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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just the Facts?: Big Cat...South Gibson, PA -- Communicating With Other Beings -- Human Snail

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Big Cat - South Gibson, PA

Received this information today...I passed it along to a few colleagues for their thoughts. General consensus is 'indeterminate.' LMK what you think:

This is a picture from our neighbor's cell phone - she saw this at the top of our land. We saw a mountain lion (not sure if the same one) on Tuesday May 7th at approximately 11pm in our yard as the deer were feeding on corn.

Very scary! We have seen it a few times in the last year around dusk - dark brown, very long thick tail and looks like a phantom! We would see on the edge of State Route 92 as it jumps into the woods.

Why does no one believe they exist?

Regards, Steve and Rose

NOTE: IMO...it looks like it has markings of a Bobcat, but the tail is too long. I lightened it up to get a better look at the shape. Is this a hybrid? I do believe there are Mountain Lions roaming Pennsylvania but not quite sure of the identity of this particular cat...Lon

Forest Cats of North America

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Communicating with other beings

Pleasantville, NJ - 5/20/2013 - unedited: Ive always been a skeptic of aliens and UFOs, up until two nights ago, and I feel lost and confused, thats why I am here. I would like to start off by telling you that about 3 weeks ago I saw an unidentified flying object that looked like a fireball in the sky, and since then I have felt like I am being watched. Two nights ago as I was about to go to sleep I saw something in my room through my peripheral vision. I dont remember going to sleep, but I do remember waking up in a metal room and I was lying on a metal bed and I was restrained. I struggled to turn my head and I saw many people lying in these metal beds just like mine and I focused on one in particular which I realized was my sister, it seemed that everyone was in some state of unconsciousness. At that point I realized that something was very wrong and I was conscious of the scary situation I was in. I started to panic and tried to free myself. At that point I realized that I was surrounded by short beings, they were grayish in color and seemed oblivious to the fact that I was trying to fight my way out of the restraints. Suddenly out of nowhere came a bright light and another being appeared, this one was taller and had a more oval shaped head with indentations in it and it was almost tan in color. It communicated with me telepathically and I asked it what it was doing to us and it said "We are looking at your DNA." I asked it why it was doing this to us and it replied "All humans have alien DNA, but not all humans have the same alien DNA" I asked it where they were from and it said "We come from Sirius" and it also told me that they have been coming to me for a long time. At that point it disappeared and my fear returned and I started screaming from the top of my lungs, the next thing I remember is jumping up from my bed screaming waking up everyone in the house.I havent slept for 2 nights now.....MUFON CMS

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Crop formation - Red Lion, PA

Crop circle appeared and has remained for at least 10 days. Vegetation remarkable in its depression (not broken but cleanly bent). Walked into. Patterns observed: would like an areal view. Looks like code as well as symbols - MUFON CMS

Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles

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Big kitty...big hairball

It's not unusual for a cat to get a hairball, but a 400-pound tiger needed help from veterinary surgeons in Florida when he couldn't hack up a basketball-size hairball by himself.

The 17-year-old tiger named Ty underwent the procedure Wednesday at a veterinary center in the Tampa Bay area community of Clearwater. Doctors said in a statement that they safely removed the 4-pound obstruction from Ty's stomach.

The tiger, which is cared for by Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Seminole, was brought to veterinarians after not eating for nearly two weeks. Doctors said they detected the hairball using a scope with a camera.

Vernon Yates, whose nonprofit group regularly assists law enforcement agencies with seized animals, says he's thankful the hairball was removed and Ty is doing fine. - WBIR


Human snail carries house on back

A Chinese man has turned himself into a human snail by creating a house he can carry on his back.

Liu Lingchao, 38, from Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, carries his home every day as he moves from place to place.

"I can go anywhere I want to go. It's an easy decision when I want to move on," he said.

His simple but ingenious portable home consists of plastic sheets attached to a light bamboo frame.

"This is the third portable house I've made. They only weigh about 60kg and last for about a year."

Along the way, Liu supports himself by collecting and selling recyclable beverage bottles.

"I feel free, I can go wherever I want to go, and I live on my own," he said. - Orange