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Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Daughter's Friend

I found this narrative in an old report file last evening:

My journey with alien beings began in 1989. My daughter was 2 yrs old then. Let me tell you a little about her - she was a very mentally advanced baby. Communication was no problem with her. Not only could she talk in complete sentences, she would use words beyond a 2 yr old's vocabulary and knew the meanings. I believe that she could have been, what they now call, an 'Indigo Child.' Around this time she developed an imaginary playmate named Kaney. Like most children's imaginary friends there would be spots set at the table for her, asking her what she'd like from menus, saying good night to her, etc. - just as if there was another child around. She was so serious about Kaney. Sometimes I would really wonder about all this. Why this sudden friend? She's not the only child and has lots of family around.

The odd thing was, my daughter told me that Kaney scared her, I would ask why and she said "cause she looks like a monster, like she's wearing a mask", and at night it would scare her when Kaney would come out of the closet. One morning she had told me of a very vivid dream she had which Kaney had come to her and took her and her brother up to the 'station.' She said my son doesn't like Kaney or going with them. She said it kind of burns your feet when you go up, but she likes to go because she can see all the kids there. She also said it's fun when they let you float and that the 'station' is purple inside. I'm thinking she's had a very lucid dream and an interesting imagination.

One day while doing dishes and my daughter behind me playing there was a loud knocking on the door upstairs. No one was home that day other than the two of us - it was knocking in groups of threes. I asked her if she heard that - she said 'yeah, it's Kaney!' I was very freaked out by this. I finally went up there and no one was there! Around this time my daughter told me Kaney didn't scare her now. Asking why, she replied she took off her mask, and looks normal now! All this continued for about 8 or 9 months and then the day came we went to visit my mom. I was talking to her in the kitchen when I hear my daughter yelling 'MOM! there's Kaney!' I go into the living room and on my mother's coffee table sits the book 'Communion' and my daughter happily pointing at the cover saying 'look its Kaney.'

I thought what in the world. My expression must had said it all. My mother just looks at me and nonchalantly says take it home and read it. I kept saying 'what is it?' Her reply was to just read it. So I did just that - it shook my foundations to say the least. While reading it, I had noticed similar experiences with my children - my family, my life. I was terrified!

I've always been an open-minded person and even believed in life elsewhere, but I was unaware of alien abductions. At the same time I was becoming so aware of what my life and all the strange experiences I've ever had and where it was leading. But the biggest awareness was about children and how they experience abductions. Young children haven't been conditioned to believe by what society thinks we should believe. So when you think a child is just full of imagination and stories of make-believe, one day you may wake up to a true reality check! Anonymous

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