think further on it. This was to the point where I couldn't put it together that I should have been home at 2:00 am -- at the latest, not 4:30 am. Every time I tried to speak to her about the blue discs darting around, she would get mad at me and not speak on it.

After Recall:
I was listening everyday, many times a day, to weight loss hypnosis CDs. Then, one day, suddenly I had recall of the event. I had said to my friend that I wanted to go and take a look, but I was much to scared to do it. One jumped up on the car hood and windshield on my side. I said, it's too late, they are already here. I put my head down to not look at it. Telepathically, it kept telling me to look at it, to which I was resisting and saying no, keeping my head down and not looking. I heard my friend shriek in terror. There was another one that went over to her side and she saw it out the window. Telepathically, the one on the windshield in front of me told me to calm her. I took her hand and said I had been through this before and even though it is awful and scary, I could let her know that for sure, we would be ok, no matter what happened. Finally, I succumed to the more and more insistant demands that I look at it. I did so and it was so terrifying to look at that ugly thing and realize it had intelligence. It was all gray. I think it had gray clothing on. It's face was so ugly with hairs sticking out around the mouth I was in horror. It was a type of typical Gray. It took hold of me, mind-controlled/hypnotised at this point. The next thing I recalled was it telling me to watch my step as we walked across the uneven, dirt and weed lot. So, I looked where I stepped. It was off to my left. I could hear my friend walking too, to the right. I looked up to see the ship. It was the basic shape, I believe it was landed and a light shining from its center, bottom to the ground. I was wanting to keep track of my friend and protect her. I was hoping she would go up some stairs into the ship and I could watch her that way. So, I asked "where are the stairs?" The one with me was affectionate and amused by my questions and simply said "there are none." I remember some of the ship. Its interior was made of black metal with holes in it. There were different colored lights above the doors. I remember walking on the metal. I remember what appeared to be a computer room with many grays in white lab coats checking the monitors and digital readouts.

After recall I realized with telecommunication between us that possibly I could contact it telepathically, which I did. I asked why did you take me. I asked a couple of more questions. Every answer was "It's none of your business." This is outrageous.

I am traumatized to this day about what happened. I can hardly ride in a car as a passenger without flashbacks of complete horror & terror. I know I have been visited before and probably abducted. My art changed when I was young to only being able to draw the big black eyed grays. I didn't know they existed then. I recall one night where a huge light was outside in my semi-rural home's driveway. I knew it was them, I was instructed telepathically or induced to lie down. I went to bed, I was alone. I remember them entering and pulling on my toe and saying, she's ready. I must have been in trance again because I didn't move, or think much more about it.

I am afraid I have been brain chipped and I don't know what for. I have heard a radio communication from inside -- only once. I was asked "Mary turned you in because..." and then they waited for my response (telepathically) or inside my brain, it is hard to describe.

It's ok to use my story as pleased. I am sorry I have no physical proof, indeed, even a fellow abductee who will not speak of it. I want to help. You're right, if it is secret, it can't be up to any good. I was phsycologically damaged against my will.. These are not ok, or good things. - MUFON CMS


Cats Disappearing in Texas

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A dozen neighborhood cats have recently died or disappeared in downtown Arlington, and many business owners are turning to police for help because they suspect foul play.

“These cats of Main Street had a home,” said Sarah Hughes, who works nearby.

A long row of white crosses covers two streets along Main Street in Arlington. Each cross represents a feral cat that has either gone missing or has been found dead in recent weeks. Hughes stopped next to a cross with the word “missing” crossed out. It has been replaced with “R.I.P.”

“This was one of our missing momma cats,” Hughes explained. “We found her deceased under one of these businesses.”

For more than a decade, the community of business owners and employees along Main Street has cared for the colony of feral cats that call the area home. They make sure that the cats have plenty of food and water. And, through its trap-neuter-return program, the Friends of Arlington Animal Shelter has also ensured that the cats are vaccinated and spayed or neutered.

Hughes said that the cats even provide a service to their community — helping keep the rodent population down.

But, in the past two weeks, the cats have stopped coming around to their food bowls. Neighbors have reported finding a dozen of them dead, and many more missing. Suspecting foul play, one business owner filed a police report.

Neighbors said that threats had previously been made by someone in the community. Hughes said, “Something to the effect of ‘What would you do if your cats came up missing or dead?'”

Neighbors also noticed that the food in their cat bowls had recently been switched out. It may have been tampered with. “I’m pretty sure they’re poisoning them. Either putting rat poison or antifreeze — which is really easy to get,” Hughes said.

With less than a handful of cats left — perhaps just two — the group who cares for them is afraid that they will continue having to add crosses to an already long row on Main Street.

“Why would someone even do that? I mean, they weren’t bothering anybody,” Hughes said. “They’re well taken care of.”

This community of downtown Arlington neighbors has started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for a large reward. It is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of whoever is responsible for killing the cats. CBS 11 News is also waiting to hear back from the Arlington Police Department regarding this case.


Machete Wielding Clown

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Police in North Carolina say a man with a machete chased a person wearing a clown mask into the woods near an apartment complex.

A statement from police in Greensboro, North Carolina, says officers responded to a 911 call Tuesday from an apartment complex, where a witness reported seeing a person wearing a clown mask, red curly wig, yellow spotted shirt, blue clown pants and clown shoes coming out of the woods.

Spokeswoman Susan Danielsen said another witness wielding a machete chased the person, who disappeared into the woods. Officers searched the area, but couldn’t find anyone matching the description. She says no children were involved in the incident.

There have been unconfirmed reports of clowns trying to lure children into the woods in Winston-Salem and in Greenville, South Carolina.


Ducks Dying in Denver

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Ducks are dying at Exposition Park in Aurora and nearby residents were concerned for their safety. City officials, however, were not aware of any issue that could be causing the die-off.

“To be honest, it smells like straight sewage,” said Anthony Ross, a conservationist who lives in the area.

“Wildlife is dying. There’s something going on in there,” Ross said of the ponds in the park.

Ross, who just moved to the area, took photos of dead ducks that he found near the water in the last week.

“Five total now,” Ross said.

CBS4’s Melissa Garcia and photojournalist Mark Neitro went to the park on Tuesday and spotted three more dead ducks.

Ross said that the trash, stench, and dead animals in the ponds have him worried.

“The community should have a safe and clean place to bring their families,” Ross said.

Officials confirmed that the city uses the pond water to water the park’s grass.

“I don’t want my kids running through that,” commented Ross. “It doesn’t seem too healthy. I got some splashed on my skin, and it started burning.”

The city tests the park water periodically and had not seen an increase in toxins.

“We have not seen any increase in any contaminants in the water that would be a concern to that point,” said Greg Baker, a spokesperson for Aurora Water.

In addition to being a place of recreation and wildlife, Expo Park has a vital purpose as a storm drainage collection area.

Back in 2013, heavy rains flooded the park. And that’s exactly what the city designed it for.

“The intention behind that is, the water has to go someplace in an urban environment. It’s better it come here where we can control it than into the houses that are frankly just on the border of this park,” Baker said.

“I think (the city) has good intentions. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much they can do in the way of street-side trash in the drainage, the way it’s set up,” said Chad Huartson, who goes to the park every other day to play disc golf.

After the number of dead birds found in the park recently, Baker said that the city would be looking into the issue to try to determine what could be causing the die-off.

It was unknown if the cause could be a disease spread from one bird to another, or something else that was making the birds sick.


Shark in Lake Tahoe?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —It had never been done before. But, a Northern California man dedicated to finding Lake Tahoe's deep-water secrets finally recorded video from the deepest points of the lake.

A particular image Chase Petley captured during one of his adventures has researchers scratching their heads.

Petley started his quest to bring back the first video from the depths of Lake Tahoe after driving by the lake and then searching online for underwater images.

When he found nothing, Petley went to work. He built a submersible casing that allows him to drop a GoPro camera a quarter-of-a mile deep to see what lies at the bottom of Lake Tahoe.

Petley began working the waterproof device to house the camera and a powerful custom LED light about a year ago. The casing had to be capable of withstanding the pressure at Lake Tahoe's deepest points.

"I'm looking for anything that is interesting. I'm looking for wildlife. I'm looking for beautiful landscapes," Petley said. "I'm just looking for anything that would get people interested in Lake Tahoe."

Petley often relies on volunteers to take him out and peek down at different points.

When KCRA went along, the Edmonds, who spend summers on the lake, took everyone out after hearing about Petley on Facebook.

"There are so many stories about what's at the bottom of Lake Tahoe and what's in here. And to have a camera go down and show us, I'm on board,” Leslie Edmonds said. “I want to know what's going on."

As the boat got closer to the crook in the Nevada-California state line, a pin was placed on the GPS so Petley knew where exactly he was dropping the camera into the lake.

"Ready, everyone? Here we go!" Petley yelled as he dropped the missile-shaped device overboard and let it fall to the bottom of the lake.

The capsule is attached to a football-sized reel of cable, and it unrolled as the capsule sank to the bottom of the lake.

"So, it's going to be going down this fast for a while," Petley explained.

Here the lake is more than a quarter-of-a-mile deep. The camera records the whole way down. The images become a darker blue as the sunlight disappears. It is so deep, it takes more than 4 minutes for the camera to travel to the bottom.

Finally, the camera hit the bottom. The images don’t look too impressive at the end of the line – a muddy lake bed – but it’s still an achievement. The video was recorded at one of the deepest points of Lake Tahoe ever seen by humans.

Other submersibles and scuba divers have brought back underwater video and pictures, but the images were from shallower points in the lake.

The University of Northern Illinois tried to examine the fault line at the bottom of the lake 3 years ago, but they never made it because of technical problems.

Researchers and historians said to they believe Petley is the first to record video from some of the lake's deepest levels.

"It's always exciting because every time we do it, everything's new," Petley said.

At 22 miles long and 12 miles wide, the first drop is just one location -- and Petley is anxious to explore more.

Lake Tahoe's water may be renowned for its clarity, but at its depths it still holds many mysteries and lore: Are there mob grave sites? Unidentified creatures? Underwater tunnels connecting it to other lakes?

Petley doesn’t have a live video feed from the camera while it is on the lake bed, so it’s basically a blind dive. He and his team never know what the camera recorded until it is reeled in and the video is uploaded to his laptop.

Before the second drop of the day, Petley's crew added a glow stick and a can of sardines hoping it might attract wildlife at the bottom.

"Camera is on. Light is on," Petley said as he reexamined his equipment before dropping it overboard.

Again the camera hit the lake bed, the camera recorded video and then the entire device was pulled to the surface.

On the video, there’s more mud. Then. Something swam by the lens. With the silt partially blocking the view, it is impossible to identify what kind of fish it was.

Chase Petley captured this image of a fish at the bottom of Lake Tahoe. While it moves like a shark, experts said it could be a large trout.Courtesy of Chase Petley
On a previous dive Petley's camera recorded a white-bellied fish with a large round mouth swimming by the lens. The way the fish moved raised some eyebrows.

"We found a large fish while we were videotaping at 1,100 feet, and we don't know exactly what it is," Petley explained.

One fish researchers said it looked "remarkably shark-like" but believed it was a large lake trout.

After reviewing the image, researchers at UC Davis noted the fish swam with a shark like motion and some of the visible fins and mouth shape resembled a bull shark. A bull shark, the researcher noted, would not be able to survive in Tahoe's cold waters.

The researchers concluded it is most likely a large lake trout and that the image maybe distorted by the angle, lighting and water.

Petley is hoping to expand and refine his project to explore more of the lake bed and to see if he can find species that have yet to be identified.

"I definitely think there are species or life at the bottom of Tahoe that we don't know about," Petley said.

He hopes to ultimately answer many of the questions about what lies below Lake Tahoe’s surface. - What's swimming in Lake Tahoe's depths?


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