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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Daily 2 Cents: The Night Visitors -- I Think She Hears Us... -- 'Dancing' Ball of Light

The Night Visitors

In 1969 at the age of 12 to 13, we lived on an abandoned USAF base. It was great getting together with other kids and playing...discovering all the left over artillery, coins, tunnels, etc. Sometimes a family would have discussions of what they had seen at night in the sky, or about ghosts that haunt buildings on the airport. The usually kids stuff to try and scare the hell out of each other. It didn't matter what you did on that base, but you were always being watched. By your parents, the airport manager, the county workers, other parents, or just that strange feeling that something was there in spirit or just around the corner, I hated that it was always there.

On this base we lived in an old barracks building converted into a home for a family. It was a little cramped but that is how we lived there.

The night we were visited. It was as always, so it seemed as a normal night watch TV have your parents tell you it was time to go to bed. I shared a room with my younger brother, on that night no one remembered what had happened.

I figure the time to be around 2:00a.m. I had awakened from my sleep to hearing some noise in the front of the house. I first heard the noises of things being looked over a few rattles the scuffing noise of chairs being moved ever so slightly as not to wake anyone, and the spoons and forks being gone through as well. By this time I was digging in to my bed as tight as I could and as silently as possible to not let anything or one know I was awake.

By that time they were coming threw my sister room which was just before mine. You had to go from my sisters room, to my room then to my parents room, kind of a strange set up but that was the lay out.

Anyway as I heard them coming I was ever so still trying to fake my unconsciousness. They apparently were in my sister’s bedroom for a short time before arriving in mine. Then I could feel their presence around my bed. I was face toward the wall in the fetal position so I could not see them at this time yet. They shoved an instrument into my ear canal that made a screeching noise that was so unbearable I started screaming at the top of my lungs for help, but nothing came out. They rolled me over to face them; my covers were pulled off my bed. It seemed an indefinite period laying there under paralyzation not being able to move.

Then I was somewhere else, in a room dimly lit. I could now see them, each side of me had what you call a grey looking alien and they were operating on me sticking things in me. The pain was very unbearable and there was then another one above my head and it was taller than the two on my sides. Mentally it said it is okay, your fine and it won’t take long. It was a female voice (mentally) that I heard.

I could not tell how long I was paralyzed before I was taken home and released. The next thing I remember was being released, but still not being able to move or yell until they were gone. When I was able to move I jumped out of bed running into my parent’s room screaming at the top of my lungs, and trying unsuccessfully to turn on their light switch, I was so scared that I was turning it on and off kind off like a strobe light. My dad jumped out of bed to try to figure out what had happened. I had explained that something or someone was here. But to no avail nothing was found in our house.

I now know that some visitors of the unknown had visited. From where, my guess is aliens as there has been several sightings and activity in this area as you will read about in later chapters.

But since the noise that had been used to paralyze me had been used, I have lived with being a wakened by it for several years until the age of 27. It would start at a level and paralyze me then come to an unbearable peak. The intensity was of the same used at the first time. This was repeated occasionally for several years.

In talking to others who have had similar experiences, I have learned that they too have had the same paralyzing events related to abduction when this happened. - Reader Submission

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I Think She Hears Us...

A few years ago, I had a strange experience. I was laying in bed, but I was completely unable to fall asleep. Let me repeat: I was definitely NOT asleep or even tired at all during this, so please don't tell me it was a dream or sleep paralysis or whatever, because I know it wasn't. I was laying there, then from the corner of my room, over by my door, I heard what sounded like two women having a conversation. They were quiet, but I could hear their voices clearly. However, I could not understand what they were saying: I could hear their voices, I heard one of them laugh, but I could not understand any of their words. They must have been speaking a different language. I listened to them for about 3 or four minutes. I wasn't scared at all: I was mostly just annoyed, because I couldn't sleep and now there were women talking, which really meant I wasn't going to be able to sleep. After another minute or so, I turned to the corner of my room and politely asked them to stop talking because I needed to fall asleep and they were distracting. The voices immediately stopped, and I've never heard anything like that again.

When my grandmother was 18, she had an experience very similar to mine. She had gone to the hospital for a minor surgery, and had a room to herself. One night, she was laying there and she heard what sounded like a small group of people talking. The door was closed, and she was the room's only occupant, but the voices were in the room. She listened, and like me, she was able to hear clear, distinct voices, but completely unable to understand what they were saying. She also wasn't frightened by the voices, just curious. She listened for several minutes, and then she heard one of them say, in clear English, "Shhh, I think she hears us," and the voices stopped.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? I know a lot of people hear disembodied voices when there is a haunting, but I don't feel like other of these were hauntings. It just seemed like a few friends getting together to chat while standing around in a room. Thoughts? -


Boyfriend panics, 'buries love interest alive'

A French woman went to Morocco last month with high hopes, for she was to finally meet in the flesh a love interest she'd been communicating with on Facebook for several months.

But for Mina El Houari, originally from Cadenet in south-eastern France, things were about to go horribly wrong.

After traveling to Morocco on May 19th, the 25-year-old woman booked herself into a five-star hotel in Fez, Morocco’s third largest city, regional daily La Provence reported.

But when she failed to contact her relatives back in France as she had promised to do, they got worried and alerted Moroccan authorities and hotel staff.

It didn’t take long before police uncovered the horrible truth.

The body of El Houari was discovered buried in the garden of the man who she had met online. It appears she had been buried alive.

Police allegedly also uncovered a pair of muddy trousers and a shovel at the suspect’s home.

According to investigators, it would appear that El Houari, who is diabetic, fell ill and lost consciousness during a meeting with her internet lover.

Believing her to be dead and in a state of panic, the man decided to dispose of her body as quickly as possible, deciding that his back garden would be the best place.

The woman’s parents, who work for a large hotel chain in France, have now travelled to the city as investigations continue.

The suspect, who has not been named, has now been taken into custody.

He has since confessed, according to the Moroccan newspaper Al Akhbar and the Spanish news agency EFE. - TheLocal


'Dancing' Ball of Light

Click for video - Schoolgirl films weird ball of light in the sky

11-year-old Katie Real and her sister Macie spotted something unusual from their upstairs window.

The girls had been playing about on their mother's laptop when they noticed a bright light moving around in the sky above the houses in the distance. Eager to capture the spectacle on camera, Katie took the decision to start filming it using the computer's webcam.

"I was looking out of my window and a large glowing ball of light caught my eye," she said. "It was moving very fast. I just grabbed my computer and started filming it."

The sisters had initially believed the object to be a shooting star, but its erratic movements soon seemed to suggest otherwise. After a few minutes it turned red and disappeared behind the houses.

"When she showed it to me I was amazed," said the girls' mother, Fiona. "Initially we thought it could be a plane on fire but it appeared to be dancing across the sky. It was an amazing sight."



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