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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Eckhart Encounters - New Evidence

In my last update The Eckhart Encounters - Further Evidence, I presented anecdotal and image evidence that I had in my possession for over a year. I was recently contacted by David Eckhart and was asked to go back and look at a group of video captures that were part of the original submission.

These video captures were filmed in David's bedroom (the original house) in front of a dresser. This was one of three areas in the house where these beings would enter. David speculates that this portal was used by the 'Grey' beings that he had seen throughout his residence.

One of the techniques David employed in order to capture these beings on video was the use of a fog machine. Until recently, this method was thought to have been unsuccessful...until these (pictured) images were discovered and analyzed.

My colleague 'SW' and I looked over the video captures and came to the conclusion that there was at least one discernible being in the images. 'SW' stated that she believes there is another being present though it is less noticeable. Her innate psychic abilities allow her seriously examine photographic and digital evidence and to scrutinize, survey and develop reasonable conclusions as to the presence of paranormal phenomena. Her assistance has been vital in my investigations.

As I had stated previously, David describes the 'Greys' as 3 1/2 ft. tall with large egg-shaped heads, large dark bulging eyes and grey opaque skin. Many times these beings would try to enter David's residence 'cloaked' in order to explore...though they needed to revert back to a more solid form in order to physically grasp or move objects. David explains that you could still see a ripple or mirage outline of these cloaked beings but just the general shape of the body was distinguishable. The 'Greys' appear to be a subservient race...seemingly given the more menial and labor intensive work. They supposedly work alongside other races, including human, in the underground caverns. They are also used as 'Earth Tour Guides'...taking groups of visiting alien beings on a sort of tour of earthbound locations. In David's case, his house was on the 'tour'. His descriptions of how these beings would meander through his house at random times of the day and marvel at the human home and use of common amenities was fascinating.

Anyway, I am presenting the evidence for the readers' perusal. This is just another piece of a puzzle that needs to be continually managed and dissected...Lon

Is there an alien being in this image...possibly two beings?

The Eckhart Encounters - New Evidence