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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just the Facts?: Jellyfish-Shaped UFO -- CE4 New Iberia, LA -- Could 'Total Recall' Become Reality?

Jellyfish-Shaped UFO

Auburn, California - 7/14: My friends and I were on a hike on a popular trail in Auburn, California, when we decided to stop and rest about a mile down the trail. There is a rock that protrudes from the mountainside that overlooks most of the canyon and river below that is ideal for photographs and provides a large vantage point of the surrounding mountains.

We were all taking turns doing yoga at this vantage point and taking pictures with an iPhone 4, and reviewing them immediately after. Upon reviewing the clarity of several of the photos that were taken seconds apart, we noticed an unusual object in the sky in one of the photos that did not appear in the pictures taken seconds before and after. The object appears to be a diamond shape with two narrow appendages protruding from the bottom and has a metallic appearance due to the reflection of the sun.

We all climbed as high as we could to see if the object could still be seen with no such luck. There was very little breeze and we saw no further aircraft or any kind of balloon for the duration of the hike. If we had not captured the object in that very brief moment, we would have most likely never seen the object as it made no noticeable sound, left no apparent trail in the sky on a nearly cloudless day, and it disappeared from sight immediately. We are not sure what the object is, but it appears to be large in size due to the focus in the foreground vs the slight blur of the object over the horizon line. - MUFON CMS

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CE4 New Iberia, LA

New Iberia, LA - unedited: Incident occurred at midnight or shortly thereafter, 24 Mar 88. I was driving with a friend who was my passenger. We were going home after visiting friends,and were heading SE on Bull Island Road. We had traveled only a mile or less,when my car left the road and flipped over. I was pinned beneath the wheel,with my hand between the wheel and the dash, with three broken ribs and a broken collar bone found this out at the hospital later. My friend Michelle, cant remember her last name suffered a broken nose. I am not including her as a witness, since she was unconscious and had no knowledge of the encounter.Some time between 2 and 3 hours after the wreck, two passersby came and kicked out the window on my side and got me out. They also pulled Michelle out of the right side. They then called an ambulance, which took us to the hospital.It was events that occurred during the interval from the wreck until our rescue,that I recalled later. I was somehow taken from my car and into a UFO, and then later placed back into the front seat of my car.My hand had been pinned between the steering wheel and the dash. I had on my mothers ring, with a child's birthstone in it. A six foot tall alien man came,got me out of the car, got me aboard his craft by what mechanism I dont know,and cut the ring off my hand. I never got it back.Description of alien Between 510 and 6 tall, well shaped, with shoulder length golden brown hair. Wore white outfit, with formal Japanese-looking top small collar, long sleeves. I dont know if the bottom of the outfit was tight or loose fitting.Impression of craft I have the strong impression that the craft which I never saw from the outside was on the ground right beside my car. Interior of craft is described below.Events on board I underwent surgeries which I dont remember, that removed some muscle tissue from my right upper arm, from shoulder to beginning of forearm. The cut was only two inches, healed without stitches, and left a very light scar. On the inside of the arm, other tissue samples were taken. The marks resulting from this were three dots in a line. Finally, a one inch cut was made under the chin, which healed with a very light almost invisible scar. - MUFON CMS

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India: Army 'mistook planets for spy drones'

India's army reportedly spent six months watching "Chinese spy drones" violating its air space, only to find out they were actually Jupiter and Venus.

Tensions have been high in the disputed Himalayan border area between the two nations in recent years, with India frequently accusing its neighbour of making incursions onto its territory. Things came to a head during a stand-off in April when Chinese troops were accused of erecting a camp on the Indian side of the de facto boundary known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC). By that stage, Indian troops had already documented 329 sightings of unidentified objects over a lake in the border region, between last August and February, according to the Calcutta-based Telegraph.

It quotes military sources as saying the objects violated the LAC 155 times. So, the army called the Indian Institute of Astrophysics to identify the objects. "Our task was to determine whether these unidentified objects were celestial or terrestrial," astronomer Tushar Prabhu told the paper. Only once the objects' movements were noted in relation to the stars were they identified as planets. The Telegraph suggests the sentry ought to be forgiven, with planets appearing brighter as a result of the different atmosphere at altitude and the increased use of surveillance drones. - BBC


Could 'Total Recall' Become Reality?

False memories of an event that never happened have been implanted into the brains of mice in research that could pave the way for technology like that seen in the film Total Recall.

The study also highlights just how inaccurate recollections of the past can occur, an issue that has raised concerns about witness statements in court cases.

Scientists genetically modified mice so that their brain cells produced a light sensitive chemical when they formed new memories.

This allowed them to use flashes of light to alter the way their brains formed memories, making the mice believe they had an experience they had not.

In the film Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger attempts to have false memories about a holiday to Mars implanted into his brain.

While the research, conducted by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is some way from being able to do this, it helps provide an insight into how false memories can form.

Memories of experiences are encoded in the brain by chemical and physical changes within and between neurons that are associated with objects, space and time.

Professor Susumu Tonegawa, senior researcher and neuroscientist at MIT, said the way real memories and false memories form appear to be the same.

"Whether it's a false or genuine memory, the brain's neural mechanism underlying the recall of the memory is the same," he said.

"Humans are highly imaginative animals. Just like our mice, an aversive or appetitive event could be associated with a past experience one may happen to have in mind at that moment, hence a false memory is formed."

The researchers, whose work is published in the journal Science, used a technique known as optogenetics, where a gene for a protein that is sensitive to light is inserted into the DNA of the mice.

This allowed the scientists to turn cells in the hippocampus area of the brain, which is involved in forming memories, on or off by exposing them to light.

By linking this gene to another that is important for the formation of memories, they could encode a memory trace using the light.

The mice were initially placed into a chamber for a day where light was used to label the cells involved in forming a memory of their surroundings.

The following day the mice were placed into a different chamber and given a mild electric shock on their feet.

At the same time, the scientists used light to activate the brain cells that had formed the memory of chamber A.

When the mice were placed back into chamber B, they froze with fear even though they had never received a shock in those surroundings.

The scientists claim this occurred because they were given a shock while reliving the memory of being in the first chamber, allowing a false association to form.

They say something similar could happen in witnesses of crime if they are questioned or asked to give statements in the wrong way.

False-memory syndrome has become an important issue and is leading courts to rely upon forensic evidence rather than eyewitness testimonies.

Steve Ramirez, the lead author on the work, said: "Memory is not a carbon copy, but rather a reconstruction, of the world we've experienced.

"Now that we can reactivate and change the contents of memories in the brain, we can begin asking questions that were once the realm of philosophy.

"Are there multiple conditions that lead to the formation of false memories? Can false memories for both pleasurable and aversive events be artificially created?

“What about false memories for more than just contexts — false memories for objects, food or other mice?

“These are the once seemingly sci-fi questions that can now be experimentally tackled in the lab." - Telegraph



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