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Friday, January 19, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Tunnel to the Past -- Unknown Craft Seen During Flight -- Are We Safe?

Tunnel to the Past

“Years ago when I was about 10 or 11 years old, myself and a few other friends were walking along a disused railway line in Scotland which we had done previously many times that summer. Through a short tunnel under a bridge was the old station and ticket office which had been empty and abandoned for some years with the roof partly gone. We would often climb inside as kids do. On approaching the end of the tunnel this Sunday afternoon we could see smoke rising up from the chimney and the building looked like it was fully occupied with doors open etc. We then caught sight of a man holding back a curtain and looking at us through a window. He had a large moustache kind of Victorian-style. I cant remember who spotted him first I just remember bemusement then panic as we tore back through the tunnel. Cant explain it, but we all saw it. I cant remember if we ever went back to investigate but I remember being driven over the bridge and looking down at the station sometime after and the place was derelict.”

Source: Youtube comments, Colin Bellew

Beyond Creepy


Suddenly Transported From Home

Occurred : 1/5/2018 04:44 (Entered as : 1/5/18 4:44)
Reported: 1/6/2018 9:30:08 AM 09:30
Posted: 1/18/2018
Location: Alamosa, CO
Duration:Not sure

I was awoken at 4:44 am on 1/5/18, I sat up in bed and had an overwhelming sense of being watched. After investigating my apartment and finding no one. I noticed I could not find my dog. I then went to my bathroom and sat down on the toilet. Suddenly I was nude standing in what seemed to be a large cavern. In front of me was a 30 ft wide infinitely tall windowless doorless tower with a light emmting from behind the tower. The color of this light was of a hue I have never seen and therefore makes it very difficult to describe. I can remember the way the floor felt on my bare feet, it was cold and damp and gritty. Then I was suddenly in my bed again and in my clothes, wide awake the entire time. My wife who was asleep noticed nothing until I woke her up by grabbing hold of her and pulling her close to me. I have had bouts of nausea off and on since and images of extraterrestrials make me very uncomfortable now. To the point of causing chills and anxiety. The whole experience seems to have lasted a little over an hour according to the clock when I got up after the entire thing it was 5:59am. Although the whole thing only seemed to last 10 to 15 minutes total time remembered. - NUFORC


Are We Safe?

Occurred : 1/5/2018 03:20 (Entered as : 01/05/18 3:20)
Reported: 1/9/2018 10:01:26 AM 10:01
Posted: 1/18/2018
Location: Appointee Falls, NY
Duration:5 seconds

Please keep me anonymous. We just want to know if we are safe.

My son and sister witnessed a creature at 3:20 in the morning while letting dog out. They came in running and screaming. They said the thing was 7-8 feet tall grey green elongated head, no genitals and when they startled it, it ran at an impossible speed covering over 150 ft in two seconds and was out of sight. We're all scared and wanted someone to know. - NUFORC


Unknown Craft Seen During Flight

1-11-18 - inflight from Seattle to Las Vegas, ETD from Seatac about 1540, Spirit Airlines. I was taking scenery pictures (aircraft left) on the mostly clear, late afternoon, although there was intermittent cloud cover below. Suddenly I briefly saw an object coming our way much closer than other aircraft. I thought it had to be an airplane coming too close, but I never saw what looked like an aircraft. My camera was already at the window so I quickly got a few pictures without focusing as there was no time. It went by and over/behind us without any time to adjust my glasses to see it plus take pictures. I was wondering, what did I just see? I wasn't sure if maybe the object in the sky had something to do with Nellis AFB, or something from Area 51, or was it just an airplane with an optical illusion. There was no comment from the cockpit and I don't know if anyone else saw it. I'm not sure if we were traveling over California or Nevada. About 20 minutes later we were going over Mt. Charleston. We touched down in Las Vegas approximately 35 minutes after seeing the object and by that time it was dark. Upon landing, the aircraft sounded like it was shaking completely apart. The passengers commented with concern. I have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles and I have never observed an object like that before. - MUFON


'The Anomalist' Weighs In

"As sightings of the Mothman continue to accumulate, Josh Terry weighs in on what the experts in the field have to say. While these are just our thoughts on the matter, no amount of trying to poke holes in Lon Strickler's extensive research is going to make the phenomenon go away, regardless of how desperately authorities want to find a mundane answer to what Chicagoan's are seeing in the night skies."


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