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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Urban Bigfoot - Chico, CA

I received the following inquiry on Wednesday 12/19/12:

Hello Sir - I found you through a Google search. I also contacted someone local but they never got back to me. Maybe you can explain what I witnessed.

On Sunday December 16th, my wife and I were driving through a residential area in Chico, CA. It was around 11 PM - we had been visiting a friend for the holidays. I'm not very familiar with the area but at the time we were on Vallombrosa Ave. On the left there is a wooded park.

We had just driven under the Golden State Highway overpass when suddenly a large dark man-like creature leaped out from the woods onto the road. I quickly stopped the car as my tires screeched on the roadway. This creature was massive and had dark hair all over it's body. I don't know how wide the road is but it was across in 3 large leaps. As it reached the north side of the road it turned and look directly at us. My wife was terrified and crouched down in her seat. I caught a brief golden-colored reflection from it's eyes. I hit the excelerator and quickly continued driving.

I had driven about 100 yds or so - then noticed that either this creature was keeping pace with me or that I passed another similar creature on my left side crouched down by the road. I still think that this was another creature because it looked smaller in size than the creature I witnessed previously. By this time I was very concerned and scared. I was hoping that there would be no traffic lights until we reached the turn off to get onto the highway.

I live about 80 mile north of Chico in an area where there have been a few Bigfoot reports but I have never heard of any in Chico - let alone in a residential location.

I talked to my friend in Chico and he said that there was a sighting in his area back in the 1990s but nothing recent. Most of the sightings in his county (Butte County) have been in an area 30 miles southeast of Chico near Lake Oroville. I checked out the BFRO website and verified what my friend said.

I know that we witnessed something that night and I think that there were more than one of these creatures roaming around. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks, Jerry

NOTE: I sent an email to Jerry for more detail. He states that the being was definitely similar to Bigfoot descriptions he had seen. He estimated that it was 8 ft. in height and around 500+ lbs. Jerry said he is retired from the military and served in Vietnam, Grenada and Iraq. This is the first time he has seen anything similar to what he witnessed on 12/16. He's not positive what the second being was but is confident that it was a Bigfoot and that it was not the same being he witnessed earlier. I believe that Jerry is sincere in his assessment...maybe other information will surface. Lon

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