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Friday, January 19, 2018

Mary's Alien Experience

Mary in Florida called in to tell of her alien abduction experience:

“What happened to me was... November 11, 1991. It was 4:44 in the morning. There was a huge light outside my trailer. It was in a rural area. And like an idiot, I opened the door up and next thing you know, there was a blue neon beam and I was pulled up into a ship. I remember the ship was silver and it had rivets on it. I do remember that it had some kind of weird hieroglyphics or something around it. When I got inside there was a little grey alien guy. There was about ten of them. I looked around it was all like metallic on the inside. There were gurneys with bodies immobilized laying around.

What happened was, I got really scared. And when one of them came near me, I started fighting them. I started hitting them and punching them. Next thing I know, they produced their leader or whatever. It was a tall guy, one of the ones... He had a big head too, but he was all wrinkled up. He had a white lab coat on and he came out and he said to them telepathically, 'Don't worry, I know her. This one fights too much.' And he was just kind of grandfatherly to me. He was very nice. He immobilized me immediately. So I'm on the gurney. The only thing that I remember that they did to me was they took a big long, probably 12 inch wire-needle-like thing and put it in my neck and next thing you know, I was back in my house. I still have a lump where that thing was and no doctors can tell me what it is.

I became pregnant immediately and when I went for a sonogram, this was probably like December, the baby had wings. All the medical staff freaked out at the hospital. I kept the picture of the sonogram. I texted you earlier (talking to Clyde Lewis). And the baby did not survive.

So the after effects of this whole situation is I do see 444 all the time, on the digital monitors and the clock. Or I'll wake up at that hour. And I do have electrical issues, going through checkpoints, putting out streetlights, portable dryer, the microwave. It costs me money. It was a harrowing experience because I have a feeling if I did not fight off those little grey ones with the big heads that they describe. The pictures of them is very similar to the ones that I saw. I think that worse things would have happened because I did see at least six gurneys with immobilized males laying on them. (Clyde asks about the hospital reaction to the sonogram). They freaked out and went and got more medical staff to X-ray. They went 'Oh my god! Oh my god!' And it was the Catholic hospital that did it. It was actually in Buffalo, New York. I have the sonogram pictures. I blocked out my name because I didn't want anyone in my profession to know about it. I haven't really told anyone. I did have a witness. My partner was with me at the time and he would not say a word. Not a word. He's a Vietnam vet and he would not say anything. He would not even talk about it. I never heard from anybody. I never told anybody.

At the time, I lived on an Indian Reservation. I've never told anybody about it except my partner's mother and that was it because I didn't want to be stigmatized. I didn't want people to say, 'Oh, you're nuts.' But it happened. I mean, it's craziness. But the worse things was, the alien doctor guy with the lab coat, he was all like glowing, and kind of like beaming, like 'Oh Oh, I know this one.' Like he knew me. And 'She fights way too much.' and I just was immobilized.”

Source: Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis - January 8, 2018

Beyond Creepy

NOTE: That's quite an unusual account, but not too dissimilar to other abduction scenarios I have read or have been told. The constant recognition of the same set of numbers is a typical response after an abduction. I certainly would like to see the sonogram. Lon


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