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Friday, July 05, 2013

Facts & Influence of Adolf Hitler

More so than the horror of Stalin's soviet state or Mao’s monstrous regime, Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship stands as a paradigm of the 20th century. It reflects unforeseen levels of state repression and violence, unparalleled manipulation of the media to control and mobilize the masses, acute dangers of over-expressed nationalism, the destructive power of ideologies of racial superiority and racism, and a perverted use of modern technology and social engineering. In the past, I have written about the decadence and evil of Hitler and his Nazi co-horts - Gifts From The Master Race...but there are a few more lesser known facts surrounding Adolf Hitler and his influence on the people around him and the modern world:

- Hitler’s longest relationship was with Eva Braun (1912-1945). She tried to commit suicide twice in an attempt to garner more of Hitler’s attention.

- In his last will and testament that he dictated to his secretary Traudl Junge (1920-2002), Hitler stated that “in spite of all set backs” the war “will one day go down in history as the most glorious and heroic manifestation of a people’s will to live.”

- In 2009, DNA tests reveled that the skull fragment long thought to have been Hitler’s is that of an unknown woman under 40. Scientists don’t believe the skull belongs to Evan Braun because she committed suicide by cyanide rather than with a gun.

- Hitler’s unusual medical remedies included enemas and leeches.

- The name “Adolph” means “noble wolf.” Hitler used the pseudonym Herr Wolf early in his career when he wanted to avoided recognition. He named his headquarters “Wolf’s Lair” and “Wolf’s Headquarters” and named his favorite German shepherd puppy “Wolf.”

- Hitler’s father’s name was originally Alois Schicklgruber but changed it to Alois Hitler in 1876, 13 years before Adolf was born. He later said that nothing his father had done had pleased him so much as when he changed his name. It is unclear why he changed his name.

- The name Hitler means “small holder” and appears interchangeably with the names Hiedler, Hietler, Huttler, and Hutler.

- Hitler was a decorated WWI veteran. He received the Iron Cross, Second Class in 1914. He received the Iron Cross, First Class in 1918. He also received the Black Wound Badge on May 18, 1918.

- The phrase “Sieg Heil” was devised by Harvard-educated businessman Ernst Hanfstaengl. Hanfstaengl was impressed by the camaraderie and excitement at Harvard football games and sought to simulate the excitable atmosphere at Hitler’s rallies.

- In 1937, Hitler created a new medal for foreign friends of the Reich called The Cross of the German Eagle Order. The first recipient was American Henry Ford. Hitler admired Ford largely because Ford hated Jews and had bought the newspaper Dearborn Independent to publish anti-Semitic stories. Ford even built Hitler an automobile assembly plant in Berlin.

- In 1937, Carl Jung analyzed Hitler’s handwriting and wrote that it included “typical characteristics of a man with essentially feminine instinct.”

- Hitler’s personal dentist Johannes Blaschke (1881-1959) reported that Hitler had terribly bad breath, abscesses, and gum disease. Hitler dreaded going to the dentist to the point of it being a phobia.

- Biographer August Kubizek reports that a teenage Hitler was obsessed with a young Jewish girl Stefanie Isak. He allegedly stalked her and fantasied about kidnapping and committing suicide with her.

- Historians note that Hitler was terrified of getting cancer and had polyps removed from his vocal chords twice. He also had high blood pressure and chronic gastrointestinal cramps and took massive amounts of a drug to flight flatulence. Additionally, Hitler suffered from hepatitis, which was triggered by blockage around his gall bladder.

- Historians have noted that Hitler’s private physician gave into Hitler’s every demand, which led to Hitler being addicted to pills. For example, Dr. Morell supplied him with the stimulant Pervitin, which is an ingredient in the drug crystal meth. Hitler also supplied his soldiers on the front with the drug. Incidentally, today Pervitin is also called “Hitler speed.”

- Some historians believe Hitler had a son with a French teenager while serving as a soldier during WWI. Hitler is said to have had an affair with a woman named Charlotte Lobjoie, age 16, in June 1917. Their son Jean-Marie Loret died in 1985 at the age of 67. He never met his father, but he did fight the Nazis during WWII.

- Hitler’s regime is often called the Third Reich, or Third Empire. Hitler’s Propaganda Minster Goebbels heavily promoted this terminology. The first Reich was the Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages; the second was the one established by Bismarck.

- A recently opened clothing store in the Indian metropolis of Ahmedabad is named “Hitler.” A swastika dots the letter “i” in Hitler.

- In 2010, parents who named two of their four children Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation lost custody of all four kids. The New Jersey appeals court ruled that putting children into state care had nothing to do with their names, but that there was sufficient evidence of abuse or neglect and prior domestic violence to seize the children.

- Hitler once ordered a team of phrenologists to take measurements of his skull. They concluded that his skull was “just like Napoleon’s” and they had seen “nothing like it since Frederick the Great.” Ironically, when he was on trial earlier in life for attempting to seize the government, a professor of something called “racial hygiene” reported that Hitler’s features demonstrated “bad race, mongrel, low receding forehead, ugly nose, broad cheekbones, small eyes, and dark hair.” - facts.randomhistory.com

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