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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Bi-Pedal 'Dogman' Observed in Jura Mountains, France

A French woman and her friend are in a mountain forest near Jura, France when they encounter a upright canine cryptid while dog-walking on a wooded pathway. Was it a Dogman?

The following account was recently referred to me:

"I would like to share what happened to me in mid-April 2015. It was the end of the afternoon and the light was good. I had decided to take a little walk, in the Jura Mountains forest (eastern France) where I live, with a friend and my little dog. We chose a place where I parked my car and we began to walk in.

It didn't take long before I began to feel nervous. As we were walking we heard a horrible noise. It sounded like doves, but they were not singing, but they were screaming. It was the first time I have heard this noise. I laughed and said to my friend, "I feel like they don’t want us in the forest for some reason." We pushed on and the path was wide as we got further along. Suddenly, I noticed something moving down the track to the side of us. I realized it was an animal and I thought it was a large dog. The color was very black. I was upset and I told my friend I’d rather go back to the car. I didn’t want my little dog to cross what I thought was a big dog off the leash. Luckily, I had my little dog on a leash.

I started to turn around and return to the car, but my friend stayed and watched to see if she could place the rogue dog without an owner. I was walking for a few minutes when I heard my friend screaming "Run! Run!". Without looking back, I accelerated my pace and arrived at the car out of breath. I put my little dog into the car. Before I got in the car, I looked down the path and I saw a deep black coloured creature walking into the forest away from us. I was so surprised and shocked, I couldn’t believe it. I could only see the top up to the shoulders of the creature. My friend who joined me at the car explained to me what she saw. She said that this creature moved by "slipping" at high speed along the side then seemed to get it's momentum and straightened up onto its hind legs. My friend told me, and this is what I can confirm, that she was over two metres tall.

We couldn’t see its eyes. The creature stopped when it saw my friend. They looked at each other for a few seconds, then the creature decided to turn into the wood. My friend told me it had a dog’s head, and the ears were pinned down. This creature had a muscular body (torso and thighs) that was covered with deep black hair. We were shocked!

We later decided to go back to the forest and see if there was an explanation to all this, but didn’t notice anything strange that we would answer this puzzle. And then I told my friend, we should try to get back to this place before nightfall. So, we did this two weeks later. It’s strange, you see, because, when we got out of the car on the evening visit we immediately felt something was wrong. The atmosphere was very different. There was complete silence. We began to walk and after a few minutes, I felt anxious again. I decided to go back and my friend tried to push on into the trees but she also came back running. The creature was there again. It was standing in the woods, looking at us. I had not seen the creature this time thankfully. We would like to be courageous enough to take a picture of the creature. I know that we are not the only ones to have seen this dogman (and we are sure that it is what we saw). We learned that someone else saw it as well a few days later. So I tell some friends to be careful if they decide to go into any forest especially if this forest is abnormally silent.

As I do with everyone who comes forward I asked if they had ever experienced anything else unusual or unexplained either in this area or at another point in time.

This is not the first time I have had a strange meeting in the forest. The first dates back to 5 or 6 years previously in August. I never heard of the name dogman until a year ago. I must tell you that I have always loved nature, fields and forests since my childhood. I always went to the woods a lot. But that year, while I was going to fetch mushrooms, I felt uncomfortable without understanding why? Several times, I went back to the car running. I regained my senses then found myself confused and then I understood what was bothering me: it was the abnormal total silence in the middle of Summer.

One morning, I arrived early and got on a trail. I saw a black mass at the end and I thought it was a tree stump. I continued to search for my mushrooms and gradually moved closer to the tree stump. When I looked up, my heart started thumping so hard I felt like I could hear it outside my chest. I did not understand what I had in front of me, what I was seeing with my own eyes. Imagine a human being squatting, with their head on their chest sleeping. But It was not a human being. It was covered with black hairs everywhere. It was not a boar. It was not a badger. I did not understand what it was and especially as I had never felt in my life such a feeling of panic. I started backing up, praying that this creature would not wake up and I ran away without turning around.

I have never been able to return to the forest after I made the observation of the creature I saw and told you about. In the meantime, I had learned the dogman's story, that people were seeing them and that they could be dangerous. In April, I was with my friend. My friend is a medium and can see and experience the dead. So, I think that if there is connection. Since I have known her I'm starting to see some weird things on my lot in front of my house with my camera at night. My little dog is also seeing and reacting to things I do not see with the naked eye. When he growls, if I take a picture in the dark, there are orbs, colored tubes, shapes that move.

As far as the dogman is concerned, it's a very real creature. This story disturbs me. I really want to know, but I'm scared to go back. Yet at no time did it show any aggression. It could have arrived on us without problem. It was moving fast with long strides. I know that I will return to this forest despite my fear but I will not go alone.

My friend went back to her home in the north of France. When she was face to face with this creature, a small inner voice pushed her to go with it, but her survival instinct took over. My friend told me she remembered a past life experience. She was hunted in the forest by humans. She had two wolves that accompanied her, a white one and a black one that protected her. When she was captured as a witch the people killed the wolf in front of her cruelly." ES

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