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Friday, August 31, 2012

Just the Facts?: Bigfoot Roaming the Cotswolds? -- Reader's Ghostly Experiences -- The Gable Film 'Dogman' Hoax

Is a Bigfoot roaming the Cotswolds?

A spooky set of huge footprints found at Mill Dene Garden in Blockley have baffled people in the Cotswolds, UK.

Melanie Aston, who teaches swimming at Mill Dene and often takes her dog for a walk in Bourton Wood on Saturday mornings, found some large unshod footprints near the toilets by the car park earlier this month.

Her size seven wellies were dwarfed by the huge prints, which she said seemed fresh.

However, she could not see anyone else around.

“They went over some really rough ground but there was quite a distance between each print almost as if they where avoiding the really wet mud,” she said.

“They went right down to where the path goes over the brook then divides into three directions, which is where I lost track. It’s really quite spooky and I’m not such a frequent visitor since.”

Mill Dene owner Wendy Dare said: “I honestly have no idea what it is. The footprints are very large.” - tewkesburyadmag

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Not the first ghillie suit hoax

From Linda Godfrey - The recent tragic death of a Montana man killed on a highway as he tried to imitate a Bigfoot reminded me of another hoax effort: the so-called Gable films of Michigan, part one and part two. The costume of choice in both states was a ghillie suit, a stringy, head-to-toe covering hunters often wear for camouflage in the woods.

The Gable films were made by amateur video buff Mike Agrusa as a sort of homage to the cryptid known as the Michigan Dogman. Agrusa added wire coat hanger “ears” as you can see in his intentionally grainy still at left, and was at least smart enough not to step onto a busy highway as he was filmed. Continue reading at Not the first ghillie suit hoax

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Reader's Ghostly Experiences

I received the following email from a reader in Australia"

Hi Lon,

I thought I might relate a few experiences I have had over the years.

In 1989 I spent 9 months living at Mum's place to get back on my feet after a nasty split with my fiancée. I was in my room lying on my bed listening to the stereo when I turned my head to the right to find this ghostly face right beside my face!

It stood up and floated backward out the door into the hallway and disappeared!

I jumped off the bed and run into the kitchen where mum was preparing dinner. Are you allright? she asked. I have just seen something I said. She said I had a strange look on my face. It scared the hell out of me.

We were all sitting out in the back yard a week later when it was brought up again. My youngest brother who was 14 at the time was listening to us.

He got all excited and told us his story.

He was brushing his teeth one morning at the bathroom sink when he looked to his left into the hallway and seen an apparition. He described what he saw and it was exactly what I saw !

It was only ever seen once by my brother and myself. Looking back now it resembled my Grandmother who died in 1985. She was smiling at us just before she disappeared.

In 1992 my father died from cancer. He lived on his own as he and mum divorced when I was 9.

We went to visit him on his birthday to find him dead. He had been dead for about a week the Coroner found. I was heartbroken. I went to bed that night and woke about 2 am to find him standing at the foot of my bed! I was living alone at the time. He was standing looking very solemn at me. It scared me a lot.

A friend of mine says I may be a bit sensitive seeing these things. I don’t tell others about it because they look at me strange. I know what I have seen and believe in these things.

My Lady friend I am currently seeing has seen things at my home too. We have gone to bed for her to be awaken by something rubbing her arms and legs. I have been snoring beside her. This has happened a few times. She awoke one night to see a figure standing in the doorway. She described it to me and I showed her a photo of my dad. It was him! She has heard footsteps walking by the bathroom at night when she has been in there. I have been in bed asleep. Her jewellery goes missing quite often only to turn up a few days later. We hear noises from rapping on walls to someone knocking at the front door.

We are used to it now. It does not scare us. We keep quiet about it though because others look at you strange. As I said beore I believe in these things.

I wish to remain anonymous if you print this.

Thank you Lon.

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Firemen rescue cow stuck in tree

The 660-pound calf, called Sparkle, was discovered in a state of distress after falling down the ravine on a farm Sheriff Park, near Penrith, Cumbria.

Fire-fighters were surprised to receive the call to rescue the 11-month-old bovine after its owner, Philip Armstrong, had noticed it missing from his farm.

The bruised animal had plunged more than 100 feet down a "rather steep" embankment of the river Leith before a tree broke its fall on Tuesday afternoon. It was only stopped from falling further by the sapling.

During the delicate four-hour rescue operation, the Pedigree dairy shorthorn heifer was sedated by vets before being winched to safety by fire crews in body armour who used specialist equipment and slings.

Mr Armstrong said that the animal had been left "sore and bruised" by the ordeal, but was otherwise unharmed.

"It was a happy ending to a very stressful afternoon," said his mother, Sandra.

It was unharmed after the ordeal and is now recovering at the farm. Three fire crews attended the incident.

"They had to wear body armour in case a stray hoof lashed out at them," said a spokesman for Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service.

"It was extremely tired and exhausted. It was very, very still and in quite a deep state of shock.

"The vet checked the cow over and it seemed reasonably happy and relatively unscathed." - telegraph

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