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A Strange Night at the DeSoto House Hotel

I received the following correspondence from a St.Louis, Missouri woman who was in Galena, Illinois on business:

Sir - I traveled to Galena, Illinois on business in early May 2011. My employer booked me into the DeSoto House Hotel which is a beautifully restored 19th century building with, what I found out later, a lot of history.

The day I arrived, I checked in and decided to spend the rest of the evening in my room. I was very tired after the long drive from St.Louis. I ordered room service, ate, watched some TV then went to bed.

A few hours into my sleep I was startled by what sounded like an argument in the hallway. It last a few minutes then eventually stopped. I quickly went back to sleep. Not long after I was again startled by loud talking from the hallway. I looked at the clock - it was 2:10 am. I didn't want to get involved but I needed to sleep so I called the front desk and reported the noise. The rest of the night was uneventful and quiet.

In the morning I went to the front desk and inquired about the ruckus in the hallway and if someone had checked it out. The lady at the desk checked but there was no note of me calling. I didn't think anything of it because the noise had stopped and I did sleep well afterwards.

After a long day (that's another story) I returned to the hotel and decided to stay in my room that evening. I had a long drive home the next day and needed plenty of rest. I was laying in the bed watching TV when I started to smell something burning. I was the distinct odor of cigars and it was very strong. Tobacco smoke really bothers me and this smell was overpowering though I didn't see any smoke. I call the front desk and complained that someone was smoking in one of the rooms. The clerk assured me that someone would check it out.

After awhile the odor started to dissipate but I felt sick to my stomach because of it. Since I wasn't going to be able to sleep while nauseous I decided to do some paper work before I laid down for the night. As I sat on the bed reading a report I noticed the sound of heavy footsteps that seemed to go back and forth in the room. I also heard what sounded like men talking and laughing. I was definitely spooked by this time. I had never experienced anything like this. I tried to ignore it but it would get quiet then suddenly start back up again.

Eventually the noises stopped so I decided it was time to go to sleep. I dozed off very quickly and was sound asleep - that was until I heard what I thought was a door slamming shut. I almost jumped out of my skin - it was deafening. I sat up in the bed dazed and confused - as well as half asleep. I looked around the room - then I noticed something very odd. In front of the window there was a tall dark shadow in the shape of a large man with a large brimmed hat that was rocking back and forth. There was also a red glow that looked like it was puffing on a cigar. The strong smell of cigar smoke started to fill the room and I felt like I was going to choke. I was mortified by this phantom but I tried to keep as calm as possible. After a minute or so the shadow and the smell simply faded off. The rest of the night was very quiet.

I left the next morning without telling anyone in the hotel of the experience though I did find out later that the hotel does have a history of paranormal activity. I had never really had an inclination for the paranormal but I'll make sure that any future reservations are made at spook-free accommodations. Meryl W.


Guests report ‘friendly’ ghost encounters at The DeSoto House, Illinois’ oldest hotel

They must have enjoyed their stay at the venerable DeSoto House Hotel in downtown Galena, Ill., because they keep coming back. “They” are the ethereal spirits of by-gone guests, occasionally seen by today’s guests.

“None of our staff has seen ghosts,” said Scott Wolfe, hotel historian and front desk clerk. “But every now and then, guests report seeing translucent forms dressed in old-fashioned clothes, drifting across the rooms and passing through walls. When we check the rooms, invariably we discover the walls in question once had doorways.”

This isn’t the stuff of scary movies. Nobody’s scared. In fact, some say the spirits smile and nod. Plus, today’s DeSoto House continues to encounter repeat guests of the real kind.

“This is the oldest operating hotel in Illinois,” explained Wolfe. “It first opened in 1855 with 150 rooms, and was touted as the largest hotel west of New York City. In 1986, after an $8 million restoration, it re-opened with 55 rooms. Today’s rooms are larger. In many cases, walls and doorways were removed or relocated. That may explain why the ghosts pass through walls.”

The DeSoto House has had its share of famous guests. Abraham Lincoln spoke from the balcony in 1856, as did Stephen A. Douglas in 1857 and 1858. Galena’s favorite son, Ulysses S. Grant, used the hotel as his presidential campaign headquarters in 1868, and received guests there with his wife, Julia Dent Grant, on several occasions between 1865 and 1883. Tom Thumb and his diminutive wife slept there twice, in 1869 and 1877. William Jennings Bryan, perhaps best known for his role as the prosecutor in the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial, stayed at the hotel in 1905 and 1909. Cast and crew enjoyed the hotel’s hospitality during the filming of “Gaily, Gaily” in 1968 and “Field of Dreams” in 1988. Hundreds of brides and grooms have had their pictures snapped on the lobby’s grand staircase. The hotel is full of happy memories.

So it’s no surprise that the ghosts who haunt The DeSoto House are friendly. - The DeSoto House Ghosts

NOTE: has anybody else heard of or experienced something strange at the DeSoto House Hotel? Lon

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Fortean / Alternative News: NASA Dawn Approaches Vesta, DNA Proves Shrunken Head Lore and Alien Abductions

Dawn spacecraft approaches asteroid Vesta

This movie shows surface details beginning to resolve as NASA's Dawn spacecraft closes in on the giant asteroid Vesta. The framing camera aboard NASA's Dawn spacecraft obtained the images used for this animation on June 1, 2011, from a distance of about 300,000 miles (483,000 kilometers).

Vesta's jagged shape, sculpted by eons of cosmic impacts in the main asteroid belt, is apparent. Variations in surface brightness and hints of surface features can be seen. Vesta's south pole is to the lower right at about the 5 o'clock position.

Vesta is 330 miles (530 kilometers) in diameter and the second most massive object in the asteroid belt. It is also the only large asteroid with a basaltic surface formed due to volcanic processes early in the solar system's history. Vesta is considered a protoplanet because it is a large body that almost formed into a planet.

The video presents 20 frames, looped five times, that span a 30-minute period. During that time, Vesta rotates about 30 degrees. The images included here are used by navigators to fine-tune Dawn's trajectory during its approach to Vesta, with arrival expected on July 16, 2011.

The Dawn mission to Vesta and Ceres is managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington, D.C. It is a project of the Discovery Program managed by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala. UCLA, is responsible for overall Dawn mission science. Orbital Sciences Corporation of Dulles, Va., designed and built the Dawn spacecraft.

The framing cameras have been developed and built under the leadership of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany, with significant contributions by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Planetary Research, Berlin, and in coordination with the Institute of Computer and Communication Network Engineering, Braunschweig. The framing camera project is funded by NASA, the Max Planck Society and DLR. JPL is a division of the California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena. - NASA


Shrunken Head DNA Proves Horrific Folklore True

A remarkably well-preserved shrunken head has just been authenticated by DNA analysis, which provides strong evidence that anecdotal accounts of violent head-hunting in South America were true.

The study, published in the latest issue of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, marks the first successful effort to unveil the genetic make-up of a shrunken head.

"The shrunken heads were made from enemies' heads cut on the battlefield," co-author Gila Kahila Bar-Gal told Discovery News. "Then, during spiritual ceremonies, enemies' heads were carefully reduced through boiling and heating, in the attempt to lock the enemy's spirit and protect the killers from spiritual revenge."

Kahila Bar-Gal is a senior lecturer in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Koret School of Veterinary Medicine. She is also a faculty member within the university's department of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

For the study, she and her colleagues used DNA testing and other techniques to examine the authenticity and possible cultural provenance of a shrunken head displayed at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. The head remains in an incredible state of preservation, with the deceased man's hair, facial features and other physical characteristics intact.

Many shrunken heads are forgeries, with some 80 percent suspected to be fakes. The late 19th through the 20th centuries saw a rise in manufacture of such fakes for profit.

The shrunken head at the Israeli museum, however, turns out to be legit.

"The shrunken head we studied was made from a real human skin," Kahila Bar-Gal said. "The people who made it knew exactly how to peel the skin from the skull, including the hair," she added, mentioning that it was also salted and boiled.

The researchers determined that the skin belonged to a man who lived and died in South America "probably in the Afro-Ecuadorian population." The genes reveal the victim's ancestors were from West Africa, but his DNA profile matches that of modern populations from Ecuador with African admixture.

According to the scientists, he was probably a member of a group that fought the Jivaro-Shuar tribes of Ecuador. These tribes also lived in Peru during the post-Columbian period, and were thought to make ritual shrunken heads out of their enemies.

Although Kahila Bar-Gal said the DNA could not pinpoint the exact age of the shrunken head, the scientists estimate the individual was killed between 1600-1898 A.D. The early date marks the entry of Africans into the region, while the latter date was when the last major nomadic populations of hunters and gatherers in Ecuador were thought to have existed.

Accounts of what happened to shrunken heads after the post-battle spiritual ceremonies vary. There are accounts that the Jivaro-Shuar warriors kept the shrunken heads as "keepsakes or personal adornments," even wearing them at certain times. Leonard Clark, who traveled to the region in 1948, however, said that he saw a shrunken head, called a "tsantsa," used in a ceremony and then stuffed in an old earthenware pot that was placed in the thatched ceiling of the house.

"Robbed of its soul, the savagely beautiful trophy no longer had any spiritual value," Clark wrote in a 1953 account.

Chuck Greenblatt, a professor in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Hebrew University's Hadassah Medical School, told Discovery News that "the ancient DNA techniques employed by the authors are appropriate and I have no doubt as to the authenticity of their results."

Kahila Bar-Gal hopes other museums will consider having certain objects genetically tested, as the method can reveal authenticity and uncover important historical information that may not otherwise be available. - discovery


Wichita, Kansas experiences bizarre 'heat burst'

csmonitor - The weather is supposed to cool down at night, providing some relief during this blistering heat wave. Not so for the residents of Wichita, Kan.

At 12:22 a.m. CDT on June 9th, the temperature was 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius) at a local airport as a thunderstorm hit the area. Twenty minutes later, the temperature rocketed to 102 degrees F (39 degrees C), reported the local NBC affiliate.

The weird weather is what's known as a "heat burst" and it was accompanied by wind gusts of up to 60 mph (97 kph). The heat burst was short-lived, however, as the winds and temperatures rapidly spread across surrounding areas.

Heat bursts are created when rain hits very dry air high off the ground, around 3,000 feet (900 meters) up in the atmosphere, causing the rain to evaporate. The evaporated rain rapidly cools the dry air, compressing it and making this patch of air heavier than the air around it. The heavy air mass then falls toward the ground, heating as it compresses, eventually hitting the ground as a hot ball of air.

A few other recent heat bursts include:

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Aug. 3, 2008: The temperature rose from the lower 70s F (20s C) to 101 degrees F (38.3 degrees C) in minutes.

Midland, Texas, June 16, 2008: At 11:25 pm CDT the temperature rose from 71 degrees F (21.7 degrees C) to 97 degrees F (36.1 degrees C) in minutes.

Emporia, Kansas, May 25, 2008: The temperature rose from 71 degrees F (21.7 degrees C) to 91 degrees F (32.8 degrees C) between 4:44 am and 5:11 am CDT.


Indonesian Censors Take Aim at Ghost Themed Films

With a Hollywood movie ban already in place, the Film Censorship Board is taking aim at the current mainstay of Indonesian cinema — sex and ghost-themed films.

Muklis Paimi, head of the board, known as the LSF, appeared to suggest it would consider banning the popular genres for screening.

“We want to use the upcoming Ramadan [Muslim fasting month] as the right moment to suggest that filmmakers stop making low-quality movies with a lot of sex scenes in them,” Muklis told Metro TV on Wednesday. “We will not pass any movies exploiting those two things.”

He advised filmmakers to make movies with educational values.

The LSF, he said, also welcomed any filmmakers wishing to discuss the concepts of their upcoming movies.

“If they want to make such movies, they have to have a dialog with us first. The current practice is, [filmmakers] only come to us once their movies are finished,” he said.

He said the current situation posed a dilemma for the LSF.

“It’s problematic. If we censor the movies too harshly, the movie producers will hold a rally against us, saying that they will suffer material damages if we do not recommend their movies. In the end, it will affect the national film industry,” he said.

“But when we are being lenient with our censorship, we will receive protests from the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) and the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI),” he said.


Lost Time in Maryland

MUFON CMS - Maryland - 1962: I was about 10 years old & was outside playing in the dirt (with toy horses) and the air felt cool (like early spring or early fall) & I knew that it would be dusk sometime soon but it was still daylight. I felt like I was being watched & I stood up & instinctively looked above me. I was not afraid and just stood there looking.

I observed a large disk space ship hoovering above me over our back yard. We lived in a place that used to be farmland, a new development still in the process of building townhouses (3 per building) & most were not complete yet & there were only a few young families who had moved in. The development was also next to a golf course. So it was kind of bare & isolated to some extent. Not many people around to notice a spaceship over someones yard. I just stood looking up at the craft. I noticed that it had 3 big lights... one was a dome light, 2 were underneath & were 2 different colored lights. Then all of a sudden I noticed that I could see through the craft ... it was a disk and the middle was similar to a car steering wheel shape (like 3 spokes with spaces between them) wherein you could see between the spokes & now I noticed that I could see the stars & sky between the spokes. I wondered how that could be.

As it was leaving, moving to my right and angleing up I could see it had lighted windows along the inside spokes & outside rim. As the craft moved swiftly up & away (at first like slow motion & then it was gone in seconds) I ran into the back door of the house to tell my mother. The house was not well lit, my mom wasn't inside so I ran out the front door & immediately stopped in my tracks confused that it was dark outside.

My mother said what I saw was not possible unless it had been the Sputnik. I am terrified of the movie "Fire in the Sky" & I have only seen brief parts of it... I feel like I am having a panic attack. I did not have any feelings like that at the time of sighting.


Abduction Scenario in Athens, Texas

MUFON CMS - Athens, Texas - 2/18/2010: I met this gentleman for the first time, well over a year ago. I was in my front yard with a telescope, upon seeing him I asked him to have a look. The next time I see him he relates this story to me. This happened to him in Athens, Texas. At the time we spoke February 18, 2010, the event had just happened approximately ten days earlier. The time of the abduction was 11:00 or 11:30 pm. He was shaking and had goose bumps covering his arms as he was telling me his story. I reported this abduction to another web site but did such a botched job, I felt I had to file it again.

Subject got out of a car he was riding in with friends. He was going to walk across a field surrounded by woods to an apartment complex. His reason for not going directly to the apartments was that he did not want someone at the apartments to see him with his friends. As he was crossing the wooded area heading to the field he felt a presents above him. Some how he knew it was a ufo without looking. He started running through the woods to escape. This is when he heard a twitching noise in the bushes in front of him. He turned and ran in a different direction but no mater which way he turned he would hear the same noises ahead. The noises keep him running in a circle. Then he became paralyzed and could only move in a jerking motion and fell to his knees. At this time God told him not to open his eyes. He became weightless for a few moments. Next he was examined with some device that he called a scanner. As it was moved around his head he could hear a buzzing sound similar to a radio being tuned across the band. This devise made his hair stand up as it was moved over his head. As he was relating this to me he was holding both sides of his head as if he were in pain. While in the craft he hears someone say, he is still alive. Then hears someone one else say, I need a transfer then a string of numbers. For some reason he felt that these numbers were very important and related to me that he wished that he could be hypnotized to reveal the sequence. The duration of the time he was abducted was approximately fifteen minuets. He told me that he cried so much that his shirt was soaking wet. The event was so traumatic that he prayed to God that if he made it through the ordeal that he would give his life to God. When he was returned he was standing, his arms outstretched, looking up at the sky. The condition of the sky before the abduction was cloudy, after his return no clouds with the stars clearly visible.

I forgot to add this part. He also told me that they scraped his skin, I think he said his stomach. He ask me why would they scrape his skin. I told him that maybe they were collecting his skin cells for DNA. He said they must really like my DNA

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Sandra Bullock 'Convinced' North London Location Haunted

Sandra Bullock probably wasn't asked to star in the next series of Ghosthunting With...

But ITV2 chiefs will be banging their heads against the wall now because the Hollywood actress might just have been tempted.

She is in London filming sci-fi thriller Gravity with George Clooney and has asked producers to investigate the converted church she is staying in because she fears it's haunted.

She's had sleepness nights due to "ghostly presences" inside the north London gaff.

A source said: "Sandra is convinced something is not right."

It's a shame Bill Murray isn't co-starring with her. He might still have a proton pack from Ghostbusters knocking about. - The Sun


Sandra Bullock is currently in London filming a Sci-Fi thriller called "Gravity" with George Clooney, but The Sun, a British tabloid, reports her offscreen activities are more focused on the paranormal.

The Oscar-winning actress is staying in a converted church, but sources say she is asking her producers to investigate the dwelling because she fears it's haunted.

The paranormal patter is reportedly so bad that Bullock is suffering sleepless nights due to "ghostly presences" inside the north London church and a source claims the actress is convinced something is not right.

Bonnie Vent, a San Diego-based spiritual medium, isn't surprised Bullock is having ghostly experiences in jolly old England.

"London has a long, rich history for murder and mayhem," Vent told AOL Weird News. "The properties are hundreds of years old with many highly emotional experiences attached as well as bodies buried in the floors and walls of some properties."

Also, show business celebrities seem to have a knack for picking up ghostly vibes, she says.

"Celebrities are more open-minded, live-and-let-live types," she said. "They're already living outside of the box. Plus, they travel a lot and staying in different places makes you recognize when a room has a unique energy to it."

Vent, who said she has worked as a "spirit advocate" to deliver messages from beyond the grave for celebs like Michael Jackson, George Carlin and "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, believes Bullock is going about things the right way by trying to investigate the spooks rather than removing them willy-nilly.

"She needs to check out the property," Vent advised. "Whatever is haunting her could be from either the building or the land itself."

Vent also suggests Bullock take matters into her own hands by setting up a tape recorder in her room and asking questions in it for five minutes.

"She should leave five-second intervals in between questions," Vent explained. "Then when she listens back to the tape, she should listen for any strange sounds that shouldn't be there."

However, paranormal researcher Bryan Bonner of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society has some slightly different advice for her.

"I would suggest that one never ask movie or TV producers to look into any type of paranormal activity," Bonner said. "The only thing that will do is create another movie or TV show. However she might be able to get a credit as co-writer."

Bonner says Bullock's paranormal problem is actually quite common and has a very simple solution.

"The best thing for her to do would be to go to another place to stay," he said. "Once a person is convinced that a place is 'haunted,' it is hard for them to think anything different."

This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio: Researcher, Author and Radio Host L. A. Marzulli

This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio: L.A. Marzulli

Eric, Lon and Sean welcome back paranormal investigator, author and radio host L.A. Marzulli returns to BTE Radio to bring us up to date with what he has been up to.

About L.A. Marzulli

L.A. Marzulli is the author of the Nephilim Trilogy. The Nephilim Trilogy made the CBA best sellers list and continues to thrill readers a decade after the first book in the series was published. Marzulli received an honorary doctorate from Pacific International University for his work on the Nephilim Trilogy.

Marzulli is also the author of the non-fiction work, Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. The book packs a hard hitting expose of how the current political landscape may bring about ancient Biblical prophecies, which then may trigger supernatural events that are foretold in the book of Daniel and Revelation.

His latest offering, The Alien Interviews, features 17 personal, intense interviews with people who have been directly involved with the UFO phenomena. The book was written for the skeptic with various world-views presented as to what this phenomena may be.

Marzulli has lectured on this fascinating subject presenting his exhaustive research at conferences and churches as well as appearances and interviews on numerous national radio and television programs.

L.A. Marzulli is also an accomplished musician and has recorded numerous CDs. He lives with his wife of 24 years in the Santa Monica Mountains in Southern California.

To read more about L.A. visit

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Oldest light bulb still burning after 110 years

The four watt bulb, installed in a fire station in Livermore, California, has been declared the oldest known working light bulb by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The bulb was a gift from a businessman in 1901 and with the exception of a brief period in 1903, a week in 1937 and some power outages between then and 1976, the light has remained on.

Lynn Owens, the chairman of the town's light bulb centennial committee, said that the light's longevity has baffled scientists.

He said: "Nobody knows how it's possible. It is a 60 watt bulb and it's only turned on for about four watts but nobody knows why it keeps burning.

"We've had scientists from all over the country look at this light bulb. Of course nobody has ever been able to touch this it," he added.

The bulb has become a major tourist draw for Livermore and a celebrity in its own right. Comedy Central's The Colbert Report did a comic feature for the bulb's 110th birthday. - telegraph


Mexico drug gangs force gladiator-style death matches

The new vicious trend in the country's brutal drug war follows beheadings, hangings, mutilations and even the skinning of rivals.

It was revealed by a trafficker who gave an anonymous interview to the Houston Chronicle newspaper.

He described how some of those taken in a recent spate of kidnappings from buses had been forced to fight in coliseum-style battles.

Around 200 bodies have been found buried in mass graves near the city of San Fernando, just south of Texas, in recent months and many of the victims had suffered head injuries.

According to the trafficker survivors of the gruesome battles were then forced to act as unwilling hit men for the Zetas drug cartel, embarking on suicide missions to kill members of rival gangs.

Peter Hanna, a retired FBI agent, told the Houston Chronicle: "The stuff you would not think possible a few years ago is now commonplace." Nearly 40,000 people have died in Mexico's drug war since 2006 despite the deployment of tens of thousands of troops by President Felipe Calderón.

Last week the bodies of several men, one with his foot cut off, were found hanging from bridges in the northern city of Monterrey. - telegraph


World's first womb transplant planned

Eva Ottosson, 56, has agreed to take part in a groundbreaking new medical procedure, which if successful could see her donate her uterus to her 25-year-old daughter Sara.

Doctors hope if the transplant is successful Sara, who was born without reproductive organs, could become pregnant and carry a child in the same womb from which she herself was born.

It is hoped the complex transplant operation could take place as early as next spring in Sweden, where doctors in Gothenburg have been assessing suitable patients for the revolutionary procedure.

Mrs Ottosson, who runs a lighting business in Nottingham, said: “My daughter and I are both very rational people and we both think ‘it’s just a womb’.

“She needs the womb and if I’m the best donor for her … well, go on. She needs it more than me. I’ve had two daughters so it’s served me well.”

The only previous womb transplant took place in Saudi Arabia in 2000 when a 26-year-old woman, who had lost her uterus due to haemorrhage, received a donated womb from a 46-year-old.

However the recipient developed problems and the womb had to be removed after 99 days.

Since then medical knowledge of the surgical procedure has improved and a team in Gothenburg, Sweden, believe they are at the stage where they can perform a successful transplant.

Sara, who lives and works in Stockholm, has a condition called Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser (MRKH) syndrome, which affects around 1 in 5,000 people, and means she was born without a uterus and some parts of the vagina.

The cause is unknown but like many women with the condition Sara only realised she was missing her reproductive organs when she was a teenager and failed to begin menstruating.

If the procedure works, Sara will have her own eggs fertilised using her boyfriend’s sperm and then implanted into her donated womb.

Sara said she was unconcerned about the implications of receiving the womb that she herself was carried in.

She said: “I haven’t really thought about that. I’m a biology teacher and it’s just an organ like any other organ. But my mum did ask me about this. She said ‘isn’t it weird?’ And my answer is no. I’m more worried that my mum is going to have a big operation.”

She added: “It would mean the world to me for this to work and to have children. At the moment I am trying not to get my hopes up so that I am not disappointed. But we have also been thinking about adoption for a long time and if the transplant fails then we will try to adopt.”

Dr Mats Brannstrom, who is leading the medical team, said a womb transplant remained one of the most complex operations known to medical science.

He said: “Technically it is lot more difficult than transplanting a kidney, liver or heart. The difficulty with it is avoiding haemorrhage and making sure you have long enough blood vessels to connect the womb.

“You are also working deep down in the pelvis area and it is like working in a funnel. It is not like working with a kidney, which is really accessible.”

Mrs Ottosson said she hoped by talking about the operation it would help bring attention to an otherwise rarely publicised condition.

She said: “The girls who have MRKH are a silent group who don’t like to talk about it. So we hope that this will help those girls and that by talking about the condition we can encourage medical science to pinpoint what causes it.”

Sara and her mother are among a small group chosen to take part in the programme.

They have undergone tests and are now waiting to hear if they will be the first to undergo the groundbreaking procedure. - telegraph

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cattle Ranch Anomalous Lights / Mutilations - Southwest Florida

Received today from field investigator Gary Mansfield: This anomalous light showed up over several weeks at a cattle range location in southwest Florida that I and several others had been investigating a string of cattle mutilations. This object was seen on more than one occasion... whereby we finally had occasion to sink three rounds of 300 Winchester Magnums at it from 300 yards and never found anything afterwards. Previously, six calves suffered neck and hind quarter severance's. No trace of rifle conflict on the object was found around the area of engagement. We couldn't believe we could have missed the object at that distance. I am convinced that this object could be the skin walker.

An enhanced version of the original...what is this?

The number of animal mutilations has increased dramatically in North and South America the past few years. Below I have posted theories on different sides of the issue, be it UFOs, aliens, military, government, chupacabras, natural predators, disease, etc...Lon

Dead Cows I've Known: A Fresh Look At Cattle Mutilation Theory


Florida officially joined the ranks of the cattle mutilation mystery when, on March 28, 1997, the State of Florida formed a task force to investigate the macabre wounds that have been left on the carcasses of more than 20 head of cattle in the central part of the state. According to Florida Today, a Brevard county newspaper, Brevard, Seminole, Lake and St. Lucie counties have all been hit with cattle mutilations since July, 1996. None of the usual suspects, writer Billy Cox of Florida Today states - UFOs, satanic cults and unmarked black helicopters - have ever been apprehended.

A $1,000 reward, offered by the Florida Cattlemen's Association for the arrest and conviction of the killers, remains unclaimed. A sheriff who has been investigating similar events in Colorado since the 1970s said, "I'll be on the first jet down" as soon as an arrest is made. The April issue of The Florida Cattleman magazine warned ranchers not to handle mutilated cattle because "unknown persons have been poisoning (them)." That theory is offered somewhat lamely in order to avoid jeopardizing the investigation, according to the newspaper. Continue reading at Florida Cattle Under Attack


Animal mutilations became widespread throughout the American West during the 1970s, especially in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. They also occurred in such eastern states as Pennsylvania and Florida. But the phenomenon was global, reaching Canada, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Brazil, parts of Europe, the Canary Islands, and Australia.

As mutilations became common, cases arose which defied simple explanations. Frequently, the anal area of the animal was bored out and the reproductive organs removed. The cuts seemed to be precise, very smooth, and in a few cases, a near perfect circle of hide was removed from the belly. Often the eyes, tongue, ears, and reproductive organs were missing. Usually there were no signs of struggle, nor of blood -- either in the victim's body or anywhere at the site -- and predators often avoided the carcass. Even more strange, there were frequently no tracks around the animal other than its own.

Many mutilations appeared to coincide with sightings of nearby UFOs, as well as mysterious, unmarked, black helicopters.

Beyond question, the phenomenon of mutilated cattle was real. In Minnesota, twenty-two cases of mutilated cattle carcasses were reported between 1970 and 1974. In Iowa, so many reports emerged that U.S. Attorney General Alan Donielson asked the FBI in 1973 to make "an intensive investigation." Between 1973 and 1975, the state of Colorado confirmed more than 130 cattle mutilations.

Cases during the 1990s found lesions "consistent with electrosurgical excision." Researchers continued to find abnormally high radiation levels near the dead animals. - from Everything - Cattle Mutilations


Mystery Helicopters Add to Animal-Abuse Puzzle

Albertville, Alabama - Animal owners who are finding carcasses with tongues, eyes, ears and hearts missing, have a new mystery for authorities, unlighted helicopters swooping out of the night sky.

Albertville Chief Detective Tommy Cole is among those who in the past five months reported about a dozen cases of dead, mutilated animals-cows, goats and at least one dog.

The animals were found in the pastures with no traces of automobile tracks, footprints or blood, he said.

"On Jan. 9, I went to feed my steers and realized I was one short. The sexual organs and rectum was removed and the blood was gone," Mr. Cole said. All of the killings, including that of a calf found Tuesday, were within about four miles of this northeast Alabama city.

"They take tongues, eyes, ears, hearts. Sometimes, they take blood," Mr. Cole said. He said there are no suspects.

All of the animals have been found within 150 ft of power lines. The Marshall County Sheriff's Dept. received reports Tuesday night that one or more helicopters were flying at night over pastures near Albertville. The department pilot, Jim Pickett, said he and deputy Bob Norwood went up in the county helicopter but never located another one. "We kept getting reports of a helicopter flying at tree-top level with no lights on," he said.

During the search for an unlighted helicopter, shots were fired from the ground at the sheriff's helicopter. No one was hurt. Deputy Norwood said a car signaled the department helicopter by flashing lights on and off. The helicopter flew close enough to the car to see that it was parked under power lines.

"People were trying to lure us into high tension wires. I don't think it was purposely for us," he said.

Doug Segers said he saw a helicopter forcing his 42 cattle into a corner in his pasture. He said he felt the wind and heard the engine."The copter was behind my barn with a spotlight. Of course, I had a 30-30 rifle over my shoulder. They saw me run to my truck." he said. "The cows were scared to death. One cow is real gentle and we couldn't even get around her."

Some farmers are using spotlights and patroling their land, he said. John Strawn said he has seen helicopters land in pastures at night. He said he has 30 head of cattle, an investment of about $12,000. Mr. Strawn has organized farmers and said the group has been able to identify three turbine helicopters, one light blue and white with an orange sun, one dark blue and the other black.

Here are other links:

Deputy Terminated for Contradicting Horse Mutilation Official Findings

Mysterious Cattle Mutilations in Meagher County, Montana

Answers May Be Forthcoming In North Georgia Cattle Mutilations

NOTE: Scott Corrales of Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology offers extensive up-to-date coverage of animal mutilation occurrences throughout South America.



Harvesting the Human Commodity

Fortean / Alternative News: Simi Valley Anomaly, Search For Bin Laden's Body and Doomsdayer Jailed

'What is that?'

MUFON CMS - Simi Valley, CA - 10/22/2006: I'm not sure what it is that I captured on camera but I thought I'd send the pictures in the hope that you would be able to help identify exactly what it is.I took these pictures a few years back in Simi Valley,Ca while watching my sons football practice. I first noticed a bright light in the sky so I grabbed my camera and by the time I was able to take the first picture it had already started to streak across the sky then turned into about four little lights then disappeared. I was able to capture the four attached pictures. Then when I got home I was on my balcony telling my neighbor what happened when I saw two helicopters a jet flying around they did two loops around where i saw the object then left.I was told that it was some kind of rocket that's why i have never sent the pictures in before but every time I see them it get me curious as to what it is that I captured on camera. If you could with my curiosity I would appreciate it.


Search for Osama Bin Laden's body

A self-proclaimed "expert treasure hunter" claims to be conducting an underwater search for Osama bin Laden's remains to prove that the al Qaeda leader has in fact been killed.

As CBS is reporting, Bill Warren says he is using his 180-foot-long boat, currently docked in western India, and high-tech equipment able to detect anything underwater to locate bin Laden's corpse, which was quickly buried in the North Arabian Sea on May 2. "I'm doing it because I am a patriotic American who wants to know the truth," Warren, who plans to photograph and videotape the corpse as well as conduct a DNA test, told the New York Post. "I do it for the world."

The expedition -- which will utilize "[the same technology] they found the Titanic with" -- will reportedly be funded by private investors in Chicago and New York, though Warren, who is between 59 and 67 years old based on varying media reports, refuses to divulge other details. The California resident went on to dismiss concerns that bin Laden's body might be at least partially decomposed already. "A fish can't get at it," he is quoted by CNN as saying. "He's in a sealed, Navy burial bag."


'Killer shark' reported off the coast of Cornwall

In a scene reminiscent of the film Jaws, a fisherman out on the water has said he was nearly toppled from his wooden boat by the man eating shark.

The angler was out looking for mackerel a mile off the coast of St Ives, when suddenly his boat was rammed by the 7ft fish.

As it swam away – passing another boat – he identified it as an oceanic white tip, a shark famed for feeding frenzies around shipwrecks and plane crashes.

While the prospect of this killing machine swimming around our coast sounds terrifying, before any one flees the water, experts are already pouring cold water on the reports.

They claim the shark, normally found in tropical waters, has never been seen this far north – and even if it has entered our waters it will be virtually comatose by the cold.

Nevertheless the fisherman are adamant.

One of them, a 60-year-old man who has been fishing in St Ives Bay all his life, said the shark rammed his boat.

He spotted the distinctive mottled white tipped dorsal fin zig zagging towards him.

He said: "I was interested so I stood up to have a good look at it.

"As I was looking over the side of the boat, it just slammed into it. Then its head came out of the water by about a foot.

"It was that close to the boat that it slammed the side with its body and tail. It came as a bit of a shock."

About 10 minutes later two fisherman on another nearby boat said they were circled by the shark.

The Mayor of St Ives, Ron Tulley, sought to play down any threat.

He said: ''There is no immediate danger. Sea creatures do tend to come and go so it has probably just blown off course.

"I am sure it will find its way back to where it is meant to be.”

The harbourmaster of St Ives, Steve Bassett, said: "To be honest it's getting a bit like the film Jaws now.

"People are speculating and starting to panic."

Matt Slater, curator of the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay, said the reported sightings were "exciting" and, if proven, would be the first of the species in UK waters.

"It is fairly unlikely that one would come up here, but it is possible," he said.

"If there was one out there I wouldn't greatly fear it would attack a human. It is too cold for it and because of that it would have a slow metabolism – it would not have a massive appetite and there are plenty of mackerel and other fish around for it to eat.

"People should not be afraid of this animal – they have a bad reputation but divers go in the water with them regularly. There are other species which are far more dangerous."

It is not the first sighting killer sharks in Cornwall, but none have been confirmed and some have been unearthed as hoaxes.

In July 2008 there was a sighting of a Great White, never officially recorded in British waters before.

In 2005 there were reports of possible Mako, Maori for man-eater, shark sightings.

There are more than 30 different shark species which are either resident or seasonal visitors to British waters. - telegraph


Malawian Man Sentenced For Wrongly Predicting End Of The World

It's bad enough that the world didn't end on May 21 for followers of Christian fringe group leader Harold Camping, but things got worse for a Malawian disciple who pleaded guilty for distributing false leaflets about the end of the world.

Saduki Mwambene, a 39-year-old bicycle repairman, got six month suspended sentence for distributing pamphlets about Camping's doomsday predictions, Agence France Presse reported on June 12.

"Police opened a case for him for circulating false documents that threatened the peace and security of citizens," an official with the magistrate's court in Chitipa district told the AFP.

A judge released Mwamben on bail, but ordered him to come back for a hearing after May 21 to prove that he'd given out wrong apocalyptic information.

Camping, who suffered a stroke over the weekend, became a short-lived media sensation in the run-up to May 21 -- the day he said would be the Rapture.

HIs followers plastered the cities in the U.S. and around the world with billboards proclaiming that humanity's time on Earth was short.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The 1964 Barnesville, Minnesota UFO Landing

Early on the morning of May 5, 1964, farmer Alfred Ernst, of Barnesville, Minnesota, drove his truck up to his grain drill. He got out and began loading the drill for the continued wheat seeding of his land, which had begun the day before. He stopped for a moment and surveyed the flat prairie that was his farm, about six miles east of Comstock. Then, at 8 a.m., he saw a UFO on the ground.

"It was a glowing oval object approximately 1,500 feet away," the former Barnesville Mayor told Norman Mess, NICAP Minnesota Subcommittee member. "It appeared to be about three to four feet long and almost as wide."

The witness, in a later telephone conversation with Dr. James E. McDonald, said the object was "like the tub of a washing machine, round-bottomed." There was a bright glow to it and it was "hard to look at."

Ernst saw the object as it was taking off. It rose quickly and disappeared into the clouds in five seconds. The witness said he felt "rather uncomfortable" when the UFO disappeared.

The farmer then drove to the farm of his brother, Leo A. Ernst, and the two men returned to the landing site. There they discovered a crater-like depression about three feet in diameter. At the center of this depression was a hole about three or four inches in diameter. Four other holes approximately one and one-half inches in diameter and two feet apart formed a square around the central hole. The depressed area was unusually dry.

Around the rim of the depression a white substance, later analyzed as alkaline, was found. Ernst said the black soil in that area did not contain alkaline.

WDAY-TV, of Fargo, North Dakota, took an unusual interest in the report and sent a man to investigate and obtain photographs of the area. The results of this investigation were made public on Dewey Berquist's weather program.

"The holes are exactly the type I've seen many times and I'm sure they were caused by lightning," Berquist wrote NICAP. "I believe Mr. Ernst saw an uncommon phenomena called 'ball' or 'globe' lightning."

Bull Lightning Theory Disputed

The witness himself does not agree. Nor does Dr. McDonald.

"While I was quizzing [Ernst] about the state of the weather," Dr. McDonald said in a report to NICAP, "he made reference to the ball lightning explanation and said that was quite unreasonable. He pointed out that he and his father and grandfather had farmed in that area (his grandfather homesteaded there) and nobody in the area had ever seen any fireball or ball lightning or anything like that before... . Having heard directly from Ernst his description of the very precise pattern of the holes, which obviously impressed him greatly, and adding that to his description of the weather, I would say that any type of ball lightning hypothesis will not fit the report. I would say that this is a fairly strong case."

The Arizona atmospheric physicist said thunderstorm activity is needed to produce ball lightning, but "there is no mention of any thunderstorm occurring at the time, nor does any of the material indicate lightning activity."

"The descriptions of the geometric pattern of holes in the blown-out area are quite atypical of ball lightning.. . .," Dr. McDonald continued. "Ernst mentioned that it was hard to look at the object due to its luminosity. I have never heard of ball lightning so luminous that it would be hard to look at at a distance of a quarter of a mile. . . .

"It is true that lightning sometimes makes a hole or tear in the ground and it is also true that when it hits sand it vitrefies the sand, but I would not be satisfied with Berquist's easy explanation of the holes on such a basis, in view of the reported geometric pattern... .

"Ball lightning fairly frequently ends by exploding (occasionally with damaging force, usually just with a loud noise). One might hypothesize that the hole which Ernst reported was due to explosive termination of a lightning ball; however, then one would be left high and dry with respect to accounting for the ascent of the luminous mass. If, alternatively, one argued that the hole was made by an ordinary cloud-to-ground stroke which then generated a lightning ball, it would be unreasonable to think that Ernst could have failed to hear a very loud crash of thunder. No mention of any such thunder is made." - NICAP - 'Strange Effects from UFOs' - Donald Keyhoe and Gordon Lore

Fortean / Alternative News: Rapture Zealot Suffers Stroke, Close Encounters and New Rotorua UFO

Rapture zealot suffers stroke

Harold Camping, the Doomsday radio preacher who sparked international media attention by predicting the end of the world last month, has been hospitalized after suffering a stroke at his Alameda home Thursday night.

The 89-year-old radio evangelist and president of the Oakland nonprofit Family Radio was taken by ambulance from his house Thursday night, a neighbor said, but his well-known, gravelly voice that led many believers to donate millions of dollars to his cause may never be the same.

"He had a stroke, it was on his right side," said the neighbor, who declined to give her name but said she and her husband helped and comforted Camping's wife, Shirley, as the drama unfolded Thursday night.

Her husband spoke again with Shirley Camping on Friday. "His speech appears to be a little bit slurred but otherwise he's OK," the neighbor said. "(Shirley) said he was doing good "... and the only thing that's affected is his speech."

There was no answer at the door of the Camping home Saturday afternoon and all of the curtains and blinds were drawn. A GMC pickup with a Family Radio bumper sticker and a white Buick sat in the driveway.

Charles Menut -- the regional manager for Family Stations Inc., Family Radio's parent company, and the station manager and chief engineer for an affiliated station in West Orange, N.J. -- posted a Yahoo group message early Saturday morning reporting Camping's stroke to Family Radio supporters.

"Please just pray for him and do not try to contact anyone at his home or Family Radio," Menut wrote. "He and Shirley have enough family members to handle the situation. I'm sure we'll be able to publicly update everyone on Monday."

Menut could not be reached at his home or office Saturday.

"We will be praying for Mr. Camping and his family," one supporter wrote in reply to Menut's posting. "The Lord has been so merciful to allow Mr. Camping to faithfully teach the scriptures for over 52 years. I'm sure Mr. Camping is thinking right now that he wants God to receive all the glory the for the ministry of Family Radio."

Camping gained notoriety in recent months as the calendar closed in on May 21, the Saturday on which the Doomsday prophet said Judgment Day would occur and true believers would be taken to heaven.

That attempted prophecy gained the world's attention primarily because Camping wanted it that way. Family Radio, an empire of more than 70 radio stations that was estimated to be worth $72 million in 2009, spent more than $100 million over the past seven years publicizing the Rapture. Billboards guaranteeing the end of the world were present throughout the world and some followers drove RVs all over the United States to alert people.

But Camping was mocked nationally by talk-show hosts and the subject of protests, both by believers and nonbelievers alike. Some Christians called Camping a false prophet, and the American Atheists paid $27,000 for five weeks of billboard space in San Francisco, denouncing the Rapture, along with hosting a party that May 21 weekend.

Camping said he took his wife to a hotel during the weekend of the predicted Rapture and that the phone in his Alameda home rang constantly and strangers knocked on his door. It was, he said, "a very difficult time for me."

When the world did not end, Camping told reporters that the world would instead end Oct. 21 and argued that despite no physical evidence to the contrary, his point of view was correct. - insidebayarea


Close Encounters

MUFON CMS - 10/1994: In the mid-1970's I was riding my mother-in-law's bike and a very large disc shaped, silvery space ship hovered over me...I started riding around noonish and suddenly 5 or so hours just vanished. It was getting dark..but I hadn't gone anywhere! But my sighting report is not so much about seeing this is about my many encounters with extraterrestrial beings, mostly in my home. All together, there have been 9 encounters..the one that stands out in my mind the most: My daughter and I were coming home from a long day of work and school. She went directly to take her shower to get to bed quickly...I gathered up her things and walking from the kitchen to the living room...suddenly three beings..not human..appeared before me. I was stunned to say the least. They were each different in size and shape, but all had medium grey coloured skin, longish arms, fewer fingers than humans, a large head and prominent eyes..very big eyes with a seemingly second eye. The first one to the left was larger than the others...he looked directly at me as I was only a foot or so from him I could see him well. The one standing next to him was a bit smaller and the third was smaller yet, standing in the doorway of the bedroom. The larger one said telepathically to me: "We're sorry you saw us; we're leaving now"...The whole room became bathed in a glow of sparkley substance...they literally went up through the ceiling and disappeared. All the time they were with me I sensed they were benevolent...almost kind. It was an amazing experience I could never, ever forget. I told my daughter immediately as she wrapped her towel around her...I was concerned that she was OK...did they see her too? I wondered. We stayed up a long while, hugging and wondering who they were....The next morning as we were in the kitchen, she asked me "What are those red dots on your arm, Mama?" I looked and saw them in a circle. I then checked to see if she had them and she did. I realized they had come to see her too! I have told a few select not many. It was a lot to "wrap one's brain around". Since that night (and prior to that encounter) both my daughter and I have had further encounters with them. I am glad to report they never caused us any physical pain and every time seemed to express a concern for our well-being. I am more curious now than afraid.


Credit card thieves go grave robbing

Making the news this week, a woman who stole credit cards from a terminally ill patient, and another who ripped off her dead parents.

In previous weeks, stories about credit card crimes in the media have involved petty criminals stealing credit cards from churchgoers and teachers. Apparently, some thieves decided they needed to up the sleaze ante.

The first story is particularly sad. Dora T. Chatmon, 24, was providing in-home care for a terminally-ill woman in Lewiston, N.Y. She and her boyfriend, Leonard James, 19, used the woman's credit cards to make $13,000 in purchases between September 20 and October 12 last year. How low can you get?

Chatmon and James each blamed the other, which somehow makes me think they won't be staying together as a couple, but the judge felt that they both deserved some jail time. They each received four months of weekends in jail, five years' probation and will each have to pay back $6,450.

In the case of the woman who ripped off her dead parents, perhaps that is a little more forgivable, since they obviously weren't going to be using the credit cards any longer. Still, a crime is a crime, and this is a pretty serious one. Julie H. Frias, a 52-year-old in Edmond, Okla., spent more than $53,000 on her deceased parents' credit cards.

She and her husband, Domingo, traveled to Europe, Mexico, Texas and Nevada. They even purchased season tickets from Oklahoma State University, which makes me think any OSU fan reading this now is likely thinking, "OK, she can't be all bad…"

But of all the stories out there, the most ambitious and audacious is Jannie Lee's story. Boy, if she only used her time and energy for good.

Lee, a 28-year-old who apparently lives in the Tacoma, Wash., area, somehow got her hands on a commercial banking account number and came up with an ingenious, if highly illegal, scheme to make money.

Her group of scammers allegedly contacted up to 1,800 people with credit card debt and offered to settle their debt if they paid Lee half of what they owed on their card. They would provide their credit card account information, and Lee would pay off the rest of the debt using the ill-gotten commercial banking account.

For example, let's say I owe $1,000 on my credit card and I fall for Lee's scam. I would give Lee $500 in cash, and then she would pay off my $1,000 credit card debt with the illicit commercial banking account number. I'm happy because I paid my debt off with half the amount of money, and Lee is very pleased because she has just collected $500.

Lee's scammers allegedly got away with using the bogus corporate account to pay off credit cards and utility bills for two years before the account owner finally caught on. Lee is in jail right now and will likely stay there for awhile, unless anyone wants to pay off her $500,000 bail. - cardratings


More UFO activity over Rotorua, NZ

Claimed sightings of a UFO over Rotorua have been posted on video-sharing website YouTube.

Someone who goes by the username Horsefarmer1000 posted the video on the popular website on June 5 and in the information attached claims the footage was taken about 9.30pm on June 2.

Rotorua Astronomical Society vice-president Brian Hurren says the video - which is about 90 seconds long - may be anything from an out-of-focus star to an unusual plasma ball.

On the website the man said he saw a strange light above his farm and drove towards it to get a better look.

"[I] drove up the farm in a truck and seen a large object bigger then my truck hovering 20 meters off the ground at 2000 feet away," he wrote. [It] was just like a big ball of energy pulsing colours of yellow, pinky, purple."

He said as the object moved it changed shape - when it moved up it went flat and when it went down it would be more rounded.

The man told The Daily Post yesterday he was unavailable to comment because he was too busy.

Mr Hurren described the video as "interesting".

He said he wasn't sure what the object was.

"It just looked like an out-of-focus star," he said, adding it could also have been a plasma ball - a ball of gas - but they were rarely seen in New Zealand skies.

Mr Hurren said he would need more information about the object to be able to decide what it was.

People often assumed unfamiliar objects were UFOs.

"There is usually a reasonable explanation for everything," he said.

The sighting comes two months after Rotorua's Craig Baird saw what he thought could have been a UFO over Waikite Valley.

Mr Baird took photos of the unidentified flying object on March 31.

He said whatever it was seemed to take off from somewhere around the Waikite ranges or further away, between 6.30am and 6.45am.

Mr Baird said the "thing" seemed to stop and hover for about two minutes when it reached the clouds. - nzherald

Click for video


Geauga County, Ohio man shares story of UFO sighting

A man who believes he saw a UFO in Geauga County shared his amazing story Thursday night.

"There's this disc above the lake," longtime resident Glenn Frohring said. "It just hovered there and all of a sudden it was like it was on a giant rubber band and went woof just like that."

Frohring said he believes the disc he saw that day in 1954 was a UFO. And there were other sightings during that same decade.

One man reported seeing a UFO leave a crop circle at Patti Clemson's grandparents' farm in Montville Township.

"I just remember them saying it was a UFO and this man saw it and went home to get someone and came back and it was gone," Clemson recalled.

She was seven years old at the time.

The subject of UFO sightings resurfaced with the planned opening of Observatory Park, which will offer a unique look into outer space. The facility is about a mile from the farm Patti Clemson's grandparents once owned.

"I'm sure it happened," she said of the mysterious crop circles.

Frohring has a theory about why there were so many UFO sightings in the 1950s. He believes it had something to do with the setting off of atom bombs.

And why were the sightings in Geauga County and not Cleveland?

"It's rural," Frohring said. "People are outside." - newsnet5

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