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Thursday, January 20, 2022

More 'Weird Customer' Encounters Described by Employees

Business employees describe their strange encounters with unusual customers. There are references to strangely dressed people, aliens, a 'World of Warcraft' gnome etc. Very interesting incidents.

"I work in retail and I remember running into some people who behaved so oddly that I (only half-jokingly) thought they might be aliens or otherwise not entirely human. They had this really wide-eyed happy expression the whole time they spoke, didn't really seem to be blinking, spoke in a very stilted/overly formal manner and would constantly use my name at the end of every sentence (which is something customers almost never do). They also asked me a ton of questions about the area, things that most natives and travelers alike would know and seemed to be really puzzled/fascinated by ordinary stuff like the packs of gum they were looking at.

I still remember that couple vividly after several years and they're the only customers have ever dealt with that made me kind of wonder just a tiny bit. Of course there are many possible rational explanations and I'm sure there is one for these people as well. But I still think about them sometimes." K


"This happened to me with a guy at work once. My coworker agreed with me and brought it up first. She called him terrifying. When he came in I was honestly filled with a sense of dread and unease.

It was a salad bar, so I’m behind the counter. He was clean and reasonably good looking and well-behaved. I have encountered more gritty looking people there that didn’t make me nervous, and more aggressive people. It was like he knew. I think that’s what was so scary. I felt like he was something else and I didn’t feel comfortable and it’s like he KNEW, and seemed ever so slightly amused by it. I haven’t met anyone like that before or after. This was 2019." SP


"Years ago I worked at Kroger as a cashier, and an elderly man came through my line. If you could take a 'World of Warcraft' gnome and make it a real person, this would be that guy. Like he was short, thin, sorta bulbous nose, tan leathery skin and I got this weird vibe that made me think of being underground and in a mine or something. It was the craziest thing. We made eye contact and it felt like he knew I knew. Like a familiar knowing. Kindred sort of thing I guess. But, I know I'm not from here and this is not my final form so." A


"A guy working the drive-thru at my local Starbucks was just…off. He was perfectly nice, even chatty, but he talked like a tourist who was seeing a new place for the first time. He was bright eyed and chipper, way beyond the norm even for someone in a great mood. To cap it all off when I paid for my drink he said “Thank you for your monetary exchange, have a great day!”

It was absolutely surreal, and to make it weirder I never saw him before and have never seen him since. It was like an alien out in a human suit to immerse himself in our culture for a day.

All that said, I am 100% sure this dude was in a good mood (and quite possibly high as a kite) and just decided to really mess with someone by acting exactly that way, making someone think he was an alien in a human suit.

Some people are just weird. It’s possible you encounter beings who were not strictly human. It’s possible I encountered an alien masquerading as a human for a day. It’s more likely we just both met some really weird dudes! Either way, as long as they didn’t do anything harmful I don’t see it being anything to let trouble your mind.

Now if some guys like that pull up and start asking weirdly personal or pointed questions, or start asking weird social or political things like they’re not truly familiar with local customs THEN it’s time to start questioning who or what you just encountered!" V


"I worked retail, and I had this older woman and a young man come in. They were absolutely fascinated by every little thing. They didn't even know what a AA battery was, and kept clarifying that's what it was, and acted fascinated by it. They wore generic clothes you'd find at a thrift store or good will. And they had a weird accent. I swear they weren't human!" AG

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