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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are Those Brothers Still Arguing?

I received the following email from Heather this morning:

It's getting close to summer and we (living at our 1902 farmhouse) are expecting the brothers to start arguing again.

We moved into the house in July, 2007, but before we did, our new neighbors told us the place was haunted. The sellers did not disclose this information to us. I don't know if the "heavy" atmosphere in the house can be attributed to the warning or if it felt "funny" because of the big old empty spaces, but I went upstairs one day and said, in one of the bedrooms to no one in particular: "If there's anyone here, you are welcome to stay. Just no parlor tricks. You know, things levitating or apparitions popping up in the dead of night or behind you when you're looking at a mirror."

At first we heard voices, as if there was a family gathering. Then, the porch light going off, then coming back on. Then my husband reported a bag of homemade cookies fell off a shelf and into his lap, which would have taken some force since he was sitting a few feet away. A library book flying off the center island, which might have been knocked off from vibrations of us walking around it, though we haven't been able to reproduce it. There's been humming and more talking. And one night, while we were both trying to sleep, I was just about to say something about a woman talking when my husband asked, "Do you hear that? Sounds like a--"...."Female", I answered.

The next year my husband mentioned hearing two male voices outside, discussing business in an intense way. Our neighbors aren't close and they're not night owls, and my husband heard them mention doing something "after death." My daughter reported the same conversation.

It was last year when I heard the voices, apparently right outside the family room, where we keep our computer. I wasn't frightened, but was skeptical. A few nights later, I returned home after work. I work late into the evenings, so I returned about 2 am I heard two male voices yelling at each other. I couldn't make out what they were saying, and the first thing I thought was some kids were arguing. Outside. At 2 am in the morning. And none of my neighbors were disturbed by the sound of it as no lights popped on or police cars entered my drive.

With a cold chill I realized that these arguing men could be the same heard by my husband and daughter. I did not hesitate in getting into the house.

There could be a reasonable explanation. A sound arc. Two people arguing in the middle of the night, outside on a warm evening.

However, earlier this year, my husband went into the hardware store to get something to fix an old doorknob. In conversation with an elderly shopper, my husband mentioned the difficulty in finding the right items to fix something in an old house.

The man asked him some particulars, where he lived, how old the place is, etc. My husband told him....the man's reply gave me chills.

"I know the place," my husband reported to me. "Are those brothers still arguing?"

I'm hoping they will settle sometime soon.

Heather Denniss, Ohio

Are Those Brothers Still Arguing?