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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Alien Agenda: Implants, Tumors and Transmitted Diseases

Over the years, I have received reports of alien implanted objects, seeded tumors and the transmission of chronic and terminal diseases. As well, other experiencers were cured of sickness and afflictions by alien beings...including cancer, crippling rheumatoid arthritis and birth defects. So...what is the real alien agenda? Is it simply non discernible experimentation that results in good and bad effects? I am offering a few interesting emails I've collected from readers and others seeking answers:

Hi - This story involves an unidentifiable metal implant found in the cheek of a family member. This was found by Parkland Hospital in Dallas Texas by X-Ray and MRI. This thing, whatever it is, was not something that we were ever previously told about nor was it anything associated with why he was receiving care at Parkland. They noted it several times and did not make any conclusions. Parkland made no mention of this thing to us or him. I discovered the reports of the implanted object after getting his medical files from Parkland from a private physician. The reports simply state there is a "metallic foreign body present in the right cheek". Oddly, the VA hospital in Dallas made no note whatsoever of the object in their MRI or X-Ray reports, yet there are numerous reports in the Parkland files. There is no wound accompanying the metal object. Our relative cannot feel it and did not know it was there.

This was discovered in May 2010 after he fell at home and the EMTs took him to Parkland where extensive testing was done and then approximately four days later he was transferred by ambulance to the VA hospital in Dallas.

He is retired and over the years I have wondered many times if the military implanted something in his body. He never was in battle or explosions but his job in the military was classified. I do know families of military guys who have said civilian hospitals found strange metal implants in such places as the mastoid area of their loved ones.

We really don't know what to think about this or the UFO issues. We just want to know what this thing is and if anyone out there has any information on these implants. At this time we have no idea if it should be included in any surgical removal plan or not. He is old and physically frail now but his mind is clear as a bell, and of course we are wondering if that thing showed up in the films years ago and nobody said anything. I'd like to pull all those records. All of the other metallic items noted on the films such as clamps and wires from heart surgery were correctly and readily identified. Not that thing in his cheek. Please contact me if you have any info. I'd appreciate it very much. Thank you.


sacramento.cbslocal - When Josh Abken told his doctor he was having persistent back pain about a year ago, the doctor took an x-ray.

The Chico-area school vice principal said he was stunned to learn what was growing inside him.

“You think you got a serious muscle pull or something, [but] the doctor has that serious doctor face you see on TV,” Abken said. “They didn’t really know what was growing inside of me.”

They named it Gill: A soccer-ball size “alien” tumor that had become as solid as a rock and even had growing tentacles.

Abken and his family made shirts bearing the motto “Kill Gill,” based on the movie posters for the film “Kill Bill.”

The husband and father of two said doctors told him the giant tumor was beginning to put pressure on his heart, shove his lungs out of position and even squash his stomach downward. It apparently had been growing for at least a decade.

“My kids are pretty young, they knew Daddy had a big ‘owee,’” he said.

Thoracic surgeon Costanzo Di Perna was able to remove the tumor before it killed Abken, but required several hours of surgery before it was all gone.

“Trying to take out this large, calcified tumor, hard like a rock, created a difficult surgical experience,” Dr. Di Perna said.

Abken will continue to receive PET-CT scans to see if the tumor will return, but he has stayed cancer-free for about a year.

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Here is an interesting email I received from a reader in the UK back in January 2009:

"On January 22nd I had a major operation. They opened a 13 centimetre section of my spinal cord and removed a tumour. The doctors say they have never, in thousands of operations, ever seen a tumour like it.

It looks like a salamander and has clearly defined eyes and a tail. I took a picture of it with my cell phone camera.

It may be what was responsible for the weird visions I had of the nature of the universe. Since it was on my spinal cord it was directly attached to my brain.

As I said before, it has what appears to be eyes and a mouth and the doctors reported some hard matter (spine?) in the tail of the creature. It was 8.3 cm long.

I have asked the doctors for hi rez pictures. It has been sent to a lab for testing but results are not expected for 10 days. However, one of the doctors told me the tail seemed to have a bony structure in it. That is not something you would expect to find in a tumour made of nerve cells. Also, you can see what look like eyes. This really is bizarre.

By the way, I feel just fine except for the fact they sawed open my back-bone."


The next three inquiries were sent be readers in late 2010:


I am writing to tell you of what my wife has gone through. She had a tumor between her shoulder blades that she could feel moving under her skin. When the tumor was removed it weighed 30 pounds and had tentacles and was moving on its own. The doctor said it was a lypoma tumor. The only other thing that she was told is that they shipped it to the Mayo Clinic. My wife has had abduction experiences in her past. I am almost 100% certain that the so called tumor that she had was a direct result of those experiences. Thank you very much for the informative post as it has showed the both of us that she is not alone.

Sincerely, EF


Hi there,

I wanted to write and share one of my experiences and perhaps see if anyone knew of anything like it.

I've had so many similar experiences it's difficult to relate them. Especially since, many times, I just get "weirded out" and tired of trying to figure it out, or embarrassed by speaking about something that's happened that no one understands and so I deliberately force myself not to think about it. So here goes!

I had an experience many years ago in broad daylight with my then sister-in-law and many neighbors where we all watched an extremely large UFO for over an hour as it passed over from north to south, from the mountains north of San Bernardino, CA, over Riverside, and continued south. We were sitting on my apartment balcony waiting for our husbands to come home from work one summer day and noticed a strange looking dark cloud in the distance. The sky was clear except for this one huge, dark cloud. We watched as it moved fairly quickly from far to near and tried to figure out why it was there. The appearance, sound, altitude, speed, and direction of movement were all anomalous. It was black as a thundercloud and flashed ocassionally but as it got closer, it was clearly lit from within with a strange pulsing yellow orange light and bright flashes, like lightning but there was no thunder afterwards. It only "hummed" loudly with a very deep resonance. It looked almost identical to a huge storm cloud but at the same time not "normal". From my experience of watching aircraft and falling bodies all day in my skydiving days I would say it was pretty low in the sky, maybe 2000 feet at most. It was surrounded by vapor that roiled around the body and drifted at the edges but never dissipated like a real cloud. The appearance was like an imitation of a cloud, with the exception of the low, loud hum and didn't fit with the weather which was dry, hot, and with just the beginning of the usual evening breeze that blew in from the coast, west to east. We talked and watched the thing along with our neighbors in the complex who stopped to watch also. Some people were pulling into the parking lot from work and as they noticed us staring, they would join us and discuss it too before going about their business. We turned on the news to see if anything was being mentioned since this object was probably the size of a small block and so many were watching it. Nothing ever was reported. It was so strange but at the same time no one seemed at all troubled by it! We mentioned as we discussed it that even if we reported it, we'd never find out what it was and it would be pointless so why bother!

I sometimes think about it though and wonder what it was. Maybe someone else has seen it also or something like it. The year was between 1987 and 1989 because of where I lived, I'm thinking probably 1987. I was in Riverside, CA at the time. Because it was coming from the high desert area I just assumed it was something the military was doing but, man, it was just gigantic and why would it look like a cloud? One thing I always thought about too is the huge number of people I knew who were present at the time who became seriously ill shortly after, including myself and my sister-in-law. She developed a form of thyroid disease that I can't recall now but it caused her eyes to bulge terribly and I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. My youngest daughter who was at home and present has thyroid disease also, while my oldest who wasn't in the area is not affected. Several children in the area developed rheumatoid arthritis or other serious illnesses, like seizure disorders, also. Weird.

Regards, LAF



Four years ago I experienced a horrific alien abduction that lasted 3 days. Several weeks after the incident I noticed that I had a very stiff neck when I would wake in the morning. Eventually, the pain increased to the point where it bothered me all the time. I went to my physician and had X-rays and a CAT scan where it was determined that a foreign object that was made of a metallic material was embedded in vertebrae very near my spinal cord

To make a long story short, I had surgery to remove the object. The surgery was performed at the Long Beach VA Hospital in California. I had requested that the object be preserved because I wanted to have it analyzed. I was told that the object was 'lost' after surgery but I was later told by an attending nurse that it was immediately shipped off to an Army research facility. She said that she got a look at the object which was about a half inch in length and was made of a black colored metal. She also said that the object was difficult to capture during surgery and seemed to 'move' away from the surgical instruments.

I am interested in other experiences and thoughts. I would like some answers. Thank you, CF

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