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Friday, April 09, 2010

Update: Warner Amazon Expedition 2010 - In Search of Yacumama

Back in January 2010, I posted Warner Amazon Expedition 2010: In Search of Yacumama. I received the following update correspondence yesterday:

Dear Lon

In November last year we reported on, and supplied photographs of, a giant snake event in near the jungle city of Iquitos Peru. The photographs we commissioned showed a trail at least 5 meters wide and now we have located video evidence to support our photos and eye-witness accounts.

The video is in Spanish but we have had our contact in the Amazon supply a full translation.

This is clearly further evidence that the Black Boa, Yacumama, Sachamama and the Minhocao are one and the same animal. All contemporaneous description and photographic evidence points to this conclusion.

Please follow the link below which will direct your readers to this new information. www.bigsnakes.net/Research.htm

As your readers will know, we have been in discussions with selected TV Production companies and Broadcasters with the aim of supporting our return to the Amazon this year for a ground expedition is search of conclusive evidence including DNA to prove that this snake is a species previously unknown to science.

Although we still remain hopeful we received a setback last week when National Geographic International (who took an interest in our project) became concerned about the risks involved in the return expedition. Please see the correspondence below. We will continue to keep you posted on our progress:


Re: Yacumama & the South American Dragon Submission‏


Mark xxxx (mxxxxx@ngs.org)


30 March 2010 19:12:17


G Warner (warnergreg@xxxxxxxx.com)


Dear Greg,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this but we reviewed the materials from Firecracker Films regarding Yacumama. It is an exciting and intriguing story for sure. While we did like the father/son dynamic, NGCI...feel that there is a bit of risk associated with a program of this nature. Also, upon further evaluation of our current and future programming, we don't have a strong need for a one-off of this nature at this time. Our primary need is for series.

That being said, we'd be happy to take a look once again when the project is completed.

All the best in your journey to find the Yacumama!

Best Regards,


Click for video


After seeing Lucho Llosa's Anaconda movie, panic has -in some way- generalized against this giant snake, and myths grew around this animal, that is why we believe that if the Peruvian movie maker Lucho Llosa had heard the story lived by these persons, he would have to re-write Anaconda and roll a second part.

In the human settlement 24 de Mayo, today's dawn, the dwellers got into panic when seeing that on the enormous swamp located at the posterior part of the settlement, a huge silhouette of dragged grass and mud was drawn; attributing the event to the Sachamama, although others said that it a was gigantic boa that guarded a small pond of the place.

Presenter- Before the rain fell, was there this here?

Woman- Yes, there was a cocha here

Presenter- A cocha… but was it a cocha that size or…

Woman- All this is water, don’t you see where you are walking?

Presenter- ok, but was there this entire open field?

Man with hat- No, no, there was not… there was not

Woman in white- The neighbors who live near here inform that , they said that there was not; it was just a swamp, water, grass; that is why they are surprised to see all this today.

Presenter- To get to the sinuous path made by the alleged gigantic boa, we had to walk over the mud, only then we could see what remained from the night before, after heavy rains accompanied by lightning and thunder, according to the version of these persons, they felt small tremor at the time the enormous beast got out of its hiding place, to slide to the nearest river opening a trail of more than 5 meters wide, although it has to be said that nobody, but nobody saw the boa.

Man in green- It started to move like this, circulate, until it found a way out over there; and you cannot say that there is a channel over there because everything was plain, as you can see it was plain, all this is a trail that it made, look, it looked like it wanted to get out that way but turned over there, it took all this way, (woman: and it made all this, didn’t it?) it took all this; if you keep walking that way you can see, it remained like this. But before it was not like that.

Presenter- People, you say that before people used to throw their garbage here

Woman- Everything, here. Look, it is all clean. (Woman in white)

Presenter- But you consider that that made the animal furious,

Woman in gray- yes because they were throwing broken glass for it to go away…because here there was a cocha, like a lagoon, which never dried out. And where there is a cocha that never dries it is because there is an animal, it has a mother.

Presenter- Did you feel the same tremor, earthquake?

Woman in gray- That was at night, we could not see.

Presenter- But, have you felt a tremor or something?

Woman in white- yes the neighbors say

Woman in gray- there are Aguaje trees over there that were moved like this from one side to the other.

Presenter- But you did not get to see the animal, you assume that it was a boa that got out of here?

Woman- Yes.

Presenter- This family lives in front of this swamp and like their neighbors they found themselves surprised with the event and attest that since before they used to feel small tremors that they supposed it caused by this gigantic boa.

Woman in orange- I did not imagine if the animal, the boa was going to get out.

Presenter- But you supposed that an animal was living there?

Woman in orange- Yes, we supposed there was an animal here because we are living here for 4 years, but every time the animal moved we felt like the earth was moving.

Presenter- Ah.. You say then that the earth felt like moving?

Woman in orange- Yes, yes, we felt like the earth was moving.

Presenter- Rain or no rain?

Woman in orange- Yes, rain or no rain. Like an earthquake. Ground moved.

Presenter- All these people were witnesses of an event like this without getting to see the animal for which we had a doubt of the possible existence of a boa who reaches up to 5 meters in width, doubt that took us to consult Pedro Perez, Biologist, specialist in ophidian and reptiles; and from a professional point of view answered the questions:

Pedro Perez- (“Herpetologist”) Firstly, it doesn’t, it doesn’t exist a reptile, and in this case, a boa of such magnitude of such width, there can exist a 7 meters boa but in length not in width. Well, normally this types of stories are related to… to… torrential rains that fall over determined types of soils, soft soils; where it can generate a… a… sliding of this types of soils. So this makes the idea that an animal of this magnitude has passed by, but in reality it is more related to… to… strong rains, types of soft soils, and sliding more than to an animal very wide that… that does not exist in the Amazonia.

Presenter- Things seemed to be clear but this dweller (woman) has another testimony.

Presenter- So, so, you always thought that there was something here because of a lagoon.

Woman in gray- Yes, young man, because over there, a friend, from his very side walk another black boa came out leaving a trail around 2 ½ 3 meters more or less, the width of that trail over there…,

Presenter- In that occasion, did you see the boa?,

Woman in gray- Yes, it was a black boa. Yes, it was at 4:00PM

Presenter- did you see it

Woman in gray- breaking all his entire sidewalk. Moved everything in his house. Like it was a quake, in his house. But that one went that way by that channel there.

Presenter- And the specialist responded:

Pedro Perez- Definitely, a big animal needs to eat a lot of food … no? For it to maintain its enormous body, if it is a big animal it needs to eat big animals: (wild pig) Sajino, (other type of wild pig) Huangana, (Capibara) Ronsoco, and I don’t think they are in this place, there are not that kind of animals there. At the most there are, maybe, little rats, little frogs, but it is not going to be enough to maintain this, this enormous animal.

And, and in some cases, it has been observed that big serpents, big boas can eat people but in very extreme cases where there are no food.

If, in case, there could be an animal so big of that dimensions, then it would have been eating persons in that place.

Presenter- For the most specialized explanations that exist; beliefs or popular myths, many times, overcome the scientific criteria. Since before seeing it many believe that the Sachamama, Gigantic boa or how you want to call it, keeps more live than ever in all the lakes of the jungle and the Human Settlements.

And you, what do you believe?

Update: Warner Amazon Expedition 2010 - In Search of Yacumama

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