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Monday, February 20, 2017

'Don't go up there alone at night'

A police officer in Florida, who wished to remain anonymous, wrote to tell of his weird encounter on a lonely road:

“Highway patrol trooper here. Florida. This was about 5 years ago when I was a two-year rookie. I wasn't very familiar with the history of the area that I was working at the time. It starts fairly tragically. I was working the midnight shift and we got a call that a fatal car crash had happened. I head up there and I'm the first trooper on scene. I check with the deputies and they give me the run down: Naked guy walked out onto the highway right into the path of a semi. Parts of him were here, there and everywhere and there's a pickup truck off in the woods about 500 feet back. I'm on long enough to keep my breakfast down but still new enough to not be completely unnerved by being surrounded by the smell of recent death. Long story short on that investigation, the man was mentally disturbed. The investigators told me he must have been having a meltdown, crashed his truck into the treeline to commit suicide and when that didn't work, walked up from the treeline, stripping off all of his clothes, and just jumped in front of the first big truck to come along. Fairly standard night that particular month, I worked on six 'fatals' that month alone.The weird things started happening about a week later.

I'm working and I get a call from a pedestrian on the interstate in the same area as the fatal crash and suicide. Routine call, usually some drunk who drove into a ditch and is trying to put some distance between him and a DUI arrest, so I traveled the 40 miles up there, not expecting to find anyone. I get there and sure enough, there's no one there, so I turn around and start driving away. About 30 minutes later, I get a second call from a pedestrian in the same place. I head back up there and surprise, nothing! I start driving away. I get about 3 miles down the road and the dispatcher calls it back to me again. Two odds things about that; 1..., I'm still in the area, and, 2..., I didn't see any damn cars that could have been calling the sighting in. So, I flip a U-turn in the middle of the median and I head back up. At this point, I figure it's teenagers messing with our dispatcher or it's some vagrant trying to hitchhike and hiding from me in the woods. So I pull back into the median and back my car up into the treeline and I cut my lights out and I start watching the shoulder.

After about ten minutes, right where the suicide took place, I see the shape of a man move from the treeline to the roadside and walks right up to the road. I turn my spotlight on and the whole thing just disappears. No motion as if someone ran off, just gone! So I put my car into gear and got the hell out of there and the car just dies. Nothing really supernatural about a Crown Vic with 180 thousand miles just breaking down, but the timing was pretty damn freaky. I start trying to get the engine to turn over and I notice the trees behind me rustling. Finally the engine turns over. I put the car in gear and I head as far away from that spot as I can.

A few nights later I'm sitting at breakfast with one of the old salts and I tell him what happened and he looks at me and says, Yeah, don't go up there alone at night. Back in the 90s, a trooper kidnapped, raped and murdered a woman in the trees in the median. He went on to tell me that a lot of guys have had experiences with their cars dying in that area. The whole area just feels wrong when I pass through. Even thought they ripped up the forest to expand the road.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness - February 13, 2017

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