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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Unknown Entity Summoned

In June 1973, author and investigator Gustavo Fernandez was visiting a friend named Alberto in an isolated and heavily wooded area of Villa Martelli, Buenos Aires in order to join him in his “occult incantations” and paranormal chanting which the self-style “warlock” (Alberto) conducted most Saturday nights in one of the rooms of the house, which he used for a “coven”.

On that particular night Alberto’s parents were not home and Gustavo sat around listening to nonsensical chanting and choking of incense fumes when Alberto suddenly stopped and told him he had heard a strange sound coming from outside. Looking outside they both could see a dark figure that had climbed on top of the wire fence, thinking that it was a burglar they pointed a flashlight at the intruder. Once they could see it clearly they were stunned to see a type of humanoid figure, perhaps shorter than 1.70m in height, and very thin and reptilian in appearance. Its body was literally covered in scales and it had what appeared to be a protruding dorsal spine on its back, something like a “dinosaur crest”, they could also see a short tail-like protrusion. The feet were claw-like while the hands were elongated and somehow resembling “human feet”.

As the light shone on the creature it turned to look directly at the witnesses. Its eyes were very human in appearance, but shone with a fluorescent yellow glow. The creature half-opened its mouth and at the same time Gustavo thought to himself “Please God don’t let him speak”. At that very same instance the porch light from the house next door turned on, and the men saw the neighbor (a local engineer) step out and look around, perhaps having been attracted by the same noises. The creature then rattled the wire fence and jumped with superhuman agility to the ground and ran quickly along the fire fence. At this point the neighbor apparently saw the creature and emitted a scream and ran back into his house. The creature then jumped on top of a nearby roof and disappeared from sight. The two friends remained in shock and discussed the manner only among themselves.

Source: Gustavo Fernandez “Extraterrestres en el pasado Argentina”

Type: E - When an entity or humanoid is seen alone, without related UFO activity (Example: bedroom visitation)

Albert Rosales' comments: In a bizarre and tragic twist to this case 2-3 months after this incident the local engineer (the 3rd witness) slaughtered his whole family, including his daughter and mother in law and then cut his own throat. (The source does not suggest a direct connection). Was this creature somehow summoned by the misguided dabbling into unknown forces by Alberto? Who knows, it remains a very perplexing case.

Translated by Albert S. Rosales

NOTE: It seems to me that Alberto's ventures into the occult may have opened a passageway or vortex into another reality thus making himself a beacon for any sort of spirit coming through. Unfortunately for Alberto, he most likely summoned a malevolent entity or self-manifested a dark energy. I'm not sure that this explains the murderous actions of the neighbor but there may very well be a connection...Lon

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