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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Just the Facts?: Was Red...Now Blue -- Does 'LOL' Really Mean 'Lucifer Our Lord'? -- What Was She Thinking?

Malabar beach glows blue following red algae invasion

These photos have not been digitally enhanced - in fact, photographer Dr David Psaila said the water was an even more spectacular colour blue than that shown in these images, the Southern Courier reports.

"The organism responsible, Noctiluca Scintillans known as "night lantern" is very aptly named, as it will luminesce a bright blue when it is disturbed by waves," he said.

The Chifley scientist said the red algae that crept along the east coast last week contained a chemical called luciferin which was a common protein found in bioluminescent animals.

“It’s a chemical reaction that causes light,” he said. “It is often found in deep sea creatures and is the exact same chemical that causes fire flies to glow.”

Dr Psaila said although he had seen this effect before but never to this degree.

“The reason why there are probably not seeing it at other beaches is that those beaches would have a lot more lights around so its really hard to see whereas at Malabar – you see the waves rolling in and they are all blue,” he said. Continue reading at News.com.au


Does 'LOL' Really Mean 'Lucifer Our Lord'?

When we "laugh out loud" online, are we really praying to Satan, the prince of darkness himself?

The answer is no, but an image posted by a user on the social news site Reddit is warning the Internetotherwise.

According to the directive, which is meant to be shared "with Christians," the classic and ubiquitous "LOL" acronym stands for "Lucifer our lord," something the image's creator doesn't find funny at all.

"BEWARE: Stop using the abbreviation 'LOL,'" the hastily made image that invokes the same qualities as a Westboro Baptist Church sign reads. "'LOL stands for 'Lucifer our Lord.' Satanists end their prayers by saying Lucifer our Lord,' in short, "LOL.' Every time you type 'LOL' you are endorsing Satan."

If the warning, posted by Redditor DkryptX, in the "atheism" subreddit, were true, there would be a lot of Satanists on Twitter.

"I met the prime minister in overalls lol," pop star Justin Bieber tweeted from Instagram in one such example. Columnist Roland Martin also has a habit of ending his tweets with "LOL."

"Can someone please tell him that YOLO means 'Youth Obeying Lucifer's Orders?"" joked another Reddit user. Fans of the rapper Drake might disagree. The former star of the TVseries "Degrassi: The Next Generation" popularized the "you only live once" acronym recently.

Still, the image warns "Do not use 'LOL ever again!"

Other sarcastic comments on Reddit repurposed "swag" to mean "Satan's wishes are granted," "ROFL" as "rise, our father Lucifer," and "BRB" as "Beelzebub rules below." Who knew that saving keystrokes was such a devilish pursuit?

To most people, however, ROFL means "rolling on floor laughing" and BRB is simply "be right back."

For language prudes, the outing of these "real" definitions may come as a relief. According to commenters the Reddit thread, WTF isn't an offensive question at all. It really means "worship the fallen." - Live Science


19 year-old steals car / robs bank...then brags about it on YouTube

What was she thinking?

A woman accused of a Waco, Nebraska, bank robbery apparently made a YouTube video bragging about it before her arrest. Hannah Sabata, 19, of Stromsburg, was arrested on Wednesday. She is accused of robbing the Cornerstone Bank branch in Waco on Nov. 27 after stealing a car in York.

In the video, titled “Chick Bank Robber,” Sabata holds up handwritten signs, accompanied by subtitles, in which she says she's having the “best day of her life” because she stole a Pontiac Grand Am and walked away with more than $6,000 when she robbed a bank. She also holds up car keys, saying, “My new car is shiny. Of course I took the plates off already.”

Then she slowly unveils a sign that says, “Then I robbed a bank with a gun, a pillow case and a note,” and holds up a bundle of cash. At one point, she fans herself with the cash. Sabata also claims that she is a “victim of the government” because the state took custody of her baby. She says she plans to pay off student loans and “go on a shopping spree.”

In the video, Sabata is wearing the same clothes she was wearing when she was arrested. The outfit matches the clothes worn by the robber in surveillance footage. She also puffs on a pipe in the video and holds up a baggie of what she says is marijuana. York County Sheriff Dale Radcliff said a copy of the YouTube video will be turned over as evidence in the case. -Omaha

Click for video

NOTE: the following link describes some of this young woman's life - Hannah Sabata's cry for help


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