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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

'...he wants you'

I received the following narrative about 4 years ago:

Hi Lon, I have been receiving your newsletter for a few months. I am writing you about a personal experiences and would like you to contact me to discuss. You have my permission to publish with a few conditions.

I grew up in a large two story house in Georgia (I want to keep the location private). I lived there from the time I was three years old until I was in my late twenties. As long as I could remember I experienced plenty of weird things. Many times I heard my name being called nearby and at a distance as well as being touched.

My family also experienced a variety of strange events. My mother told me that her and my father would hear doors slam downstairs at night. When they would go and investigate all the doors were wide open just as they had left them before they went to bed.

One night just before bedtime, my sister and I were in the living room listening to music when I noticed my sister get up from her chair and walk towards the stairs. Suddenly she started to scream and ran to our mother in the kitchen. I quickly ran after her. She said that a "pale old man" was gliding down the stairway. My sister was absolutely terrified, so much so that she urinated on herself and could not stop shaking. Not long after this incident I started experiencing strange phenomena.

One night I had a particular dream in which I was standing at the bottom of the stairs next to an elderly man. He was wearing overalls and a blue flannel shirt. His hair and face were very neat but his skin was a very pale gray. He was staring straight ahead and didn't seem to notice I was standing there. My next impression was me standing at the top of the stairs when I started to hear footsteps going towards my bedroom door. Suddenly I woke up and realized that I had been dreaming, but I continued to hear the footsteps getting closer to my bedroom door. I know for a fact that I was awake. I waited for whatever it was that was getting closer to my door to open it. Then suddenly something picked up my long hair and tossed it over my right shoulder. I jumped out of bed just stared at the bed. There was a voice calling my name and fading as I heard the same footsteps move away from my bedroom. I went to the door and slowly opened it. There was a terrible stench in the hallway so I closed the door and went back to bed.

A few years later my boyfriend at the time needed a place to stay so he moved in with us and slept in my old bedroom. One day I was downstairs in the living room watching TV. My boyfriend, who was in his bedroom, came running downstairs. He came into the living room and quickly dropped to his knees. As he looked up at me he appeared to be in shock. His hands then covered his face and he started to shake violently. After a few minutes of me prodding him for an explanation, he finally told me that he had been sitting on the bed watching TV when a young woman with long blond hair wearing a white shroud-like dress appeared and sat next to him on the bed.

He froze and looked at her as she continued to look back and smile. He asked her what she wanted and she said "you...he wants you", then she vanished. I never witnessed anyone so scared before. He grabbed me by the hand and led the way back up to his room. I walked into the room first and hoped I wouldn't see a ghost or anything else unusual. He abruptly pulled his belongings out of the drawings, threw it in a laundry bag and stormed out of the house. It may sound cliche but, honestly, I never saw him again.

A few years later, I moved out of the house and got married. We currently live in northwest Ohio. A few months ago we took a trip back to Georgia and to the old house. My mother still lived there.

We decided to stay for a few days not expecting any problems. My mother said that she had not experienced any weird activity for those several years after I had moved out. The week seemed to go smoothly.

A few days after we returned home, my 8-year-old daughter asked me if someone had died in Grandma's house. I looked back at her and said that I wasn't sure and asked "why?" She said that on the last day of the visit, when we were getting ready to leave, she went upstairs to my old bedroom to get something. As she was about to walk out of the room she heard her name being called...when all of a sudden she felt a hard slap on her right leg. She said it hurt so bad that it brought tears to her eyes. She ran down the steps as fast as she could and stayed on the porch until it was time to leave.

Last week I received a telephone call from my mother letting me know that she had decided to sell the house and move in with her friend. I asked if I should come back to Georgia and help her pack and move. She paused a bit, then said not to bother. She had already left the house and was going to sell everything in it. I was somewhat surprised by her statement and asked her why she was doing this. That's when I found out the real story of the house.

When I was three years old, we had moved into the house. At the time, my parents had little money and needed a cheap place to live. My father's employer had recently placed a house up for sale and offered it to my parents at a very reasonable price. The employer provided the financing as well.

A few days after we moved in there was a knock at the door. The elderly gentleman introduced himself to my mother and asked if he could look around because he had grown up there. She agreed and offered the elderly man a cup of coffee or tea but he just shook his head. My mother said he walked to the stairway landing, looked up the stairs, stared for a few seconds....then disappeared! My knees suddenly went weak. My mother never told anyone about the incident and said that she didn't encounter him again until the day after our visit.

The night after we had left for home, my mother was in the upstairs hallway about to enter my old bedroom to do some cleaning. As she grabbed the doorknob she felt a hard slap on her backside. She flung the door open and stumbled into the bedroom. As she looked around she heard a faint voice that started to getting stronger. Sitting on the bed something touched her hair...then a female voice whispered in her ear "he wants you." She hurried out of the bedroom into the hallway and towards the stairs when she noticed the elderly man, smiling and staring back at her.

Within the hour, my mother collected everything she wanted and left the house forever. Samantha

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