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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bizarre Canine Witnessed in NW Minnesota

Skip in Minnesota called in to tell of his weird creature sighting:

“The reason I called is, I did run into a species up in north western Minnesota about a year ago and I have no idea what this thing was. On I-94, I was driving up and it was a... it kinda looked like a larger wolf, you could say, but it was a little higher than waist high from his back, I would say. It had a very muscular wider rear end. But it had three piece legs where it kind of went back and then it came down at an angle and then the third knuckle went straight forward where his foot was and all four legs were designed like that. When he turned and looked at me and we're talking, this thing had to have been.. this thing took up the whole lane of the highway, standing there. And when it turned its face, it had high ears but its face, it had a bald face and there was no nose. No nose. It had a human-like mouth but it was kind of deformed on one side but it had a human-like mouth. And this thing just stood there.

I was in a rig at the time and the rig didn't even faze him. He just turned and looked right at me and I'm looking at this thing and there's no nose. It was flat. It had like regular eyes. It had, you know, the large mouth. But I have not... It had really scraggly hair on it. Light brown hair. I have no idea what this thing was. (the guest Paul Bartholomew asks if it was on all fours) Yes, it was on all fours and the legs were not like a wolf leg or a dog leg or anything like that. It was a three piece leg. The hind was very muscular. It looked like something like a panda bear – the back of a panda bear, is what it looked like. And the leg kinda came back, you know, went back and then came back forward down and then another stretch at the third knuckle, it was probably about a foot and half long where it went to the paw. This thing kinda walked really funny on all fours and you know, I noticed that right away as it was crossing the road. Like, that's not a wolf. Geez, this isn't anything I've ever seen before. And then when it stopped and turned and looked at me and had a bald face, you know, it had the dark brown eyebrows and it had really kinda long wide eyes. And there was no nose that I could see.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - September 19, 2016

Transcribed by JLB

NOTE: Interesting enough, I recently received a similar report from a witness in North Carolina. The PLI team will be going there in November to investigate this sighting...which has been seen several times and has left print evidence. Lon

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