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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fortean / Alternative News: Frederick Co. MD Anomaly, Aussie X-Files Missing and Mexican Cryptid

Frederick County, MD light anomaly had several witnesses

MUFON CMS - 6/6/2011: I was sitting on my deck facing south in Walkersville MD. My house is about 1/2 mile from route 15 north of Frederick MD. I noticed a bright light on the horizon. The object moved above the tree line, then went back down again, to the left, slowly, until I couldn't see it anymore. A friend of mine in Thurmont MD (north of here, not far from Camp David), could see it as well. I snapped a picture of it with my iPhone camera, then ran to get my digital camera, switched it to the video setting, and filmed about 41 seconds of it. It appeared a few more times, then didn't come back anymore. I honestly thought it was a state police helicopter at first, but after awhile, it was apparent this was not a helicopter. No noise at all.

Here is a link to the video I posted of the event on FaceBook.

NOTE: I received 2 inquiries about this particular light anomaly in Frederick County, MD last evening. As well, there was activity noted throughout the Baltimore metro area last night...mostly orange orbs. I will see if other information comes forth. Lon


Australia X-Files: MISSING!

Could there be any better fodder for Australia's conspiracy theorists? The Department of Defence has ''lost'' its X-Files.

For decades, Defence officials dutifully investigated an unknown number of UFO sightings being reported all over the country. Intelligence officers attached to the Royal Australian Air Force checked the known movement of aircraft against reported sightings, and politely responded by mail to everyone who claimed they saw floating lights or flat saucers or streaking vapour trails. Some of the files were marked as classified.

Last year, the British government released a large part of its dossier on unidentified flying objects after significant pressure from freedom- of-information applicants. More than 4000 pages of Defence Ministry documents, detailing 800 reported encounters during the 1980s and 1990s were posted online.

Fairfax sought access to the Australian version. But the response was more surprising than what the files might have contained - the material has largely gone missing.

The department spent two months searching its offices for files that would be captured by the Herald's FOI application, which sought a ''schedule of records held by the Department of Defence … which relate to unidentified flying objects''.

But in late May, the department's FOI assistant director, Natalie Carpenter, delivered a reply that seemed almost designed to set online chat rooms alight with conspiracy chatter.

The only file Defence was able to locate was titled ''Report on UFOs/Strange Occurrences and Phenomena in Woomera''; the others had been destroyed.

''We also discovered one [other] file, which had not been destroyed but could not be located,'' Ms Carpenter wrote.

''In an effort to retrieve this file our office conducted searches of the Defence Record Management System, National Archives Australia [Canberra], National Archives Australia [Chester Hill], Defence Archives Queanbeyan and Headquarters Air Command, RAAF Base Glenbrook.

''Despite searching these locations, the files could not be located and Headquarters Air Command formally advised that this file is deemed lost.''

Previous FOI applications for similar files had also been destroyed, she said, ''as is normal administrative procedure''.

What is left is sketchy at best - a handful of ancient press clippings and scattered pieces of formal government correspondence. The papers show that about six years ago, the Australian UFO Research Association was able to locate some files, now missing. The organisation's summary of the material is one of the few complete items left in the remaining dossier.

It shows there were a series of sightings from around the country and overseas, including people living in towns near Woomera, a weapons range.

One incident report released to the organisation that year was a detailed report of an object's flight path by Warrant Officer G.E. Millard in October 1952.

Though he was able to track its movement for 24 minutes via radar equipment, he couldn't actually see the target using the normal telescope attached to the radar. After extensive investigation, he concluded the anomaly was a snow cloud.

The UFO research group's report says ''to date we have found three Department of Supply files dealing with the topic of 'flying saucers' or UFOs''.

''The earliest file so far located in South Australia is from series D174, control symbol SA5281 titled 'Unusual Occurrences Flying Saucer at Woomera' with a date range of 1952-1955. It was originally classified 'Secret'. It is a 25-page file.''

In November 2000, the then defence chiefs decided the department would stop collecting UFO reports.

''For many years the RAAF was responsible for the handling of Unusual Aerial Sightings (UAS) at the official level,'' they wrote in a department-wide policy memo.

''This function ceased in 1996 after consideration of the scientific record suggested that there was no compelling reason for the RAAF to continue to devote resources to the recording and investigation of UAS.

''The ADF does not accept reports on UAS and does not attempt assignment of cause or allocation of reliability. Members of the community who seek to report UAS to ADF personnel are to be referred to their local police authorities in the first instance, or alternatively to seek contact numbers for civil Unidentified Flying Object research organisations from the relevant state telephone directory.'' The memo said the ADF did not affiliate with any civil UFO organisations. - smh


Bio-Station Alpha is there.....

My friend Bob Gardner, MUFON Chief Investigator PA & DE and STAR Southeast Regional Team Leader (http://mufonpa.com) emailed this morning that the original video of the find had be removed...but he painstakingly (for an hour) scanned the red planet manually and found it. Pictured below....

Thanks Bob!


An Imp, Cyclops or Unknown Creature?

Scott Corrales - Inexplicata

By Arq. Salvador Mora - Director, Grupo La Esfera Azul

On Friday, March 19, 2010, an event occurred in Chiquimitio, Michoacán, Mexico, whose characteristics make it extraordinary within the field of cryptozoology, according to the events described:

Chiquimitío, a town of approximately 1,500 residents, is a small community some two thousand twenty meters above sea level, quite close to the city of Morelia. And that's where some local residents encountered a strange creature, small and walking on all fours before standing on two legs. They described the creature as having thin arms, legs and torso, covered with very little hair. Unfortunately, the few witnesses to this event were gripped by fear, and threw themselves against the unknown entity, lopping off its head with a single blow and throwing its small carcass to the local dogs, which devoured it almost immediately. It should also be noted that Chiquimitío is a farming community, and it is customary for residents to carry machetes wherever they go.

Subsequently, the same people involved in the event took what remains, up to this moment, the only evidence of the case: one cell phone video with a duration of 1 minute and 11 seconds, showing the head propped up against what appear to be wooden boards. A quick inspection of the creature's head can be seen through small sticks, as well as three photos showing it in detail. One of them, particularly, displays the head in comparison with a human torso.

After quickly recording this video and photo evidence, the eyewitnesses sadly chose to throw away the head, leaving no possibility for subsequent physical analysis.
Only a few days after the event, a person known to our group approached us to provide us with the visual evidence, describing how he gleaned all of the information, telling us that a person who worked alongside him in a family business was among the few witnesses to the event. It was this individual who managed to capture the events on video and photo formats, and it was precisely the person who told our friend that at the moment that they saw something whose characteristics were completely unknown to them, it sent them into a generalized psychosis. They subsequently regretted not having preserved any physical evidence for subsequent study.

It should be noted that we first thought it could be case of cyclopia - a congenital deficiency characterized by a single facial orbit visible on the face of living creatures -- that is to say, a single eye -- accompanied by cranial deformation and the absence of a nose (also known as holoprosencephaly) and that the creature's physique, and its similarity to a dog of the Chihuahua breed, could have indeed been an adequate hypothesis. However, a situation that also prompts reflection is that one of the characteristics of cyclopia, while it can affect any living creature, it is evident in approximately 1 to 3 per 1000 births. This low percentage is either stillborn or dies shortly later.

This factor also leads to consideration. This being's head shows signs of having been alive for a longer time, a detail evident in the teeth, which were in some way developed. In turn, the strange shape and size of the ears is striking. These could initially be said to resemble those of a Chihuahua dog. However, this species of canine has rigid and firm ears, contrary to what we see in this unknown creature, as the ears appear larger and more flexible.

It has been said for a long time that in communities near Chiquimitío and several locations in the state of Michoacán, there have been sightings of strange beings resembling the legendary elves, trolls and even cyclops and giants, all of this forming part of the area's legends.

No final conclusion is possible for this case, based on all the foregoing. However, considering the evidence and all that has been investigated, we can say that on 19 March 2010 in Chiquimitío, Michoacán, Mexico, something was seen. A genetically deformed animal, an imp, a troll, a cyclops? You have the last word. Thank you very much.

Click for video


Fluorescent fauna - Fiji reefs

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and other partners are currently exploring a remote coral reef off Fiji's Totoya Island.

Accompanying the organizations is Roko Sau (Roko Josefa Cinavilakeba), the current high chief of Totoya Island who will this week declare the reef off-limits to fishing in recognition of World Ocean's Day on June 8. In so doing, Roko Sau hopes to ensure there are fish for future generations. - mongabay