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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ningen: Legendary Leviathan

Ningen - in my opinion, one of the creepiest of cryptids. Meaning literally 'human', it’s supposedly a very large unknown animal sighted by Japanese fisherman, which bears an remarkable resemblance to humans. Not only a oddly familiar face, but some reports include even arms and hands. Other creatures of the seas, namely skates and rays, also have nostrils and mouths that resemble a human-like face. Are over-sized natural species misidentified as Ningen? Not according to the legends.

The creatures are said to inhabit the northern Pacific Ocean as well as the waters around the Antarctic. A detailed and well-researched post on this cryptid can be found at The Ningen: Myth, Monster or Make Believe?

I have included several images and a few other links that will represent the 'creepy' factor I mentioned. I have no doubt that many these images are photo-shopped if not outright fake...but the tales about these creatures are believed by quite a few traditional Japanese. - Ningen Rohan (Japanese Edition)

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Ningen's Nightmares

Horrors of Malformed Men